Alex-Pettyfer-in-I-AM-NUMBER-FOUR 3

  • Name: Jacob Kastner
  • Faction: Human
  • Function: Security Guard
  • Alt Mode: None
  • Type: NPC


"I don't even trust myself when I'm sober, sometimes."

Jacob is a straight-up honest guy. If he knows he's responsible for something, you can generally count on him to own up to it. He may have a drinking problem, making him somewhat unreliable at times--but no one is perfect. He lives in London, UK.


When the famous Hopeless Diamond was stolen right out of the driveway of a rich gem collector, Kastner was one of the prime suspects due to the fact that he had been the one with the gem in his possession at the time of the theft, as well as his mysterious disappearance shortly thereafter. However, the Autobot Blurr later took full responsibility for the crime.


  • Jacob is a staunch Autobot sympathizer, and is quite vocal about it. He is very reluctant to admit the wrongdoings of any his favorite benevolent Cybertronians.
  • It follows from this that he hates Silas and his "cult of racist terrorists" with a passion.



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