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Name Greymalkin
Faction Decepticon
Function Data Courier
Alt Mode ?
Type OC


"Hmm, I wonder what's in here... uh oh."

GREYMALKIN has a habit of hunting for things smaller or weaker than he. This doesn't endear him to the Autobots, of course, as he frequently targets humans to bring back to Soundwave. Care-free and Dangerously Curious, he handles a tremendous amount of data in his small frame with full encryption and decryption capabilities included. He is equipped with twin mass-drivers and a low-yield plasma caster for combat, as well as a Forcefield generator for defense. His curiosity allows him to proceed where others may fear to tread, but it can just as easily draw him into a situation he cannot escape so easily. Generally playful, though he has a vicious and deranged streak to him, he's not what you might picture in a Decepticon, but the results are hard to argue with. He's quick on the data delivery, and sows anarchy and chaos when he's pressed into service on the battlefield with his underhanded tactics.



Active around 2008.



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