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To Cybertronians, energon is quite literally life. It can be created from almost any energy-producing source (like electricity, for example), and it is more powerful than anything found on Earth. A single drop can power a Terran vehicle for an entire year, and militaries across the globe use it, but it's typically not available to civilians. Too much energon can get a Cybertronian overcharged (or inebriated), as can certain types of "grades". Energon is always fluid - there are no solid forms. Raw energon is not explosive, and it is generated by geothermal power plants within Cybertron or solar power plants on the surface. It can be found flowing freely in rivers and lakes! Refined energon is more powerful and explosive via ignition spark. Cybertronians burn energon to function, not survive. Running out of energon can mean going into stasis lock, but it does not mean death.

Alternate Fuel Sources

Cybertronians were designed to work with energon. Anything else then consume will require some sort of refinement for optimum performance, and even then it's not as effective as energon. Given the length of time the Cybertronians have spent on Earth, it's safe to say that conversion technology is in existence, at least for dire situations. Gasoline is drinkable but will not keep a Cybertronian functioning for very long. Organic food is more likely to gunk up fuel lines than anything else, unless you're an Insecticon.

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