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Name Hardback
Faction Decepticon
Alt Mode Giant tortoise/cargo shuttle
Type OC


"Umm...what's this one do? Tell me, tell me!"

Eager, curious and a tad naive, Hardback is one of the toughest Decepticons functioning. Very friendly for a Decepticon, and although not smart, loves to learn about everything, and is always asking questions much to the annoyance of his comrades. Has 3 modes, all equiped with super tough armor. As Robot, wields a sword and packs a mighty punch; as giant tortoise belches flame and can beak through almost anything, and as armoured cargo shuttle has FTL capabilities. Patient, Hardback plods into battle no matter the odds, and blindingly loyal, never questions his orders. Very easy to target in tortoise and robot modes, as he moves very slowly. In shuttle mode has no weapons, making him easy prey.



  • Active as of 1996.
  • When originally created, Hardback's bio read as follows: Eager, curious, a .d a tad .aive, Hardback is o .e of the toughest Deceptico .s fu .ctio .i .g. Very frie .dly for a Deceptico ., a .d although .ot smart, loves to lear . about everythi .g, a .d is always aski .g questio .s much to the a . .oya .ce of his comrades. Hardback has 3 modes, all equipped with super tough armor. As a robot, wields a sword a .d packs a mighty pu .ch, as a gia .t tortoise belches flame a .d has a beak that ca . cut through almost a .ythi .g, a .d as a . armoured cargo shuttle has faster tha . light capabilities. Patie .t, he plods i .to battle .o matter the odds a .d is bli .di .gly loya, .ever questio .i .g his orders. Hardback is a very easy target i . Tortoise a .d Robot modes, as he moves very slowly, a .d i . shuttle mode he has .



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