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Name Flamethrower
Faction Decepticon
Function Inquisitor
Alt Mode Unknown
Type OFC


"A little flaming hurts no one until I get through with them."

Flamethrower enjoys studying her opponents and can often find the best hid secrets and weaknesses through the Decepticon rumor mills. Thus, several Decepticons avoid or ignore her. She prefers to issue slow, painful deaths. Her pressure cannon fires two types of ammunition: water for the Dinobots & flame for regular Autobots. She also has a normal weapon for anyone who gets in her way. She highly respects the Decepticon leader and only goes behind his back during emergencies. However all Decepticons know that the only way to truly control her is through her creator, Shockwave. She regrets a time in her past when she used to ignore Shockwave's orders. She tries to act out her creator's longing to make her emotionless, but always seems to fail in that regard. She resents Vector Sigma because she believes that it rewrote her personality from the ideal emotionless one that her creator envisioned.



  • Active around 1996. As an OFC, may have been created before then.
  • Wonder if Shockwave even remembers he created a daughter?



  • At one time played by Suzanne Ferree, who maintained the Alt.Toys.Transformers fanfic listing [1].
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