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Name Excise
Faction Decepticon
Function All Terrain Warrior
Alt Mode Cybertronian Jet & Cybertronian Submarine
Type OC

Excise can refer to both a character and player on 2k5. See the Players section for details on the latter.


"If you can't be the best at anything, be half-decent at everything."

Fancying himself a jack of all trades, Excise is actually a borderline incompetent Decepticon in most areas. Believes himself to be capable of a wide variety of mission types and tasks, but inevitably gets in over his head. Uses his advanced thug skills to bully Autobots and Terrans. Transforms from robot to Cybertronian jet to Cybertronian submarine, allowing him to operate in a variety of environments. Carries electro-rifle, missiles, and torpedoes, but prefers a large arsenal of knives, swords, halberds, and other bladed weapons. Has to be reminded that cutting things does not solve all problems, though he disbelieves. Sometimes forgets that his submarine mode exists and how it works, which hampers his effectiveness in water-based missions.


Excise has served elsewhere in the Decepticon Empire, as his ability to function in space has proven useful to his commanders. Because he has not been on the front lines either on Earth or Cybertron, he has an unrealistic view on how quickly the battles ought to be won or lost.


Don IRL, circa 2012 (and niece)

  • Excise is also the name of a former Sweep OC, also played by Excise. Charstaff was gracious enough to allow him to re-use the name.
  • Bladed weapons Excise has wielded thus far: Awl Pike, Chainsaw, Corkscrew, Bastard Sword, Battle Axe, Ener-Machete, Flaming Scimitar, Hacksaw, Halberd, Harpoon, Lightsaber, Lightsaber Cheese Knife, Longsword, Naginata, Ranseur, pair of Sai, Shiv, a pair of Throwing Daggers, and a Trident.



  • Friday the 13th - The Decepticons tempt fate and try to collect items of bad luck to use against the Autobots. This does not end well for them.
  • A Beautiful Mindwipe - Some Decepticons confront Mindwipe about his loyalties, and the Headmaster shows off some of his hypnotic ability.


Don IRL, circa... 2009 maybe

Excise has been a player on 2k5 since 2001. His real name is Don. Notable characters played over the years include Shockwave x 3, Beachcomber, Rodimus Prime, Scrapper x 2, First Aid x 3, Powerglide x 2, and Marissa Faireborn x 2.

Currently he is playing First Aid, Shockwave, and Needlenose.

Excise had been a TP Staffer for many years, and had been a part of Codestaff up until late 2007. He was gone from 2k5 for approximately two and a half years.

Elsewhere in MUSHland, his notable characters have included Storm Owl, Hans Shultz, Chest, and Cygnus@M3, and Excise way back @BWTF. He had been staff at M3 for many years.


Excise usually replies to reviews when they are 'interesting' reviews. In recent memory this has only happened once.