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Name Full Auto
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Pyrafighter
Type OC


"What do you mean I missed?"

Full Auto is a nervous and worried individual. His recent re-activation has left him shaken. Eager to please his betters, he is constantly worried about wasting energy again. Distrustful of the newer Cons, he seldomly wonders why he has been allowed back into the fight. Full Auto knows that he's outdated, but still wants to help. This translates to a slight excessiveness in combat, and a very paranoid psyche. Transforming into a pyramid-jet fighter, Full Auto carries two rocket pods and twin laser rifles in both forms. He's tough, fast, brave, but not the greatest shot out there.


Died on a solo assault on Autobot City. Had a bit of an obsession with Sidearm, another Decepticon OC.



Full Auto's Death

Full Auto's Will


As an OC, only had 1 player.

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