Name Helex
Faction Decepticon
Function Internal Affairs
Alt Mode Tank


"Nothing personal, you're just a scumbag."

The four-armed Decepticon currently designated as "Helex" is the strongest member of the Decepticon Justice Division. While he has no qualms about brutalizing Autobots, doing so to his teammates, however wayward they may be, troubles him. Only joined the DJD after Tarn went to great lengths to convince him it was the right thing to do. His method of torture and execution, the melting chamber built into his body, was deliberately chosen by him since it would allow him to do his job without having to get too "personal" about it. Uses two immense arms in both modes to crush victims and prepare them for the melting chamber. Transforms into a tank with the same melting chamber he possesses in robot mode and twin machineguns.




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  • Helex's Bad Day - Zarak is betrayed by a former ally, and Sunbow does a poor job of selling Helex!
  • Combaticons VS DJD - The Combaticons try to settle an ancient score with the DJD!
  • Overlord Revealed! - The true master of the DJD reveals himself!
  • The Immortal Monument - The Decepticons return to Planet Larraman Jrames to harvest a sample of stable Ununtrium, the rare element infused into Overlord's armor, but the DJD isn't letting them take it so easily!
  • Showdown With Overlord - The Decepticons confront the DJD and Overlord on Nebulos, but what has the mad usurper really been trying to do the entire time?


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