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Name Flare
Faction Decepticon
Function Medic
Alt Mode Dodge Challenger
Type OC


"When in doubt, do it anyway- but don't let anyone know unless it turns out well"

Flare can be logical when she stops and thinks- but is primarily ruled by a barely constrained temper. Her sarcasm gets insulting towards those she dislikes- unless they happen to outrank her. She is a very good medic- when she feels like it. Flare tends to be very moody, sullen at times but with brief (sometimes regretted, but not often) flares of fiery temper. Doesn't care for the opinions of those 'lower' than herself, including Autobots. In vehicle mode, she is a 1970Us model Challenger capable of speeds up to 130 MPH, and armed with twin lasers beside her headlights. Her standards of achievement are high, but her methods of getting there are low.



  • Active around 1996.




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