To set up a TP page for the various logs of your TinyPlot, here's your one stop shop! Your TinyPlot could be anything really, with a connective series of scenes that makes for an overall bigger looming story in the work of things. Why a TP page you might ask? Well for recording purposes of course, that way later people can get the full story in one stop without having to search endlessly. Without further ado, here we go!

When you create a page, switch to the source tab to enter the code editing mode:


The following template is preloaded into your source window:

| title= 
| tpc= 
| year= 
| location= 
| run= 






  • Title is obviously the title of your TinyPlot.
  • TPC are the TinyPlot characters that take place within the confines of the story. This is usually reserved for the big movers and shakers, whether they're eventually introduced to the MU for application or not.
  • Year is the IC year the plot is taking place. See RL-IC Year Chart.
  • Location will usually be 'Various', unless it's all taking place in one central location like 'Autobot City' or one planet like 'Cybertron'.
  • Run section is for whomever was running the event or events in question. It's probably a good idea to link it back to your userpage.
  • Summary - Think of this section as a set-up to your plot. Was there a trend in events that led to your TP? Maybe something in the theme that needs pointing out, to give the TinyPlot more background information?
  • Plot - This is a basic summary of events that have transpired, usually filled out after the entire TP has been run. Think of it as the backside of a novel, something to outline the general idea without giving -too- much info away.
  • Notes - Think of this section as the place for all that random trivia that couldn't be jam packed elsewhere. Was there a year hiatus between plots? Was there some connection behind the scenes that no-one but the people running it knew? This is a catch-all for inane or random trivial information about the TP.
  • {{LogGrabber}} - This is a template that automatically collects all of the logs that have the name of your TinyPlot in its TP parameter. If you wish to add your logs manually with custom summaries, simply replace this with ==Logs==.
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