Name Hijack
Faction Decepticon
Function Thief
Alt Mode Yamaha Tesseract
Type OC


"Stealers, keepers."

Lie. Cheat. Steal. That's the Cybertronian way according to Hijack. The Mech with a Mouth, as he's often referred to as, Hijack would be all talk if he didn't have some serious combat experience from cracking skulls in Cybertron's underground street fighting circuit. Couple this with time spent on Cybertron's backstreets and tunnels during street races and it's a wonder that he still had time hire himself out as a thief. Loyal to himself and the promise of viable currency, followed by a limited loyalty to the Decepticons, Hijack is always primed for some criminal activity. Armed with an arsenal of dirty tricks and an expert in Krav Mecha, Hijack's criminal intent couldn't be any more obvious. Quick to instigate and escalate, quicker to escape, Hijack might do more than stick you up, if he sticks around long enough to do it, that is.

Expertise: Thievery, Combat Training: Krav Mecha, Knowledge: Cybertronian Tunnel Network

It Takes A Thief

  • Hijack may or may not be a twisted hybrid of Deadpool, Jesse Pinkman, and Eminem.
  • Hijack may or may not cook Geth. Which is an unstable, but euphoric producing, "drug" that resembles Energon.
  • Hijack is also known as: The Irrehensible Hijack, The Mech with a Mouth, Get Back Here! and I'm Gonna' Kill You!
  • Hijack is a liar.
  • Hijack is a masterful close quarters combat specialist that mixes the art of Krav Mecha with a brutal and unrelenting street fighting style. He is often found in the Cybertron Underground's street fighting circuit.
  • Hijack is also an avid street racer, spending much of his free time zipping all around Cybertron in the underground street racing circuit.
  • Hijack, despite his mouth, is actually an adept thief and has a reputation of actually being able to 'get the job done'. He just won't shut up.
  • Speaking of, Hijack doesn't shut up. Almost ever. Unless he's unconscious or something.
  • Do not believe anything Hijack says. Or do. Or don't. It's complicated.
  • Hijack doesn't lie.
  • Hijack took it.
  • Hijack claims he's from Alberquex, New Cybertron.
  • Hijack has a working relationship with D.E.A.T.H. (Decepticon Emergency And Tactical Harassment) unit. He steals, they extract. Suckas.
  • Hijack always has a trick up his sleeve. Or six.
  • Vocal Processor Output: Aaron Paul.

Steal Magnolias

As a criminal and a thief, Hijack's life revolves around jobs and various other shenanigans that he finds himself involved in. Perhaps the stuff in this section has something to do with that. Perhaps not.

Autobots Most Wanted
Location Criminal Intent Wanted Level
Alberquex, New Cybertron Manufacture and Distribution of Goth; Street Racing; Street Fighting; Theft ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Retoris, Iacon Region Breaking & Entering; Theft; Assault; Resisting Arrest ★ ★ ★
Central Tarn, Tarn Region Rabble Rousing; Destruction of Property; Resisting Arrest; Assault ★ ★ ★


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Criminal Record

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