Name Fury
Faction Decepticon
Function ESCORT
Alt Mode X-85 Goblin
Type OC


"I'll show you just how much size matters."

Fury is a parasite fighter, X-85 Goblin. In her robot mode, her armaments consist of arm-mounted machine guns, as well as flame throwers. In her plane mode, she's got her cannons and firebombs. She's one of the most vicious of the Decepticons, capable of anger entirely out of proportion to her size. With her thrust to mass ratio, she's extremely swift. She's also wordy, talkative, impatient, and loves charging into battle at the head of her comrades.




  • Fury has the distinction of being both the smallest Seeker and the most spheroid of any Decepticon.
  • Fury is sometimes referred to as an "eggsweep" although "sweepegg" would make more sense (while still being inaccurate).
  • Fusillade and other Decepticon bombers (not that there are any) can fit Fury into a bomb bay (this is the purpose of Fury's bomb-sized altmode), and drop her in midflight to intercept Autobots. Fury doesn't necessarily want to be caught and stuffed into a bomb bay, however. This sometimes results in hilarious and rather suggestive hijinks.
  • That quote is... uh... what?



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