Quick Start

You've looked at our wiki and want to connect? We're hosted at port 5555

If that means nothing to you, chances are that you're new to MUSHing. But don't let the name scare you off, connecting is really simple! Simply follow the steps below


MUSHes run on Telnet. All computers have a telnet application, but MUSHing on raw Telnet is a bit like having your teeth pulled with pain-enhancing drugs. Of course, it is the simplest way, so if you want to check us out, just click on this link: telnet:// and your browser should open a telnet terminal!

Mush clients are the way to go. There's several out there, most people use them, and they are easy to use. Download one of the ones below, and connect to port 5555. In Mushclient, either click on 'new world' or 'quick connect'. In SimpleMU, select 'New Connection Wizard' from the menu, and enter the site address and port number.

You'll be greeted with a login screen. Just type connect guest and you'll be on! You can talk on the guest channel or look about the OOC areas.

Common Commands

Main article: Commands
  • who - who is on
  • +where - where people are
  • l name - look at someone
  • ic / ooc - hop In Character or Out Of Character
  • "text - say something in the room
  • :text - make a pose starting with your name
  • @emit text - Emit a pose!
  • +icfinger name - the In Character information on a player
  • +oocfinger name - guess
  • +bg name - The background on a character

Getting a Character

Vital Reading

  • All About Characters - covers applying for Feature Characters, time requirements for keeping said character, and limits on playing multiple characters.
  • Application - The application required to get a character!
    • Pre-App Rules - Some things you may need to know before applying.
    • Original Characters - applies to players who want to create their own Original Character (OC). This page covers the pricing process for distributing Character Points (CP) used to build your OCs stats, abilities, and attacks.
    • Unlisted FCs

Extended Reading

  • Advancement - This page covers how to use Advancement Points (AP) -- earned through roleplaying and being an active MUSH participant -- to upgrade the stats, abilities, and attacks of their Original Characters, or of the GettingCharacters they are currently playing.
  • OC Ideas - Ideas and concepts for original characters from our playerbase. Handy!
  • Overdone - Ideas that you might want to avoid or are outright rejected.

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