Name Greatshot
Faction Decepticon
Function Covert Combat
Alt Mode Ray-Gun


"Go ahead and challenge me, if you really hate being healthy."

Greatshot is one of the few transformers able to call himself a six-changer. He is a very quiet, brooding loner. He accomplishes his tasks quickly and efficiently. He is a powerful and fearless warrior wholl get the job done no matter the cost. Being a six-changer, Greatshot has a variety of different transformation modes. In artillery platform-mode he can release a barrage of missiles with devastating effects. In rhino-beast mode he can trample his opponents with incredible strength and power. In jet-mode he can reach speeds greater than mach 5. In ground assault vehicle-mode he can roam over even the most rugged of terrain. In ray gun-mode he can release a highly destructive energy blast capable of vaporizing all in its path. Finally, in robot-mode he is a highly skilled warrior who faces danger head-on without regret.



  • Greatshot was horribly murdered by Sixknight. Go team!


2107 (alternate future concurrent with 2028)

  • Brothers In Armour - Sixknight vs Moonracer. Greatshot vs Astrotrain. One of them will die today.


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