Name Flywheels
Faction Decepticon
Function Assault Team
Alt Mode F-4 Phantom II, Self-Propelled Howitzer
Type FC


"Believe in yourself, but only if you both agree."

Flywheels is the victim of a split personality -- fights himself more often than his foes. Each half of him is jealous of the other. Often heard arguing with himself, even when unified in robot Mode. Since his personality components refuse to completely merge in robot mode, the two-sided arguments often continue even when Flywheels is whole. Splits into two autonomous units, a burgandy jet and a brown tank, capable of delivering munitions from the air and ground simultaneously. In robot Mode, carries a laser cannon with infra-red sensors for heat-seeking capabilities.


Millions of years ago, Flywings and Drivewheels were two unrelated Decepticons. Flywings was a sort of junior Seeker, tagging along on their missions, but usually ignored by the Autobot air defenses since he was so small. Drivewheels, along with the other members of his armored assault team, Rolltracks and Movetreads, was a competent but unremarkable soldier. After years of warfare, Rolltracks and Movetreads were destroyed, and there was nowhere for Drivewheels to go. Both he and Flywings were ordered to report to a science lab, where, without their knowledge or consent, they were shut down and merged into FLYWHEELS. However, the first iteration of the combiner process was riddled with flaws. Neither Decepticon can transform into robot mode on their own. Their minds are incompletely merged, and hate each other with a passion. Unfortunately for the two hapless experiment subjects, an Autobot attack scrapped the computer where the records of their surgery was stored, and the process appears to be irreversible.


  • "OH. My. GOD, Becky. -LOOK- at his feet."
  • Flywheels uses ansi color to denote who's talking: red for the plane, brown for the tank, and red-brown for when they (rarely) agree.




  • Perceptor64 - 27 June 2012 to...
  • Autobotdourte - 19 October 2014 to Present
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