Transformers2005 MUSH Wiki
Name Jazz
Faction Autobot
Function Special Ops / Saboteur
Alt Mode Martini Porsche 935 Turbo
Type FC

For Your Optics Only

"Do it with style or don't bother doing it."

Jazz falls in love with every world he visits. The tiniest hint of alien culture is enough to fascinate him for hours. His ability to immerse himself in a new civilization and his flair for flexible thinking and improvisation make him an ideal undercover agent - he blends in with the environment, absorbing every bit of data he can, and looks for the anomaly that tells him Decepticons are present.

In robot mode, Jazz can use his solar-powered photon rifle with deadly accuracy from virtually any physical position with equal effectiveness. In either mode, creates dazzling, disorienting sound and light shows using his full-spectrum headlights and 180dB stereo speakers. A courageous, cool and capable warrior and spy, he is always the first to volunteer for the most dangerous missions.

Although Jazz's firepower and strength are weak relatives to that of some of the other Autobots, he more than compensates with his daring and skill.

Knowledge: Streetwise, Knowledge: Popular Culture, Xenoculture: Aliens, Knowledge: Sociology, Knowledge: History, Knowledge: Human Music, Stealth, Sabotage, Deception, Explosives

License To Chill

  • Current Director of AI-6.
  • During a past transformation, Jazz spent two weeks as a human travelling the world on a tour of various party spots, raves, and hedonistic music festivals.
  • Jazz tries to throw victory parties in the Autobot City lounge after major engagements or missions. The parties are held whether victory was achieved or not.
  • In 2031, Jazz was awarded the Autobot Medal of Valor after he successfully planted a bomb inside Trypticon. In order to complete the mission, Jazz allowed himself to get eaten by the huge Decepticon.

You Only Jive Twice

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All The Right Grooves

Preset 1 is all about Jazz. Music that fits his character, style and demeanor. Some tracks are personally selected and others are more blanket musical selections. This music runs through a variety of genres but it's all very much Terran and very much Jazz.

Title Artist Description
Remember The Name Fort Minor Determination to be the best and give a hundred percent in everything he does.
Past My Shades B.o.B. (featuring Lupe Fiasco) Cool, Calm and Collected. Always.

Preset 2 is all about some action and adventure. Whether it has to do with putting the boots to some Decepticons, some stylish shootin' or even just some musical accompaniment to Jazz using his arsenal, here's where you'll dig those jams.

Title Artist Description
Let It Whip Dazz Band A little grappling hook action!

The Spybot Who Loved Me

Spy Another Day

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00 Status

Former: Durango, Sdsnowbum, Cypherplex, Durango, again, Hikage2k5, Krazylegz24, Swiftpawwolf, KaerosDarkfire

Current: Jay