Note: Single rooms should not get a Location page, unless they're either: 1.) a profound role-playing hotspot, 2.) a planet, or 3.) representing a reasonably larger area, such as EDC HQ Korea. There will be no Location pages for Earth states/countries/continents, for now.

First, create a page for the location:

When you create a page, switch to the source tab to enter the code editing mode:


The following template is preloaded into your source window:

| Name= 
| Type= 
| Location= 




  • Name will be the name of the location. The name MUST be the same as the file name for the picture to be used. If you need to use a file name that's already taken, contact the staff.
  • Type Is it a planet? A city? Category:Autobot Base or Category:Decepticon Base? You can pick multiples or use your judgement!
  • Location Earth, Iacon, Debris, etc. We try to go for the Stanix, Cybertron or New York, Earth style.
  • Overview is the only mandatory header in this form. Its contents will be used as sample text for the front page's featured location.
  • NPCs is where you list locational Non-Player Characters (if any). They use Template:NPC.
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