Galvatron Jr
Name Galvatron Jr
Faction Decepticon
Function Tiny Tyrant
Alt Mode N/A


"I am but Lord Galvatron's will, personified."

Mysterious and evasive, Galvatron Jr is determined to help lead the Decepticon cohorts towards Galvatron's vision of victory; even if that means crushing some allies along the way. Calm and collected, this facsimilie seems to inhibit the most cunning of Galvatron's personality.. but just who is he? A miniature version of the Lord of Chaos, Galvatron Jr is equipped with a smaller version of his fusion cannon. A mystery wrapped inside an enigma, will Galvatron Jr bring balance to the force and kill Rodimus Prime?


After succumbing to dangerous amounts of damage, Overture afixed himself to Backfire and hijacked his plan of emulation! Only with a -real- mind in the driver's seat, the results turned out a lot better than first intended.


  • Prone to tiny temper tantrums, but he's just soooooooo cute.



  • City of Steel - Sinking the Empire State Building, Galvatron Jr reveals his plans for a New Cybertron on Earth! Autobots and Decepticons alike are confused as to his real identity!
  • Day of the Machines - North Dakota, Galvatron Jr strikes out at Quantum Laboratories for their revered TORQ XIII project. Both sides show up, this time the Decepticons actually attempting to capture this would be facsimilie!
  • Scattered Shots and Tiny Tyrants - Moonracer and Scattershot go to investigate what's left of Quantum Labs, Paul Gates III complicates their investigation. But then.. GALVATRON JR shows up! Offlining the Technobot Commander, he gives Moonracer a message to deliver to the Autobots!


Emitted with reckless abandon by none other than Dinobut.

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