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Name Jihad
Faction Decepticon
Alt Mode Incendiary Mech
Type OC


"Our enemies shall be purged by holy fire."

An extreme racist and religious fanatic. Believes that organics are reincarnated Cybertronians who are being punished for deeds in their past lives. His fervor is deemed psychotic by some of his fellow Decepticons. Loves to watch things burn. Is capable of dispensing verious flammable liquids from his hands. Superior maneuverability due to Cybertronian vehicle mode. Usually bold, but will falter under seemingly supernatural events.



  • Active as of 1996.
  • Oh woooow this name would not get approved today.
  • So both known OC Jumpstarters are pyros. Huh. See also Tinderbox.
  • According to his +oocfinger:

Plan: Set the world on fire...LITERALLY!

Info: Jihad follows orders with a blind obedience, regardless of any personal consequence. Although he would rather not have to fight his fellow Cybertronians, the Autobots must not be allowed to interfere with Decepticon conquest. Jihad is a Decepticon Jumpstarter. Appearancewise, think of him as a red and black Topspin, except with missiles on his wingtips.



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