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Name Felon
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior
Alt Mode EA-37 Talon
Type OC


"A prison does not reform criminals, it makes them worse."


Felon wasn't always Felon. There was another name befor that, another mech. It was long ago however.. befor that hell planet, befor those little boxes they dared to call cells, befor those shanks and beatings. He was someone cruel, someone who thought they were smarter then their persuers, they left twisted wrecks in their paths, stripping the people they used to be of anything useful befor casting them off in some ditch along a highway. That all ended when he was captured. Nearly destroyed, he viewed it as a act of sadism that not even he was capable of.. He atleast killed all of his victems. They shipped him off there, bottled him up with Decepticons just like him.. and worse. He lost everything there, his name, his past,even his alt-mode, the components ripped away by guards and inmates alike. Transformation attempts were simply painful contortions, something useful when the fetal position just wasn't working.He was just a number befor the escape, half-wrecked on the ship someone came upto him with a datapad. They asked him his name, he couldn't remember, they asked him his number, it didn't register. It was a chance to be remade.. "Felon" he dubbed himself. He was rebuilt aswell, his form to twisted to be restored to any proper configuration. A seeker.. befor he would complain, now he viewed it as a better choice then being dumped on Charr as a empty. He under went re-training, surprising instructors with his brutality at times, impressing them with his keen understanding of situation at others. Rearmed he chose every single weapon he was allowed, many of them installed internaly to make them more difficult to remove should he be captured again.


Felon was once one of the most dangerous criminals in the Autobot Decepticon war, ruthless, sadistic, fuel thirsty, and somewhat unhinged... Not much has changed for the better since his incarceration on that wretched hell-planet. Beaten down nearly daily, his firey temper has cooled int a cold malice, his unpredictable nature contorted into a more calculating thing. Felon went into that prison a murderer and came out a sociopath. Now another rank and file soldier, Felon has adopted the guise of a EA-37 Talon unit, the staple unit in the EDC's transforming airforce. A brutal and wicked warrior, he searches or any weakness he can find and exploits it to his fullest ability.




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