Name Hinder
Faction Decepticon
Function Ankle-Biter/Borrower
Alt Mode Cassette
Type OC


"What's that? Can I have it? Why not?"

Being one of the newest and youngest of Soundwave's little clan of cassettes, Hinder is still very naive and ignorant of many things not fully explained by the basic knowledge download that every Cybertronian is given upon activation. And to make this worse she is insatiably curious, asking questions of anyone about any little thing that enters her notice. Once she's had time to gain experience and hopefully learn from her experiences, she'll likely be an excellent infiltrator like her 'sibling' Ravage and possibly a decent sneak thief. But until then...keep an eye on your belongings, or she just might take interest in them and decide to 'put them in a safe place'.




Hinder's Bad Day

  • Has taken a liking to Windshear or the other way around.
  • Hinder was once used as a mobile scanning device during the Battle for Crystal City (2011, RL) by strapping her beneath Banshee's wing and flying a search pattern. Most Decepticons found it quite funny and outfitted her with flying goggles, a jaunty hat and a scarf. Hinder was not so pleased with this and did not find it quite so funny.



'YEEEEEEEK! Nono, changed mind!'


  • Patrols Gone Wild - What happens when two rival patrols meet? Accidental aft-grabbery, that's what!
  • Moondust and More - The Decepticons are collecting moondust, what a bunch of fairies.
  • Impactor gets WRECKED! - The Wrecker is caught out in the middle of nowhere with bad reception, the Decepticons strike!
  • Bayou State Beatdown - Avalanche and Tremor mete out punishment to Spike and Powerglide! Hinder is in attendance.


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