Future Ric Flair
Name Future Ric Flair
Faction Dirty Magnificent Nineteen
Function Nature Droid
Alt Mode None
Type NPC



Future Ric Flair is 6'3" tall and weighs exactly 250 lbs. Not a pound more. This is all muscle of course, and by the look in his cold blue eyes, one can tell he is ready to present the FUTURE FIGURE 4 at any time. At the drop of a hat.

Ric is currently wearing what he always does. Spandex red pants, which are shiny and fit his form very well. There is a noticable bulge in a certain area. His chest is left bare, but a red cape (with a leopard print lining) covers his shoulders and neck. On his feet are a pair of white lace-up wrestling boots. On one hand he wears a set of rings that say 'FUTURE' and on the other hand a set that says 'FLAIR'. The seat of his pants has the words 'FUTURE FIGURE 4' printed on it.

His hair is white, and his good looks are chiselled and defined. He is the epitome of a wrestling god. Worn around his waist is a plastic Wal-Mart WWE championship belt.


Millions of years ago, Future Ric Flair won the most prestigious intergalactic wrestling championship in the universe from Wheelie. He maintained a death grip on this title to the detriment of everything around him for eons until he was persuaded by his former opponent to give up the title... and to resume his rightful role as leader of the Dirty Magnificent Nineteen.


  • Future Ric Flair is beautiful.



  • To Walk With A Champion - The Galactic Wrestling Federation is in danger - Future Ric Flair is just TOO good. Who can stop his domination of the game?


Being an NPC, no one has ever actually played Future Ric Flair, but he tends to be emitted by Pitchfork.

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