Name Fang
Faction Decepticon
Function Disruption
Alt Mode Cybertronian Hovertank
Type NPC


Everything on this page is subject to change as necessary, and should be taken as guidelines for the character rather than hard rules. Of note, the IDW background for the character is unthemely; see Theme.




Fang was a big, tough brute, low on brains but high on muscle cylinders. This made him more or less the perfect prison guard, and it was this job that he held at Styx, the harshest and most brutal of all Decepticon penal colonies. Life expectancy of prisoners at Styx tended to be quite low, and Fang was part of the reason. On his days off from work, he would often go to Maccadam's Old Oil House, slam a few cans of oil, and pick a few fights. It was on one of these days off that he ran afoul of the Wreckers. After beating up a musicbot for playing a song he hated, Fang issued an open challenge to the rest of the patrons, and Twin Twist stepped up to show him that size wasn't everything. After that humiliating defeat, Fang took some time off to nurse his wounded pride with a little extra enthusiasm in the workplace, but it didn't last long. The Wreckers soon initiated their infamous nine-second attack on the penal colony, and Fang's vocal processor was shredded by Impactor. Later, he was invited to join Squadron X for unknown reasons, though some say it was because Valve felt a kinship with the big green lug for his grudge against the Wreckers.


  • Fang is an asshole.
  • He got taken out in the UK Marvel comics story Target: 2006 by Twin Twist, in one punch.
  • He needs to stop buying parts from Swindle.

Abilities & Personality

Fang is a bully, short and simple. He's big, he's boastful, and he loves to push the little guys of the universe around. He has a cruel streak a mile wide, and he doesn't care who he gets to take it out on. He has a notable hatred of piano music, but it might just be another excuse to thrash some poor, helpless neutrals. Since he lost his vocal processor, he has taken to communicating with a particularly violent form of sign language, which has only served to make him meaner as a result. He has a tendency to hold a grudge for anybody who dares to step up and take him down a notch.

Fang is enormous, both in height and bulk, and he has taken to decorating himself in sharp spikes to help his intimidation factor. He is built mainly for melee combat, with thick armor, nearly as much strength as his teammate Earthquake, and a powerful piledriver in place of his right hand. His feet contain laser cannons, which of course take their natural place on top of his Cybertronian hovertank altmode. He, Earthquake, and Crosscut often work together to break through enemy defensive lines.


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