Name Hook
Faction Decepticon
Function Surgical Engineer
Alt Mode Crane
Type FC


"Strive for perfection even if others must suffer."

With the precision of a fine jeweler, Hook performs his job with skill unequaled among the Transformers, whether re-connecting a damaged microchip or setting a two- ton girder into place. Snobbish, supercilious, unpopular perfectionist. Crane lifts 20 tons, error tolerance less than .00001 in positioning objects. Equally precise as a surgeon. Has rocket launcher, laser pistol. As shoulders and head module, combines with fellow Constructicons to form Devastator.




There can be only one..


Crane technique.


Hook takes a peek under the hood.

  • Hook is one of the few FCs who is capable of manufacturing and modifying Laser cores, and with them, new Transformers. However, recycling preexisting cores is much more economical.
  • As one of the most technically skilled among the Decepticons, he is behind a large part of the crazy schemes of the Decepticons.
  • Hook is the head and shoulders of Devastator; He should thusly be the leader of the Constructicons, unlike a certain someone.
  • Hook is the creator of Rider. Needless to say, he's not happy with the inarticulate dialect his creation has adopted.
  • Hook actually has a face.
  • It ONLY Hook!
  • Next one to call him Hooker gets a 'special' drink from Mixmaster.




  • Caught On Charr - With the Hate Plague raging across Earth and the space bridge system being placed in a lock-down, Arachnae, Airwolf, Fleet, Mixmaster, and Hook are trapped on Charr together for a few weeks. And you thought your roommates were bad!


2107 (alternate future concurrent with 2028)

  • Lair Of The Beast - Praxis summons his minions to him to prepare for the final conflict
  • Final Crisis - The forces of Praxis fight the forces of Grimlock in an epic battle to determine the fate of the planet, past and future


  • Cattle Run - A herd of energon-producing Turbosteer somehow appear on Arizona... and on the scene is a Pretender-powered Blueshift going toe-to-toe with Prime!


  • Dork Awakening - The Constructicons pick up the pieces after Backfire took on the Prime, Redshift manages to improve his student in less than conventional ways.



Current - Hikage2k5 2009

Former - Redshift

2002 - Megan

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