Transformers2005 MUSH Wiki
Name Fangry
Faction Decepticon
Function Tracker
Alt Mode Wolf Mutant
Type FC


"Leaders are for fools who need to follow."

Note: A fearsome, foul-mouthed nightstalker. Rebels against authority in any form. Lashes out at anyone who even suggests his next course of action. His Decepticon superiors have more difficulty controlling him than the Autobots have fighting him. Binary-bonded to Brisko, a former Nebulan cartographer with a photographic memory. Shoots semi-automatic ion pulse gun. Tail converts to compressed air cannon that produces 200 mph gale force winds. Able to fly short distances in wolf Mode.

Skills: Photographic Memory, Cartography, and Rebel Without a Cause


At some point one of Zarak's allies, a(presumably evil) cartographer was bonded to the Decepticon Fangry in an attempt to curtail Fangry's anti-authoritative behavior.

It didn't really work.


Is it Halloween already?

  • He is not the lovechild of Weirdwolf and Mindwipe. His altmode is a combination of wolf, bat, and downright monstrous features, resulting in a werewolf-like beast with giant batwings.
  • Don't even bother trying to order Fangry to do something.



Art by Fusillade!

Current - Redshift