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Joint Assault on Trypticon

Who: Jazz, Hot Spot, First Aid, Blades, Twin Twist, Sheng, Grand Slam, Kup, Rodimus Prime, Stratosphere, Jetfire, Sky Lynx, Steeljaw, Skydive, FX, Andi Lassiter, DepthCharge, Countdown, Chikome-Ollin, Dirge, Sixshot, Rumble, Shockwave, Galvatron
IC Year: 2019
Location: Charr, Trypticon
TP: Assault on Trypticon


Transformers 2005 - Friday, August 09, 2002, 7:31 PM

Jazz is sitting in a chair scribbling stuff into his Palm Pilot XXX

First Aid steps into the repair bay from the main lobby, preparing for a standard shift of work. While some mechs might be annoyed to be just showing up for a long day of work, First Aid eagerly awaits its, being one of these people that actually /likes/ their job. The Protectobot waves to Jazz.

Jazz smiles and gives FA a little wave and continues his fiendish secret plans.

Sheng is leaning against one of the far walls, sharpening one of her knives, idly keeping an optic on Rodimus. She glances up as First Aid enters and greets him with a nod and smile.

First Aid has never been one for being aware of what's going on around him - consider him giving all these secrets to the Militants by accident as an example - so has no idea that Jazz is even working on any fiendish secret plans. The medic smiles at Sheng and approaches towards her, "Feeling better today, I hope?" He asks regarding her previous injuries.

Blades enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Blades has arrived.

First Aid has never been one for being aware of what's going on around him - consider him giving all these secrets to the Militants by accident as an example - so has no idea that Jazz is even working on any fiendish secret plans. The medic smiles at Sheng and approaches towards her, "And how are we feeling today, Sheng?" He asks kindly.

Sheng shrugs slightly and shunts her blade to subspace. "I'm alright, I guess. yourself?"

First Aid considers the question thoughtfully for a few moments and then replies truthfully, "I'm in a very good mood. Rodimus's condition has stablized, the Olympics - a time of fun and celebration - is almost upon us, and that should give us a nice retreat from the war. I suppose I am doing very well."

Sheng nods and smiles at the first part, although she lifts an optic ridge at the Olympics part. "Ah, yes... the Olympics are nearly on top of us..."

First Aid nods cheerfully, "Hound and I are partaking in it together. We're going to do our best to show that good sportsmanship and kindness can be effective, even during combat. I hear you and Swoop are partners?"

Enter Mister Protectopunk. He enters the Repairbay. However, for what reason? He doesn't appear injured... he's as pristine as the day he was made. Blades' head looks back and forth throughout the room, indicating he's looking for something. When his optics focus on First Aid he grunts, "There you are, you bum. Hangin around the Medical Ward... blah." Blades stomps further into the Med Bay.

First Aid glances up at Blades and would turn red with embarrassment if he was capable of doing so, "Oh Blades... always joking..." he stammers out, trying to downplay the veiled insults, "I'm just having a discussion with Sheng about good sportsmanship. Would you care to join us, Blades?" he offers kindly, not wanting his brother to feel left out of the conversation. All Blades needs is a little bit of love. Just be shown that the other Autobots truly and deeply do care about him.

Sheng nods. "Aye. We know each others styles well, and since we both focus in differant areas of combat, we level each other out. I hope that you and Hound succeed in what you plan..." the femme breaks off as she shifts to glance at Blades as he enters. She blinks. "that reminds me... Jazz, I need to talk to you in a bit..."

Jazz stops scribling and looks at Sheng briefly and nods then goes back to scribling. "Sure thing."

Blades doesn't need a little love. He needs a durable Punching Bag. oooh. Guess what! First Aid just volunteered with his statement, "Good Sportsmanship?!" You want the Dirtiest Fighter in the Autobots to talk about Sportsmanship? Hehe. Blades grunts, "How bout you stop talkin for a change. All your rusty-aft does is talk. You should be trainin... punchin somethin.. shootin somethin..." Blades stomps towards First Aid, "Why don't you go train? You can't use your mouth in a fight! You're useless!" Blades is going off at First Aid. Just right off the bat, gotta yell at the bro. Something musta ticked off Blades before he entered.

Sheng says, "Talking often sloves problems that battle worsens, Blades."

First Aid glances back at Sheng and gives a quick nod, but then looks back at Blades. He doesn't want to take his optics off Blades for even a second just in case the Protectopunk... what? Well I don't know, but if the Protectopunk does /anything/, then First Aid wants to be watching. It's irrational, yes, but First Aid feels its his duty as a brother. "B-but..." he says slowly as his optics dim down, "I mean... useless? I... I think you're just... joking, Blades. Heh... heh..." he looks around nervously, not wanting to look like a TOTAl wimp in front of everyone else - mission failed. "I mean... I think my combative skills are up to par." He lies through his metallic teeth.

The autobot's slick spy looks up from his work "Hey mellow out Blades, First Aid isn't useless, he is the best at his job and need I remind you that a one armed Defensor looks pretty dorky ? He's participating in the spirit of sport that's cool. I mean even 'I' didn't sign up for the combat events because quite frankly it's not my style." Sheng puts a comforting hand on First Aid's shoulder. "I don't know about anyone else, but I'm proud to be your ally, First Aid. You are not useless and you are a good fighter..." the femme streaches the truth a little bit. "And anyway, in the realm of the practical, I'd rather have a trained medic on my side then ten 'perfect' soliders. Yes, warriors are better in a flat out battle, but once the fighting is over, where would ANY of us be without medics?"

Blades grunts, "Huh? Jokin? I ain't jokin with you frag for brains. You're useless look at you! Waste of metal!" Blades shoots a glance towards Sheng, "He's a Protectobot.. he can't protect no one when he's a fraggin wimp!" Blades moves closer to First Aid and moves to slap him lightly in the face, "What you gonna do First Aid? Combative skills up to par? What you gonna do about me slappin you in the face?" Blades looks to Sheng, "Where would we be without Medics? We'd be home, celebratin the End of the War!" The Protectopunk looks towards the Slick Spy, "A One Armed Defensor may look dumb, but fights better than with his dead weight attached to it!"

Grand Slam cranks up out of the Training chamber, and heads for the door, whistling cheerfully.

Twin Twist enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Twin Twist has arrived. Twin Twist moves into view.

First Aid hears the backings of his friends, but it doesn't do much to matter. Looking down at the ground, First Aid shifts his feet back and forth and considers a few things. Blades is his brother, so of course it matters what the Protectobot thinks. "I..." he tilts his head and actually can't really argue with some of Blades's comments, "I... hey, ow!" he pathetically throws his hands up into the air to try and block Blades's light slap, but it doesn't help. "Hey... now wait a minute... but.. ow!" he backs up a bit and touches his cheek as if there was any way in heck that the light slap could have actually hurt him. "I wasn't ready." he mutters. "As for protecting humans..." here, First Aid hesitates, unable to find a response that makes any sense. He /is/ useless in combat, and that /does/ sometimes put humans in danger.

Sheng's optics flare and she suddenly steps forward, smile gone. "No, we'd all be DEAD. I don't know what world you dwell in, but being in battle means we get injured. Without medics, there would be NO ONE to repair us, and we'd be killed very quickly. And as for protecting people, it's called ALLIES. That's what this faction is for... we protect each other, our strengths levening out each others weakness... If you haven't learned that yet, perhaps it's time you did. I am terrible in long range combat, but I excell in close range. That's why I try to work with long range fighters. WE level each other out." the femme takes another step forward, putting herself between First Aid and Blades. "And I don't know how you missed this, but Autobots do not strike their own."

Grand Slam blinks his optical headlamps and stares, "Oye, ya'll need a refresher course in teamwork. It's no wonder we're on our gaddamned heels all the damned time!" he grumbles, "Ya'll disgust me, and put the whole damned faction to shame!" he continues cranking along though, it's clear that little tirade actually meant very little to the diminutive tank.

And that's when the doors to the repair bay slide open, revealing every ounce of Jumpstarter ounce that is Twin Twist. His oversized feet enable him to step right inside, where some kind of confrontation seems to be getting underway. "Ey-yo," are Twin Twist's first words. "Whut's goin' on 'round heah? Some kinda racket, yo."

Sheng says, "Blades is angry about something and taking it out on First Aid... He also seems to have forgotten that this faction works off teamwork. If you are angry about something Blades... take it out on a training drone."

"Damn right you weren't ready. You've never been ready!" Blades goes to slap at his brother again, "What you gonna do? Flail around? Whine? Complain? Fall to the ground?" Blades then shoots a glare towards Sheng, "No. You use other Autobots as your crutch. That's pathetic. I am tired of being this lameaft's crutch. I fight his battles... he needs to begin fighting his own." He pauses ans looks towards FA, "I don't care what Autobots do. Protectobots gotta slap some friggen sense into each other. First Aid's in here chit chattin when he should be out bettering his aim." Blades shakes his head, "But Noooooo... his Wussy waste of space gotta be chit chattin about Sportsmanship. Ain't no damn Sportsmanship in a fight you know!" Blades doesn't regard Grand Slam or Twin Twist.

Skydive arrives from the Lounge/Observation Room to the west. Skydive has arrived. Skydive walks into the room, paying attention to every detail.

Sheng's optics narrow. "Protectobots are Autobots. And you are going to stop this now. I don't know what you're so workied up about, but you will leave First Aid alone. He does his job better then you." the femme frowns. "I will say this again. If you need to work off some agression, take it down stairs!"

First Aid puts his hand on Sheng's shoulder with one hand and wipes what would be tears from his face with the other - if he actually had any. Don't ask, it's a hippy-wannabe-human thing. The Protectobot says to Sheng in a timid voice, "No no, lets calm down. I don't want a fight to start in here... Don't worry, Sheng. I know that Blades doesn't mean all of the mean things that he says to me. Blades is just trying to tell me that he cares in his own way." Blades seems to clarify things, though, in his next little rant. "I... I'm ready for combat if need be..." he lies again. "But..." he says in reply to the needing others to fight his battles for him, "What about when..." he pauses and goes through his memory banks to find an example of First Aid fighting his own battle, "Uh... well..." He goes silent.

Sheng says, "I do not attack allies outside of a training room, First Aid. Don't worry."

Twin Twist raises his left optic ridge with a creak. His head raises, directing a sort of reverse-nod of attention at Sheng. "Ey-yo," he announces for a second time. "Maybe you should stop bein' a punk. Wah wah wah. Lookit what Blades is gettin' angry 'bout. Wah wah wah. Maybe Blades oughtta take it in thuh trainin' room. Wah wah wah. You need to stop bein' a punk. Ain't no draggin' a fight to some location. Ain't no Decepticon 'round that'll follow you ta some damn trainin' room just so's ya can fight 'em. Am I right? You damn right I'm right. You needa stop worryin' 'bout Blades and start worryin' 'bout yo'self." Twin Twist nods, that's some gospel right there.

Sheng blinks and shifts to look at Twin Twist, then shakes her head. oO(Great, two hotheads... What fun.) "I know my limits and my strengths Twin Twist. I know what Blades is angry about."

Blades turns to glare at Sheng, "You normally butt your nosey self into the business of brothers? Mind your own business. This is between me... and the Combat Cripple here." Blades pokes his finger towards FA's chest, "Calm down? See you in here talkin away... war ain't over. And you in here talkin about Sportsmanship as if it were!" Blades pffts, "Ready for combat... course you're ready for combat. You ready to jump and hide behind the closest /REAL/ Warrior so you don't gotta friggen do nothin." Blades shakes his head, "You make me ashamed to be your brother." Blades finally says, "How was I ever stuck with you?" Blades then turns towards Twin Twist, who wants to steal Blades' persona, "What in Optimus' name are you runnin your mouth about? Who are you? Why you here? Why you talkin? Go away!"

Grand Slam stops and rotates around at the door, staring at what's going on quietly.

Michael Briar enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Michael Briar has arrived.

"Ey.." Twin Twist quickly replies by repeating himself, "Ey, ey, ey, ey." His left arm is extended, hand held out at Blades as if to shush him. "Sit yo'self down before you wreck yo'self. I don't play none of that who-what-where. You don't play on mah time, punk. My name is Twin Twist. DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DON'T KNOW ME, LUGNUT." Twin Twist's words echo off the bulkheads, "I might've been sleepin' for two years, but ain't nobody gonna give me sass when I woke up, heah? Right? Right. Now don't act like you don't appreciate me backin' yo' silly aft up, Blades. 'Cuz I will /put/ you down before you let yo'self down."

Michael Briar has disconnected. Hot Spot has connected.

Finally unable to work any with all the yelling...It's not the volume of the yelling, heck Jazz's 'casual level' is around 100db but the yelling is quite 'off-key' and /that's/ what's bugging him. "Allright guys knock it off, we are Autobots not Decepticons. Decepticons fight amongs themselves for petty reasons and I sure as hope we don't turn out like them jerks. If you want to let out some steam the training room is down there if not well keep it down, this is a repair bay and there are other patients around here. And in case you don't remember First Aid is the senior officer in this if you keep at it he will simply throw you out for bugging his patients."

First Aid glances over at Twin Twist and nods in agreement, but mostly just agrees with him so that hopefully Blades will go away. No such luck, apparently. "I don't hide in closets..." he stammers out as if that actually helps out his lost cause of an arguement, "Ashamed?" he squeaks out in a tiny tiny voice. Figiting with his hands, Blades steps up the insults and Twin Twist gets involved, "But... come on, guys?" he says weakly, "Guys? Can we just talk this over?" he pleads pathetically with everyone, "Please?" He steps forward to get in the way of Twin Twist and Blades, but steps back immediately as Twin Twist breaks out the badassery, "Come on..." he whines.

Sheng sighs at the two hot heads and shakes her head. "Niether one of you are getting what I'm saying... are you?" the femme sighs as Twin Twist starts yelling. "Do either of you notice that this is a repair bay? This is not the place for this discussion to begin with!" the femme looks from Twin Twist to Blades. As Jazz speaks up she sighs mentally in relief.

Grand Slam chuckles at Sheng, "Why don't you jus' ferget about it. Yer efforts are bein' wasted here, ain' that obvious?"

Sheng says, "I have to try. We're supposed to depend on each others stengths... that includes ones skill in repairs... And someone has to try and drill that into their CPUs.""

Grand Slam says, "Then find another damned approach, like maybe they DON'T get repairs for awhile, and see how well they do?"

Grand Slam says, "This obviously ain't teaching a damned thing."

Flaming blue fire truck steps in as he walks by. He 'was' heading to the command center but couldn't help but hearing the yelling and other love quarrels going on in here. So he steps in saying in a deep rumbling voice, "Hey folks...we can hear you half way across the city. What's going on here?"

Sheng blinks and sighs. "If we did that, they could get killed."

The firetruck rises up into the air, the arms split from the cab as the legs split from the rear. The head rises as the optics flair a bright blue for a second.

First Aid glances over at Grand Slam and gasps, "I could *never* do something like that..." he says in shock of the very idea.

Twin Twist eyes Grand Slam, "Ey-yo, I'm in the room heah. Don't act like you talkin' as if I ain't heah."

First Aid then adds to the big blue machine, "Oh... Hot Spot. We're just having a calm discussion. N...N... nothing to worry about..." he sniffles.

Sheng lifts an optic ridge at Twin Twist. "You weren't listening to what we were saying before..." the femme looks at Hot Spot, then First Aid. "We were discussing teamwork, Hot Spot." the femme shakes her head again. "Can we finish this duscussion somewhere besides the repair bay?"

Grand Slam says, "Good, people who aren't team players, aren't needed. Some of these hotheads need to realize they aren't invincible. Let 'em get killed, more capable troops will step up from the ranks." he turns and starts to leave, but instead runs smack into Hot Spot's foot, "Who stuck the pillar in the doorway!?""

The Protectopunk slowly turns his whole body to face Twin Twist. His right optical ridge begins to twitch a bit, "Don't act like I don't know you? Rustbucket, this ain't actin. Buddybot I don't know who the frag you are? You some kinda Janitorbot or somethin? My Room hasn't been cleaned this cycle, how bout you go off and do that right now for me, Eh?" Apparently Blades dismisses the rest of TT's tough talk as mindless bantor in an attempt to make himself sound tough. Blades looks at Jazz and rubs at his audio receptors, "Wussbot ain't throwin me out... cause his bumaft will see me later... and I'll always bug him till he actually stops suckin!" Blades grunts and takes a step back, "But you right This is a Repair Bay." Blades grunts and looks to FA. He points to him and shakes his head, "Worthless." He mutters and turns around, passing by Hot Spot, "Hear us halfway across the city? Good. Maybe others will push that weak fruit into actually trainin. Optimus forbid I want my wussbrother to actually fight." Blades looks to be heading away, to the door.

Lynx enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Lynx has arrived.

Hot Spot raises an optic ridge at his favorite medic and says, "Uh huh. I can see that." He looks over at Blades, for some odd reason he thinks he might be the cause of this. He frowns about the trash talking, .o(Got to have a talk to that boy over that)o. and says, "Blades...language. You are in front of the femmes." He folds his arms while frowning under his mask, crease lines evadent in the moveable material.

Sheng blinks slightly at Hot Spot's statement and then mentally sighs at Blades. She turns her back on him and puts a hand on First Aid's shoulder, smiling kindly at him. "Don't let the hothead get to you. Medics are FAR more vital to this war then fighters. Without you, everything would grind to a halt." the femme smiles again, trying to boost the medic's spirits.

"Shiz, you LUCKY you leavin'," Twin Twist retorts as Blades insults him and immediately puts distance between him. "'Cuz if you were up close like you wuz before? I woulda plain poked yo' head in till it caved. Mah name is Twin Twist. Say it, TWIN. TWIST. That's Twin, as in /two/," the Jumpstarter offers a visual by sticking two digits in the air. "And Twist, as in me twistin' two holes in yo' ass. Remembuh, TWIN TWIST. Not Twizzy Whizz, but TWIN. TWIST. Hmph." Twin Twist snorts, folding his white arms over his blue-chestplate. "Oh.. uh," he looks at Sheng. "Sorry. I was just kinda ignorin' yew on account of yew bein' a lil' borin. Sorry." The Autobot smiles brightly, as brightly as an Autobot can. Oh yes, it's all good in Twin Twist's world.

Jazz turns to First Aid "We need to talk about your combat thing, I think I know someone who could help you with that."

Sheng blinks at Twin Twist and then offers a faint smile in return. "Well, it's nice not to be glaringly obvious now and then... gold does not blend in well I'm told."

Andi Lassiter enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Andi Lassiter has arrived. Andi Lassiter walks into the repair bay, reading from her datapad and very much NOT expecting to find a full house.

Blades stops at the door. Twizzy Whizz had to open his mouth didn't he? Blades turns around and points towards Twin Twist, "No. You lucky I'm big enough to put distance between you, Fraghead. Cause You'd be experiencing my Twin Fists." He puts up his fists, "Say it with me. Twin.... meanin Two of them. Fists... meanin these things attached to these tree trunks." Blades shakes his head and waves dismissively at Twin Twist, "Ain't even worth my time. Go clean a human latrine."

Blades leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Blades has left.

Sheng facepalms. "I don't think he heard anything anyone siad besides the threats and what he wanted."

Andi Lassiter startles and scoots quickly out of Blades' way to avoid getting stepped on. She looks around questioningly.

Lynx leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Lynx has left.

First Aid's optics narrow. Has he finally snapped? Has he finally decided that Blades as had his way for TOO long and deserves to be smacked down with the metal pipe of repair bay justice?! Has First Aid decided that it's ass kicking time and that Blades shall PAY for ever DARING to mess with the combat badass that is First Aid? Erm. The medic shrugs off Sheng's shoulder without a second look, ignores Jazz's offer of help and storms out of the doorway without a word, following Blades. First Aid leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. First Aid has left.

Hot Spot looks at the others and sighs, too many people. He walks to the side watching Blades leave while sighing and shaking his head. Looking back he shrugs and heads over towards an energon dispensing machine. "One cube please." The machine beeps and pops out one cube, which Hot Spot begins to sip at. He takes a seat on a table and enjoys his far and few brakes.

Twin Twist goes on to speak a little more with Sheng. "Now, puttin' you bein' a punk to Ja Fool who just left in thuh past, who are you? I don't believe we even met. Y'see, mah name is Twin Twist. As in two twisting things, which happen' to be mah drills. Yew can't see 'em right now, but trust me, they there. Y'see, I've been sleepin' fo' 'bout two years. My brother Topspin broke m'alarm clock and fo'got to wake me on up for duty. So, two years and all. Yep."

Sheng is standing near First Aid, roughly facing him, her back to the door. Hot Spot and Grandslam are at the door that Blades just walked out of... and First Aid. "Ummm, oh dear...?"

Sheng extends a hand, considering for half a second leaving her claw sheilds off line... But only for half-a-second. With a faint vrrrr-worn the sheilds snap up into place around her claws. "Greetings. I am Sheng, autobot-junkion liason. And you seem to enjoy the word 'punk'."

Andi Lassiter sees and hears a familiar voice, then locates Sheng. She walks along the perimeter of the room to avoid the risk of others stepping on her, then calls over to the femme, "Sheng?

Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> has arrived.

Sheng blinks and looks down, hand still extended for Twin Twist to shake. "Greetings, Andi... How are you?"

Twin Twist raises his left optic ridge again. "Sheng?" He asks, "..whut kinda name is Sheng? Sounds like somma-that human waste product or somethin'. At least, ah think that's it. It wuz some kinda S-H word. Anyone know? C'mon, fo' two hundred.. someone must know."

Hot Spot feels the slight thud and roll over of a light object over his feet. He looks down after a bit while sitting on the table and sees the treads. "'d these get here? Oh well." He shrugs and finishes off his cube and tosses the cube in the trash recepticle.

Sheng sighs and shakes her head, lowering her hand and ducks down, offering Andi her palm so she can get up out of the 'in-danger-of-being-stepped-on' range.

Hot Spot looks up at Twin Twist. Another trash talker? God, the school of Blades must let anyone in to study. He watches, knowing that Sheng is more than capable of handling herself. Still he glares at TT mech.

Andi Lassiter blinks up at the femme then ohs and quickly accepts the 'lift' off of the floor. "What's going on in here? I've not seen that many people stomping about in...Twin Twist?" She just now saw the jumpstarter and is completely surprised.

Special FX has arrived. Special FX strides into the room with a smile upon his face.

<Autobot> Rodimus Prime says, "Autobots, meet me in the Command Center as soon as possible."

Special FX runs out the door!

Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> has left.

Special FX leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Special FX has left.

Twin Twist turns his head and looks up at Hot Spot. "Howabout yew, Hot Shot? Yew know what th' word is? Ah left mah hoomy dictionary back on Cybertr--" Twin Twist (which is with two Ts for the viewers at home) stops, his audials catching a familiar voice. He turns his head, catching lil' Andi Lassiter in Sheng's hand. "Oh, hey, Andi. What're yew doin' here?"

Grand Slam leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Grand Slam has left.

Sheng lifts Andi up to her shoulder and blinks at the small female. "You know him, I take it?" the femme blinks as her radio crackles to life and puts Andi back down. "Sorry, Andi... Rodimus just called for us... Unless you'd like to come?"

Jazz looks up at the speakers "Allright everybody save the used macho oil for later. Rodimus called for everyone and everyone goes." The spy stands up and heads towards the command center.

Repair Bay

This is the main repair bay for the Autobots. Several operating tables lie in a row here, and a long bench lines one wall. On the bench are assorted tools used in repairing damaged transformers. Scattered throughout the room are various repair bots, awaiting the arrival of more wounded to repair. The room gives you the perception of being immaculately clean, with not a single tool out of place.

Contents: Andi Lassiter Skydive Twin Twist Sheng Hot Spot Supports Division Bulletin Board <SB> Gumby Medic Recharging Station Med-Comm

Andi Lassiter says, "Being called to a meeting apparently, Twin Twist. Shall we go see what Rodimus Prime wants?" She smiles to the jumpstarter and Sheng both, letting them know that she's okay with whatever they do, short of stepping on her."

Sheng pauses to wait for Andi's answer before following Jazz...

Hot Spot leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the north. Hot Spot has left.

You move north to the Main Lobby - First Floor... You move east to the Command Center...

AC Command Center

Once you enter this gigantic room, the first thing you notice is the big scanner sitting against the far wall. Looking like Teletran One's bigger cousin, the main computer that is Metroplex sits there checking the perimeter defenses of Autobot City. The gigantic viewer currently shows the exterior shot outside of Autobot City, a pastoral view of a wide plain surrounded by a large conifer forest. Several smaller monitors show different pictures, some of Earth by orbital satellite, others of various computer graphics, giving the viewer the current situation on Earth at a moment's notice. Next to the main computer is a FTL communications terminal used for talking to Cybertron, Junkion, and other worlds. It is linked to Blaster's main communications tower located upstairs. Along the other walls are assorted computer terminals that are used by individual Autobots for data processing and accessing information from the main computer core. On the wall to Metroplex's right is a large recently finished portrait of Optimus Prime with Prowl and Ironhide in the background. A small caption below reads, "Until All Are One".

Contents: Sheng Rodimus Prime Jetfire Kup AROO -- Autobot City Terminal Teletran Two Extended Radio Equipment 428

Andi Lassiter enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Andi Lassiter has arrived.

Twin Twist enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Twin Twist has arrived. Twin Twist moves into view.

Hot Spot enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Hot Spot has arrived. Hot Spot steps out of the repair bay and into the command center after hearing the command from his great leader.

Blades enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Blades has arrived.

First Aid enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. First Aid has arrived.

Sheng walks into the room with Andi on her shoulder and heads for one of the seats. Spotting Rodimus up and about she smiles and offers a small salute.

Grand Slam arrives from the Meeting Room to the east. Grand Slam has arrived.

Jazz walks into the command center and pulls up a chair. "So what's up matrix man ?"

Hot Spot sits down and looks back, waiting for 2 mechs to come in. When they do he gestures for both of them to sit down in chairs next to him. His face is stern and uncompromising with this.

Grand Slam cranks out of the meeting room and grahs, "Dammit... so much for the quick escape."

Twin Twist is following Hot Spot, Jazz, and Sheng into the command center. "Ey-yo," he announces for a third time. "Whut's goin' on?"

Rodimus Prime pulls out the radio and adjusts some of the dials.

The soft blue glow from Teletran Two's giant viewscreen reflects vaguely upon Jetfire's white helmet. The Autobot scientist gestures a nod towards Rodimus in acknowledgement to the Autobot commander's arrival before taking seating himself on a nearby vacant chair.

Kup peers up from his chair at the clatter of footsteps, "What, is the circus in town?" he jokes, his lips pulled taught in a wry smile.

Andi Lassiter waves briefly to Prime from Sheng's shoulder, keeping a grip on the femme's shoulder armor until she is seated.

Lynx arrives from the Meeting Room to the east. Lynx has arrived.

First Aid steps into the Command Centre, still sniffing from being yelled at by his brother. The Protectobot's optics are dimmed to the point of being completely off, and is clearly thankful that his white surgical mask is always in place, lest people see a truly sad look. He wonders what Rodimus wants done. Hopefully nothing involving combat. It'd just give more fuel for Blades.

Countdown arrives from the Meeting Room to the east. Countdown has arrived.

"Yeah, and it parked on yo' face," Twin Twist quips at Kup.

Lynx clanks out of the meeting room.

FX arrives from the Meeting Room to the east. FX has arrived. FX runs into the room sounding like The Six Million Dollar Man.

The Protectopunk follows behind the mass horde that just ran past him and FA argueing. Blades crosses his arms as soon as he enters and mutters to himself. FA probably enters somewhere behind him. Blades leans off to the side somewhere like the badass he is and just waits. FX walks in and trips over his own feet.. *crash*

Kup eyes Twin Twist and shakes his head.

FX turns on his radio.

Skydive enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Skydive has arrived. Skydive walks into the room, paying attention to every detail.

Sheng sighs and facepalms at Twin Twist and Blades. She blinks and turns slightly at the crash and blinks in worry when she spots FX flat on his face. She carefully puts Andi down on the table and walks over to offer her friend a hand up.

Chikome-Ollin has arrived in sensor range of Autobot City <AC>.

Grand Slam tries to skirt the gathering and make for the Exit before he's taken stock of. It's obvious to him that this is a war party, and war isn't something he enjoys when his Bro isn't available.

Countdown runs from the Meeting Room, "Not in the me4eting room? We are going to have a meeting in the room outside the meeting room? How come no one told me we don't use the meeting room for meetings? What netxt the Repair room is not repairing us and the training room is not for training? I am getting confused. Rodimus, what is going on?" He blurs that rant into one long word as he speaks extremely fast. "Are we under attack?" He sighs and wipes under his optics. He seems in a panic mood. I guess he is showing a personality.

FX gets up with Sheng's help and head near Rodimus after thanking her. Looking determined and ready for action he crosses his arms and gives everyone the 'eye'.

Andi Lassiter winces and looks over at the sound of someone falling, then is set down on the table. She glances about, uneasy at being set on the table like a doll in the middle of an important meeting.

Rodimus Prime receives a radio transmission.

Sheng sits back down near Andi and offers an apologetic grin, then focuses her attention on Rodimus Prime.

Rodimus Prime transmits a message via radio.

Lynx takes a seat like a dog in the back of the room since he can easily see over any one and doesn't want to block their way. His optics are locked onto the flamy leader of them.

Chikome-Ollin enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Chikome-Ollin has arrived.

Hot Spot gets up and heads over to the 2 protectobots. He looks between the two and sighs, guess it can't be settled now. He stands between the two, assuming they are nearby each other and puts his hands behind his back. He just waits not for Rodimus to speak.

Andi Lassiter is sitting cross-legged on the table in front of Sheng, waiting quietly for Rodimus to speak. She doesn't notice Ollin's arrival. Not yet.

Sheng blinks slightly and lifts an optic ridge as the militant leader walks in. She doesn't make an agressive action though, and waits for an explination to all of this... Though she DOES shift so she can get out of her chair quickly if need be... either to stop the hothead or two present from doing something, or to fight, depending on the situation. oO(Well, curiouser and curiouser...(sp? it's been a LONG time since I read that book))

Jazz sits there adjusting his CD changer while waiting for Rodimus to start the meeting.

FX perks up and instead of the 'eye' FX gives the other bodily part to Ollin, but only mentally. He somewhat frowns immensely as it almost fills his face. A Militant...bah.. *patooie* FX just sits there for now quietly and can't believe he's working with Ollin.

Rodimus Prime moves into the room, striding with purpose and determination. "Alright everyone," he says, nodding to the Autobots present. "We've been pretty much unable to find Trypticon, that is a fact we're all aware of." Gesturing for everyone to have a seat, he gives things a second to calm down before continuing. Flashing a quick smile, he takes a moment to wave to Andi and FX. "Now we're finally going to do something about it. Most of you know that Special Operations has been busy lately, forging the pieces of this plan into something that is, hopefully, going to work for us. Today we are going to end Trypticon's menance to the Earth and the Autobots, once and for all." As the doors open once more, Rodimus offers a curt greeting to the arriving Mexican President.

Grand Slam is nearly to the door when Lynx's fat aft drops in front of him and he slams right into it, "Dammit." he mutters, and backs up, trying to skirt around behind the large cat.

First Aid stares at Countdown and can't help but chuckle at the massive question session he lays on Rodimus. The relief lasts only a second, though, as out of the corner of his optic he spots Blades. He frowns behind his mask again and looks back to Rodimus. End Trypticon's menace once and for all? He's just about to stand up and say something like 'Should I start prepping the medical bay?' when Blades's comments ring through his mind, and he stays silent.

Hot Spot looks at Ollin's entrance and frowns under his mask. Of all the command centers, in all of the world, Ollin had to walk into the Autobots. He sighs long and hard as he reminds himself that the militants are here by invitation, at least he thinks so.

Lynx nods to back up Rodimus' statement, and attempt to prepare every one for what they are about to hear.

Chikome-Ollin strides with his usual errogance into the Autobot command center flanked by a platoon of his Fire warriors. Not the only troops he's brought with him, but all that can tolerate walking into the heart of Autobot City. At least while being observed. He doesn't bother to draw attention with verbal aggression, but chooses instead to speak with only his troops. No need to give Rodimus desire to take away his prize when it is within reach.

When Rodimus makes the Ending Trypt menace statement, Blades glances over to his Wussy brother. An optical ridges raises and he shakes his head towards First Aid, "Not with him." He mutters under his breath before shift his feet a bit. He looks off to the side, probably to some wall or terminal... just so he isn't looking at anyone.

Grand Slam skirts around behind Lynx and bolts towards the door even as Ollin comes sauntering into the room like he owns it. The tank hopes he's not noticed as he's mentally berating himself for getting into this in the first place. War isn't his strong suit, he's just a glorified recorder!

The smooth spy's optic band focuses on the doorway as the Mexican president walks into the room .oO(Oh brother, guess Sludge forgot to step on him at the gate)Oo.

Hot Spot clamps a gental, yet ferm hand down on Blades, as now he's right next to him. He whispers something to Blades after bending down somewhat.

Countdown eyes Ollin with his goggles on and his face plate. He knows Ollin is not going to be impressed with anything he has to say, but Countdown salutes. He looks around after words, not expecting a comment or anything. As a man of strategy, this mechanical being is impressed with all the present leaders of all the factions. Especially when he isn't even Cybertronian, that makes him easier to judge. He thinks to himself, as he notices FX, "This is the place to be."

"YEAH!" Twin Twist inappropriately bellows. His arms are thrown up in the air with joy, fingers tightened into fists. "Awlright! It's time fo' ACTION." He looks directly up at Rodimus. "Rodimus, I would like ta nominate /mahself/, Twin Twist, ta take on dis threat, HEAD ON. There will be NO mercy. Equate Trypticon to yestaday's nooz, 'cuz wreck this guy like he never believed. Furthermore, I think Hot Shot an' Grand Slam oughtta come wit' me ta witness mah skill at work." The Jumpstarter nudges Hot Spot and winks. Yep, everything is a-okay in Twin Twist's world.

Hot Spot looks over at Twin Twist, a look of just stepping into something icky just crossed over his faceplate. He keeps silent however, as not wanting to disturb the meeting going on. He's a good little bot like that.

Reacting to Rodimus Prime's announcement, Jetfire repositions his hand until it rests on the side of his waist. The Autobot scientist's optics is alerted to Chikome-Ollin's arrival of which it then subtly tracks the El Presidente and the Mexican soldiers across the room until the group comes to a stop. Intrigued about the presence of the Mexican soldiers but undistracted, Jetfire returns his attention back to Rodimus Prime.

Rodimus Prime says, "This, as you all know is President Chikome-Ollin, of Mexico." Rodimus gestures to the newly arrived figure. "While we may have had our differences in the past, he and his soldiers are our allies in this operation. That means no bickering, no fighting. Save your energy, my friends, you'll need it. Before I continue briefing you on exactly what we've got planned I need to explain to you the terms of our agreement with the Mexican government. First and foremost we are not to attempt to take any credit, nor place any claim, on the destruction of Trypticon. That is the sole domain of President Ollin and his people. Secondly, anything that is left of Trypticon is theirs as well." Holding up a hand to stall any complaints, he keeps right on talking. "Believe me when I say that I am accepting his promise of good faith, for reasons I cannot go into at this moment." Glancing over to Twin Twist, Rod simply nods. "We'll all get our fill of action today.""

FX just sits in a chair waving his legs two and fro awaiting this mission inside Trypticon. He's been inside the belly of the beast before, but that was a few years ago. What if the Decepticons hired a redecorator? A throw rug over there a tapestry there.. and a few curtains with the ruffled top...Trypticon could look very different.

Blades jerks his shoulder away from Hot Spot and he just grunts at Hot Spot for a moment, trying to keep an ear out for what Rodimus is saying about the situation at hand. When the next speel is over with, Blades leans over and grunts towards the Protectoboss.

Lynx shakes his head. He gave his arguments to Rodimus and doesn't need to express them again.

Sheng lifts an optic ridge at Rodimus' statement and considers Ollin and his troops quietly. She glances from the militants to Rodimus, then to FX, then returns her attention to the militants. "Understood, sir," she monotones in her harmonic tone.

Twin Twist sticks his right thumb into the air. "See? Ah always sed Rodimus was a Jumpstarter at his fluid-pump." He nudges Hot Spot once again.

Jazz looks at Hot Spot then Sheng and shakes his head .oO(I just can't bring myself to trust them with the media & what will be left of Trypticon)Oo.

One of Ollin's Fire warriors leans over to speak quietly with his General. The words reminding Ollin of something upsetting, that must be attended to and soon. He starts to move away from his troops when Rodimus calls attention to the President and outlines their arrangement. Everything seems to be in order as agreed upon, and Ollin nods his consent. Once the Autobot leader is done, Ollin finally speaks, a demanding hint in his otherwise neutral tone. "A brief word, Rodimus, if you do not mind."

Sheng agrees with Jazz... Very strongly.

Hot Spot frowns at Twin Twist but says nothing for the moment. His attention is right now keeping his kids in line. Hot Spot looks over at Prime, then to Ollin.

Grand Slam moans softly as the door shuts and he's unable to escape the briefing... . o ( Oh greaaaaaaat. )

First Aid raises a hand, wanting to ask Rodimus a short question, but not wanting to blurt it out, as that would be rude.

FX isn't an Autobot tho, and didn't agree on anything with Ollin. But for the sake of peace he'll respect Rodimus's wishes for now.

You transmit a message to Grand Slam: Don't leave yet. I have a job for you.

Grand Slam receives a radio transmission from Jazz.

Andi Lassiter blinks and turns to look at Ollin, and FROWNS. Worse than FX did. She has even less reason to like the Militant. She's seen the Mitzli Man-Beast show one too many times.

Grand Slam whimpers at his radio, not only did he fail to escape, someone saw him trying! Rodimus Prime pauses for scarcely a moment before pressing on. "I trust you will show the President and his warriors the respect I know you are capable of." Glancing around, he gives a few seconds for the words to sink in. Opening his mouth, he gets ready to continue when Ollin requests his attention. Holding up a finger, he leans down to the President. "One moment, First Aid." Shifting his attention to the dimunitive figure beside him, Rodimus quirks a brow. "Yes, President Ollin?"

Twin Twist keeps his left optic ridge raised. My, there's a whole lot of frowning going on in this room.

First Aid nods slowly to Rodimus and lowers his hand, using it to wipe away another imaginary tear that's still there from his discussion with his Protectobot brother.

Countdown thrusts his body into form to attention. He stands closer to Sheng. He quietly looks at Sheng and tries to whisper, "In other words, everyone against the Decepticons? What if they ally the Quints then in desperation?"

Chikome-Ollin was willing to offer Rodimus the opportunity for private conversation, but since no privacy is offered he will just speak his mind in the open then. "I have one last request before we rid this world of the scourge of Trypticon. Your call came rather early this morning, just after 4 am our time. It would please me greatly were you to apologize to my wife in person for the disturbance when you see her at the Olympics."

FX sinks down in his chair and leans back as he turns on his internal audio speakers and starts to tap his foot idly to the music he has playing. He just tries to keep his calm. He wouldn't want to accidentally shoot off his gun or something.

Lynx shakes his head and slams his paw. "Quiet everyone. Rodimus shall explain everything in detail when he is done speaking with the..." Pause, "El Presidente." Someone needs to keep order of these bickering bots.

First Aid stops and stares at Ollin, and then over to Rodimus. Man, what an ego that Militant has to demand an apology from the Autobot Commander while surrounded by Autobots in the Autobot's strongest fortress.

Rodimus Prime's optics flicker slightly at the request. Considering it briefly, he nods his head in agreement. "I will do so. Again, I apologize to you for the inappropriate timing." Rising back to his full height, the Autobot leader moves towards Teletran-2 and motions for First Aid to pose his question.

Twin Twist just winces audibly, very distasteful. "Nnghbleah." He doesn't seem pleased with Rodimus giving in to Ollin's demands. Diplomacy? What's diplomacy?

Sheng glances at Countdown and shakes her head slightly, whispering back. "Possible, but unlikely, the cons don't like or trust the quints." the femme is acting totally emotionless, and anyone that knows her can guess how angry she is inside that icy shell. Her optic flare a small amount as Ollin demands an apology, but she remains outwardly calm. She doesn't like the Militants, and she likes their propaganda campain even less. It seems to her that giving them what they want is NOT the best way to handle this. but then she's just a fighter, what does she know of the intracties of diplomacy and the political game?

Grand Slam has disconnected. Grand Slam has connected.

Blades is still just sitting there being quiet. His arms are crossed and he seems to be in 'perma-tude' mode. Everyone talking. No one's doing anything. Yea Blades is having fun listening to all this, "Knew I shoulda waited outside." he murmers.

First Aid stands up to ask his question of Rodimus Prime, "Uh, is there any chance that, I mean, is this going to be a combat mission for sure? Or is there a possibility that Trypticon will already be disabled and thus we won't have to battle him? Or that we can talk things over with him?" He suddenly looks over and stares at Blades for a microsecond before looking back, "I mean... not that I /mind/ if this is a com... combat mission.." he figits with his hands repeatedly, "I mean... uh... y'know..." he hesitates and then sits down. What a useless question.

Twin Twist makes a minor raspberry at First Aid. Pfft! Nobody likes a wussy Autobot.

Sheng glances at First Aid and then looks at Blades and mentally frowns... her emotionless mask becomes even more emotionless if that's possible.

Blades looks towards First Aid. What a useless question frlom the most useless Protectobot! Blades grunts and shake shis head, "Yea he knows you're a wuss." Blades mutters under his breath and looks away, "And if it's a combat mission we'll find you a nice rock to hide behind." Blades shakes his head

Lynx stands up slowly to tower over the audience. "Proper assignments shall be filled, do not worry."

Andi Lassiter GLARES at Ollin. HE insists on an apology from Prime for HIS rudeness? Hmph. She turns back to the Autobot leader, ignoring the Militants for the rest of the meeting. She also glances at First Aid. Something's going on there, she'll need to figure out...oh, that explains it. She shoots Blades a glare, infighting is the LAST thing the Autobots should be letting Ollin see.

Hot Spot growls at Blades looking down at the white and red protectobot. His optics flash as he gives Blades one of his long hard penatrating glares.

Skydive is at the back of the room observing it all.

Transmission from Grand Slam: And... ahh... what would that be, sir?

Grand Slam transmits a message via radio.

Chikome-Ollin's head nods satisfactorily at Rodimus' answer. Ah, how it will surprise Tempest to have the Autobot leader apologize to her. At least they were not asleep when Prime chose to disturb them. He returns to his Militants, outlining their own plans.

You transmit a message to Grand Slam: It's a secret mission so I will brief you when I am certain no one can overhear. Right after the meeting, follow me and I will give you your instructions.

Grand Slam receives a radio transmission.

FX sits there and looks out at the floor and everybody. He just sits there not saying much of anything as he just listens to his music. With a small sigh he looks at Rodimus and is glad that he didn't hear Ollin's request.

Countdown senses the tension within Sheng. Funny, the two never get along, maybe it is because they were worlds apart getting along with Cybertron's best and making due with what life they have left. The two have nothing in common at times, and he refuses to listen to her even less. But Countdown has always looked for Sheng whenever he needed an ally. He sighs and looks at Sheng for a second and clutches his leg, as if to make sure he is consciencious. He will just have to calm her down after this hell of a meeting. He would try to radio her if his radio wasn't so loud. He grumbles as the leader he admires so much shows lesser of a spine than a virus. He mutters so softly that no one can hear him say, "Apoligize for our friends that you have slain or attempted to, Ollin..."

Rodimus Prime shakes his head as he calls up a series of images on Teletran-2's display. "This is undoubtedly going to be full combat, First Aid. Normally, I wouldn't make you come with us, but we're going to need every able body on this mission. If you'd like, however, you can remain in the Phase One location until we've completed our objectives." Not that he's actually explained any details of this yet. On the screen, the images resolve themselves into a familiar world ... Charr. "This, my fellow Autobots, is our first objective: the Decepticon stronghold on Charr. More than the actual assault on Trypticon, this is the most important part of the mission. If we fail here, we'll be stopped in our tracks." Calling up a tighter view of the Con base, Rodimus begins to explain in a tad more detail. "This may seem like an unlikely target, but it has something we need very, very badly ... an active spacebridge terminus. That's our entry into Trypticon, that's our back door. But there's a problem. Our most recent in telligence indicates that the Decepticons still have an active presence here, albeit a small one. We've got to be quick about landing and getting in. Special Operations," he nods to Jazz, " going to lead the way. Hopefully they'll be able to get inside and deactive the base defenses, letting the rest of is in. We can't give them time to destroy any equipment or we've lost. A small team is going to have to remain behind to make sure that the Decepticons don't mount some sort of counter-offensive while we're gone. I don't want to just take Charr, I want to keep it."

First Aid is just about to shout 'Yes sir! I'll stay at phase 1 and be ready to repair anyone that might need repairing!', but one more microsecond glance in Blades's direction, and First Aid hangs his head in shame, "No... no that'll be alright, sir. I'll come along on the mission." The Protectobot continues to sulk in his chair.

FX when he sees Rodimus is talking again he turns off his music and starts to listen again.

Lynx nods slowly. "Let this process so we may begin immediately. The Special Ops team has already been properly prepared. Rodimus and El Presidente shall lead the assault into Trypticon after SpecialOps has made their move." He grins. "I shall stay behind with a small team to prevent further Decepticon interference. Those are the basics of this higly advanced operation.. If I skipped a detail or modeately adjusted it, Rodimus feel free to correct me. Even though I highly doubt it."

"We'd better have people ready to recieve the injured after this is over..." Sheng monotones, still emotionless. "Where would you like me assigned, Rodimus?"

Twin Twist calmly shifts his optics to the left, so he can just look at Hot Spot out the corner of his vision. "..bettah not wuss out behind me, Hot Shot. Ah heard 'bout you gettin' scared of them Decepticons. Yew kin stick behind me if ya want, but'cha gotta fight. Or ah'll put'cha down m'self." Twin Twist nods in a sagelike fashion.

Andi Lassiter raises her eyebrows at Prime's description of the plans, and gets out her datapad to quickly tap up and send off a message. Gotta love mobile internet connections.

Jazz looks around to his special ops team...or is that special ops member...Oh boy this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Countdown salutes Rodimus, "In death shall I still be a servant. Where and when I am needed may I ask?"

Rodimus Prime inclines his head at Sky Lynx. "That just about covers it. First Aid, the choice is up to you, but we could use someone to stay behind at the base and tend to the wounded. But if you'd rather be on the front lines, I understand." Considering his options, and the limited forces at his disposal, Rodimus points to Sheng and Countdown. "You two are going to go with Jazz and secure the base for our reinforcements. I know this isn't your area of expertise, but follow his orders to the letter and you'll both be fine."

Sheng inclines her head slightly, somehow still managing to make it seem like a full bow. "As you wish, Rodimus. I'll do my best."

Hot Spot nods to himself, happy that the bots are going on the offensive. He says to First Aid, "First Aid, you do have a point. Someone should watch Charr. The cons are bound to attack Charr and the bots will need a way back from Trypticon anyway." He pipes up with authority and leadership that only Spoot can, "Rodimus, I volunteer the protectobots to stay on Charr and protect the spacebridge."

FX wonders what his job is. However he's also just along for the ride and he knows the way around inside Trypticon. But his abilities may be useful to Jazz as well. He just sits there still listing to Rodimus.

Lynx nods, "Excellent. The Protectobots may stay with me, a long with any one else you deem fit."

Blades waves dismissively at Hot Spot's glare. His optics then drift towards Twin Twist. His optics narrow before he hears Hot Spot volunteering him to do something, "Blah. Protect the space bridge. Gotta give me garrison duty... wasting me for that when I can be on the front line..." he trails off.

First Aid raises his hands defensively as if what Rodimus is suggesting will get his aft-plate handed to him on a silver plater, thanks to... oh Hell, we all know who thanks to. Bastard. The Protectobot just shakes his head again and folds his arms, idly trying to review the proper operation of a standard Protectobot photon pistol. He looks over at Hot Spot and then at Blades once more, "No." he tells Hot Spot, although he's clearly talking to Blades, "I remember telling _someone_ about the heroics that medics can do in a combat situation. I wouldn't want _someone_ to miss seeing that in action." Aid stares at _someone_.

Stratosphere enters from the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Stratosphere has arrived.

Twin Twist just shakes his head at Hot Spot."Hot Shot, am'm /so/ dissappointed in yew." He sighs wistfully, "Y'coulda been someone special. But naw.. maybe someone else."

Stratosphere walks in after recharging and looks "Sorry, was taking care of business."

Hot Spot frowns at Twin Twist, "How about you stay then, someone has to."

Twin Twist laughs at Hot Spot, "And miss out on turnin' Trypticon into confetti? Ah don't think so!"

Lynx sighs and shakes his head. "Stop your bickering and listen up. You will be given assingment do to your abilities."

Sheng's optics flicker as she looks from First Aid to Blades, then shakes her head slightly. "What will you be doing, FX?"

Stratosphere looks "Well, I think I know mine." he says to Lynx. "Any sightings on Tryp yet?"

Lynx waves a paw gesturing for Stratosphere to shut up and listen up.

Skydive raises his hand, "Are we going to take a shuttle sir or are we going to use our capable fellow Autobots?"

Jazz looks at FX and ponders....oO(Maybe he would help me)Oo. The spy discreetly starts tapping the table in a weird almost...coded sequence and tilts his head left and right yet he looks straight at FX until the Junkion notices.

FX shrugs at Sheng, "Not sure. Twiddling my thumbs I supose."

Rodimus Prime shrugs, "Alright then. The Protectobots are coming with us. FX, if you wouldn't mind I'd like you to assist Jazz once we arrive at Trypticon. He has his own orders upon arrival and he'll brief you in full once we're there. Sky Lynx, we'll just have some of the recruits helping you hold the base. With your overwhelming capabilities, I'm sure you'll do just fine." As Stratosphere arrives, Rod adds him to the list. "We're about to make our move now. You're coming with us to Charr and you're going to help Sky Lynx hold the base once we take it. We'll work out the rest of the details en route. We need to be in space five minutes ago." Gesturing to the three Autobots capable of transportation, he continues. "Ok, you three get ready for passengers. Everyone else, to the landing pad."

Chikome-Ollin's Fire warriors remain fairly quiet during the entirety of the meeting, occasionally leaning towards one another to exchange brief whispers or gesture to this or that. Ollin himself watches the meeting at large in amusement, for every time he witnesses Autobot command and authority in action, he knows why it has taken millions of years and the fight is not yet won.

FX spots Jazz looking at him after speaking with Sheng, "Yes, Jazz? How can I help you?"

Blades turns his gaze towards his Medic Brother and narrows his optics. His head shakes and he clenches his fist before looking towards the door. Yup. Blades has been ready to go since he got here. And yay, when Rod gives the order to go to the Landing pad, Blades doesn't take his time to leave.

Jazz looks at FX and simply touches his own nose hoping FX is in /the know/ about this particular sign.

Blades leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Blades has left.

Twin Twist looks to Lynx. "Looks like I'ma gonna ride yew straight to Charr, Sky Lynx. Y'better have a decent in-flight movie."

Lynx has left.

Hot Spot nods accepting his orders. He pushes off from the wall he was leaning on and heads out with his brothers.

Sheng nods to Rodimus and gets to her feet, glancing at FX, then Jazz. "Well, let's get moving then..."

Stratosphere looks and heads out.

Stratosphere looks and heads out. "Good thing I fueled up." he says to everyone. "Lets go already." he says as he heads out the door to the landing pad. Stratosphere leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Stratosphere has left.

Hot Spot leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Hot Spot has left. Countdown leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Countdown has left.

First Aid sighs and stands up grudgingly, feeling like he weighs twice as much as normal. He mutters something to himself as he follows the herd of Autobots.

Sheng leaves to the Main Lobby - First Floor to the west. Sheng has left.

Jazz gets up and heads into the meeting room "Grand Slam and FX if you would join me a minute."

You move east to the Meeting Room.

Meeting Room

A large rectangular table sits squarely in the middle of the room, with chairs large enough to fit your average Cybertronian situated around it. A holoviewer sits in the middle of the table, currently displaying the Autobot symbol. The walls are wood-paneled and arranged on them are various pictures of Cybertron in the Golden Age.

Contents: Autobot City Vidcomm

FX arrives from the AC Command Center to the west. FX has arrived. FX runs into the room sounding like The Six Million Dollar Man. FX enters and he crosses his arms, "What's up, Scatman?"

Grand Slam has arrived.

You say, "Plain and simple I don't trust the militants to hold up theior part of the bargain and this whole 'keeping' what's left of Trypticon smells like they want to salavage him and perhaps transform him into their own mobile battle station."

FX polishes his fingertips on his armor, "I suppose you'll be needing my special abilities, won't you..." FX flicks back some non-existant hair.

Grand Slam cranks after Jazz, his whole demeanor indicates moping, he stops and listens, "Eh? So what's a little guy like me s'posed to do then, boss?"

FX frowns as Jazz makes mention of the Militants, "Oh I hate Ollin. You see. I'm not bound by any contract with them. I'm a Junkion and not an Autobot. So the rules that Rodimus laid down don't apply to me. I'm just going to follow them quite loosely you see."

Jazz says, "Once inside Trypticon we will slip through the fighting and go to the engine room. There I will plant a bomb on the transformation cog so Trypticon ends up locked in city mode. That way the militants might salvage him but they cannot build a new cog, at least I don't think so. And they probably don't know how to take Tryppy apart in city mode and rebuild him into his dinosaur form without us knowing.""

Jazz says, "Grand Slam, I do not trust the mexican president to give an accurate and non-diffamatory report on the fight afterward. That is why I want you to follow Rodimus and Ollin, record everything. Should Ollin go back on his word I want us to have a concrete proof, an unaltered tape of everything that happened so we can clear our names if needed."

Jazz says, "Now let's get going before people get suspicious. (and not to keep everybody waiting) :)"

FX crosses his arms, "Alright Jazz. I've been inside Trypticon before...if Rodimus hasn't told you before...I know some basic hallways and areas inside him. If that will help."

Grand Slam sighs, "I guess I get to sit in Rods pocket then..." Grand Slam transmits a message via radio. Grand Slam says, "Better then fighting, that's for sure."

Jazz heads for the door "Let's go peeps"

You move west to the AC Command Center. You move west to the Main Lobby - First Floor... You move west to the Entrance to Autobot City... You move north to the Landing Pad...

Landing Pad <AC>

    The smell of heated tarmac hits you first as you survey the landing and liftoff point for all flights to Cybertron. The wreckage of previous battles here are off to the back in a jumbled heap. To the southeast is the massive form of Autobot City itself, a bit battlescarred, but still operational. Surrounding you to all other sides are forests of large conifer trees.

The spaceport absolutely sparkles with a new shine - in fact, it's almost blinding in direct sunlight. Spots are a thing of the past, and each building has a brand new coat of paint. Even the *scrap* piles look like they've been cleaned off and straightened up. Contents: Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] Chikome-Ollin Rodimus Prime Sheng Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> EDC AF-27 <Vagabond> Autobot Hovercraft (Sentinel) Autobot Shuttle <Questor> Junkion Flagship <Swordbreaker: Episode 2> Autobot Shuttle <Golden Age> Sensor Shuttle Terminal (Autobot City)

Grand Slam enters from the Entrance to Autobot City to the south. Grand Slam has arrived.

FX enters from the Entrance to Autobot City to the south. FX has arrived. FX runs into the room sounding like The Six Million Dollar Man.

Rodimus Prime transmits a message via radio. Grand Slam receives a radio transmission.

From Sky Lynx, Skydive doesn't take a seat, but he makes his way towards the back and prepares himself to be released when Sky Lynx hits the Atomosphere, "When we get there I am guessing that you might want some escort?"

Stratosphere transmits a message via radio.

Rodimus Prime receives a radio transmission.

FX looks at his ship and then looks at the others.

From Sky Lynx, Twin Twist looks at Skydive from his seat inside Sky Lynx's innards. "Who, me?"

Rodimus Prime transmits a message via radio. Rodimus Prime receives a radio transmission.

Jazz walks towards Jetfire "Ready for phase one Jets ?"

<from Inside Stratosphere> First Aid sits down as far away from Blades as possible, but in a ship like Stratosphere, that isn't too far away. He folds his arms and tries to pay no attention to Blades.

From Sky Lynx, Skydive turns his head back towards Twin Twist, "No, I was talking to Sky Lynx."

Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> emits, "Sky Dive you will accompany me and Stratosphere for the preservation of our overtake."

From Sky Lynx, Twin Twist glowers at Skydive, "So why weren't you talkin' to me?"

From Sky Lynx, Skydive calmly brings his gaze around to Twin Twist, "Because I had nothing to communicate to you. You seem to know what you are doing."

From Sky Lynx, Twin Twist pffs, "You damn right I do, Skydive. Now sit down and settle."

<from Inside Stratosphere> Hot Spot sighs and stands up facing the two. "Guys, we are going into battle. You'd better not be doing this the second we get on Charr or so help me..." He doesn't say anymore of that, he's never one for threats. "Just act like a team. Quit arguing and just work together." He knows they will, he's just concerned.

The engines from Sky Lynx rumble and prepare from take off.

From Sky Lynx, Skydive smirks a little, '"That would defeat the purpose of my recent comment to Sky Lynx. You were obviously listening?"

The external mounted speakers on Jetfire emits softly, "Quite so, Jazz, though the unknown that is presented to us in phase two does fairly intimidate me. However, dealing with the unknown is your specialty, Jazz, and with you and the rest of the Special Operations division around I am confident of our success."

Steeljaw has arrived.

<from Inside Stratosphere> "Working together implied First Aid's actually gonna not suck and fight." Blades grumbles, "And so help you, what Hot Spot? What you gonna do? Throw a hissy fit? Sit down and buckle up. If First Aid don't tick me off when we're there, everything will be fine."

FX looks at his ship and he then looks at the other again. He herms and rubs his chin awaiting some kind of notification where to be by Jazz.

Jazz looks at his team "Allright people let's roll." Boards Jetfire

Steeljaw comes scurrying in, " Sorrysorrysorry....had to get a fresh coating of waterproofing. Didn't want to go in unprepared..." he says, screeching toa halt as he nears the group. " Steeljaw, reporting for Duty Jazz! "

Rodimus Prime glances around once more. "Alright, last chance. Get onboard, Autobots, we're leaving."

You climb up into the cockpit of the fighter. Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire]


You sit in the cockpit of a highly advanced aerospace fighter. Controls, pedals, and other command devices fill almost every nook of the compartment. Positioned in easy to access areas are screens displaying communications and navigational data. The cockpit incloser is perhaps the most odd, for it displays a holographic representation of the outside allowing the heat shield to be kept engaged providing added protection for anyone inside. Projected over the hologram is a virtual H.U.D. for targeting and flight stats information.


Contents: Quiet Room HoloCube Astrogation System

Sheng joins you in the cockpit making for tight conditions, perhaps one of you should move into the cargo hold at the back.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> First Aid looks down at the ground, then looks up, sticking his nose in the air as if he's too /good/ to be around Blades, "Well I know that *I'm* going to do my job. If _someone_ decides to make this a problem, then that _someone_ is surely to blame." He looks over at Hot Spot, "But I sure hope that _someone_ doesn't start complaining all the time about someone else's occupation." He snorts.

Steeljaw joins you in the cockpit making for tight conditions, perhaps one of you should move into the cargo hold at the back.

> Grand Slam cranks up onto the Landing Pad, heading straight towards Rodimus, as he draws near he calls, "Pop a hatch boss! I'm ridin' along with you!"

> Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> looks at his scanners "Is that everyone that is riding in me?" he asks "If so, I need to head to EDC to pick up another person." he states "I can carry alot more."

> Rodimus Prime opens the panel to what remains of his passenger area in robot mode. He doesn't question the odd request, there isn't time.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Hot Spot frowns and takes a seat. He grumbles out, "I'll have you cleaning metroplex's fuel intake filters for the next month, that's what." Folding his arms he nods his head down and closes his optics. > <from Inside Stratosphere>

Blades growls and looks towards First Aid, "You better start shuttin your mouth. You keep flappin it around like that, my fist is gonna be forced to occupy that massive amount of space." Blades shakes his head, "And I will make it a problem if you don't stop actin like a wuss." Grand Slam shifts and contorts until all that's left is a small red cassette tape.

> Red Cassette (Grand Slam) has left.

> FX crosses his arms and sighs, "There's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path."

Rodimus Prime joins you in the cockpit making for tight conditions, perhaps one of you should move into the cargo hold at the back.

Chikome-Ollin joins you in the cockpit making for tight conditions, perhaps one of you should move into the cargo hold at the back.

> FX he enters Jetfire. FX joins you in the cockpit making for tight conditions, perhaps one of you should move into the cargo hold at the back. FX runs into the room sounding like The Six Million Dollar Man.

Rodimus Prime steps in and slaps the internal comm system, giving Jetfire the order to move out.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> First Aid turns towards Blades and clearly doesn't hear Hot Spot's threats, "Oh yeah? Just 'cause you're all high 'n mighty with your guns and your blades and your combat-holer-than-thou attitude, doesn't mean that I'm a /wuss/," he sniffs like a wuss, "See if I save your life when you're /begging/ me for emergency repairs."

Steeljaw moves to strap himself in so he's sitting on Sheng's lap, like any good kitty. He glances up at her with a half-smile, knowing how much she hates space travel, almost as much as he does water....

> Transmission from Rodimus Prime: As soon as everyone has boarded one of the transports, rake off.

> Rodimus Prime transmits a message via radio.

Rodimus Prime transmits a message via radio.

<Autobot> Rodimus Prime says, "Ok you three. Time to go."

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Jetfire take the lead out me and Stratosphere shall take the wings."

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Hot Spot looks at First Aid, throwing him a glare that'll melt lead, "And you...quit yelling at Blades. You know it'll just keep him coming bac at you. You're better than that First Aid."

> You blast off and launch yourself towards the Earth Orbit.

FX takes a seat and straps in without saying a word because he's so close to something he can't stand. He looks at Sheng and wonders if she's still got a fear of space travel. He knows last time when they flew together some fun stuff happened and hopefully it kind of helped her remove that fear.

Steeljaw quirks his head at FX. Never quiet 'got' that Junkion, but he's always a lot fun.

> Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> enters from the Stratosphere above Western Hemisphere.

> Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> has arrived.

Chikome-Ollin, joined by the platoons of Fire and Sparrow Militants, head back to less... crowded portions of the Autobot shuttle. While making themselves comfortable inflight, Ollin starts to pass out cigars to those of his troops that will take them. Second best way to relax before engaging an enemy. Everyone taking one of the cigars lights it up and prepares to enjoy the flight.

Sheng manages a brief smile at Steeljaw, then snaps her emotionless mask back up into place. "And now to battle..." Her shoulders tightly slightly, but she refuses to show her fear of space travel in front of the militant. To the gold femme, Ollin is still as much of an enemy as the Decepticons.

Jazz straps himself in a seat close to the door as he will be among the first to get out once Jetfire has reached his destination. "Steeljaw, you will ride in my tape deck for the infiltration. While I disable the defenses you will check out the inside of the base and try to spot where the Cons are hiding if there are any left inside."

> You maneuver through space towards the Terrestrial Planets <Sol>.

> Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> enters from the Earth Orbit. > Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> has arrived.

FX looks out the window and he smiles, He mutters to himself, "... Dorothy.... goin'..."

Steeljaw nods to Jazz. " Sure thing. " he says, and glances around. He eyes Ollin for a few moments, but decides to leave him be. The cat settles down, and snuggles as best he can into Sheng's lap while strapped in, hoping to comfort her as they fly....

Rodimus Prime simply grabs on to something and holds tights. There isn't going to be much time for getting comfortable on this ride. "Everyone prepared?" Rod asks grimly.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> "It's the only talent an Autobot in a /war/ needs. I don't need verbal skills. I don't need to know how to drink tea with wussy humans. I don't need to know Diplomacy. I need to know how to fight. now if you don't sit down." Blades unstraps himself and pushes himself up, "You best listen to your brother or your brother's knocking you on your aft and tieing you to your chair." Ahhh Blades cares about his Bro's safety!

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Hot Spot looks from his chair saying, "Both of you, sit down now! Or I'll turn Strat around and pull us out of active duty till the medics look over both of you!" > <from Inside Stratosphere> Andi Lassiter says, "What is all this bickering I'm hearing? Couldn't you all have kept it quiet in front of that Ollin person?" Uh oh, she's not in a good mood. "The last thing he needs to know about you Autobots is that you can't get along."

FX continues to mutter to himself, He mutters to himself, "... you,... of... I.M.... be caught,... the... all knowledge... actions.... will self-destruct..."

Sheng puts a hand on Steeljaw's back in silent thanks, then reaches over and puts a hand on FX's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze, doing her absolute best NOT to look out the view screen.

> From Sky Lynx, Twin Twist says, "Gee. This place looks familiar."

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Hot Spot looks at Andi and says, "I'm sorry for them Miss Lassiter. My bothers mean well, but well..." He looks between the both and checks his restraints.

FX smiles slightly back, He mutters to Sheng, "... residual presence."

Steeljaw nods slightly.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> First Aid clenches his fists and stares at Blades, and then looks over to Hot Spot in a softer manner, "Fine." He says quietly and sits down, "Lets just get this mess over with." He sighs at Andi and offers a quiet, "Sorry, ma'am." He buries his face in his hands, either crying or just thinking really really hard.

Chikome-Ollin peers out one of Jetfire's windows and watches the stars fly by. After a while, he sees the Sol system again and comments to his troops, "And there's the Sol system again. Anyone keeping count?"

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Andi Lassiter looks angrily from Blades to First Aid to Hot Spot. Yes, she's including him. "From what I've heard, you are all siblings. And bickering is part of that. But if you can't learn to respect your siblings' strengths AND weaknesses, maybe you should go your separate ways." Most of her venom is aimed at Blades, but they all deserve to hear it.

Sheng nods at FX once, muttering something back to him.

> Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> whistles "Jetfire, are you sure you know where you are going?" he asks

Sheng mutters to FX, "Hit hard,... don't let... recover."

> <from Inside Stratosphere>

Blades grunts and plops his aft back down in his chair. he reattaches his restraints and glares towards First Aid, "Lucky we're goin on a mission. Bout tired of this." Blades casts a glance towards Andi, "Shut your mouth. No body asked you your opinion."

> Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> grumbles, "Stand back, I shall manuver!"

Rodimus Prime spares a quick, not entirely withering glance to nearly everyone as they seem to be circling the Sol system.

Jazz opens his speaker port and starts to play "Spirit in the sky"

> <from Inside Stratosphere> First Aid's optics widen and flash, "Hey, you can't talk to Andi like that? She didn't do anything wrong."

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Hot Spot gives her a 'what did I do?' look. He mumbles something about him just working here and sighs in his seat.

Astrogation System activates an image of the Paraplanar System:

FX makes a face at her, He mutters to Sheng, "... don't..."

Sheng sighs slightly. oO(This is getting embarressing...)

Steeljaw considers distracting Ollin before he starts making fun of the autobots.

Jazz looks around "Should have brought my guitar for a little more ambiance. It's a real icebreaker."

> Icarus System > A sudden surge in radiation levels blinds your sensors and nearly overwhelms your guidance systems as you enter the field of the white supergiant Icarus. As shields compensate and your sensors clear, you note with some unease the odd radiation spectrum of this system. The blazing orb of Icarus hangs against the void before you, the source of the strange radiation, which you imagine would be inimical to almost any life form. But there are no planets in the system, so... but wait, there is one world... a nonrotating small planetoid that is almost lost against the immensity of its sun.

> Contents: > Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> > Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> > Icarus > Charr

> <from Inside Stratosphere> First Aid's jaw opens behind his mask and he says, "I already /was/ quiet... until you started talking again and being mean to Andi. Now... lets /both/ be quiet. Starting... now." he says. He's then silent.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Hot Spot has reached his limit with these guys. Instead of jumping to Andi's defense he just sits there watching. He looks between the two, grinning under his mask and shrugs going back to looking outside.

Steeljaw eyes the window, " There it is..." he says, watching Charr as the craft begins to near it.

FX looks at everyone and he smiles trying to lighten up the mood, "Cadets, I'd now like to discuss something that'll be vital for you to know when you, like, out there, on the job, as a police officer. And, that's the correct way on how to eat a doughnut."

> From Sky Lynx, An F-16C says, "When we enter the atomosphere I will launch"

Chikome-Ollin points off to Brandax as it passes by in the blink of an eye. "Memorable planet. Remember when the Machines attempted to accuse us of attacking their cities? Proved our innocence when we let the Brandaxian government examine our computer cores. Expect to see some recognition from various races at the Olympics over our quick actions in that fiasco."

> From Sky Lynx, Twin Twist says, "Can I kick you out?"

> Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> follows and says "ah, we found it." he emits cheerfully. Then he mutters, "Finally."

Chikome-Ollin speaks to his troops, obviously.

> <from Inside Stratosphere>

Blades was told no? No one tells Blades no, "You said what? No? You come in here spoutin your mouth actin like you know what the deal is." His head shakes, "I'll flick you later." Seems Blades is tired of argueing, but being the punk he is, he still talks, "And Shut up First Aid."

> Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> continues the lead as the rocky planet enters his view. "Sky Dive wait momentarily until I drop my ramp."

Jazz sees Charr through the viewport "Allright Jetfire takes us into orbit." The spy pulls out a small topographic map of charr outdated but it's not as if the place changed alot recently.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> First Aid says, "No no, we're supposed to be quiet. Starting... now!" he tries this again. This never works.

> From Sky Lynx, An F-16C emits over his PA, "I don't think I need the extra momentum. Maybe later."

> From Sky Lynx, Twin Twist tch, "Some fun yew are."

Sheng looks up at Steeljaw's words and nods. "Now the battle begins." she looks at FX and inclines her head at him, then looks at Ollin, not saying a word. The emotionless mask grows stronger.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Andi Lassiter quickly moves back to her exosuit and clambers back in, and NOT becuase of anything Blades said or did. The suit hisses closed around her, and she seriously considers using the suit's strength to slap some sense into Blades.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Andi Lassiter suits up and seals Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> around herself. > <from Inside Stratosphere> Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> starts up smoothly, generator softly humming.

> Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> forms up on Jetfire's wing and takes up a standard orbit around the planet. "So Boss, what's the plan. Where is the drop zone?"

Steeljaw eyes Jazz, " Shall we get ready? " he says, beggining to remove his straps.

<From inside Rodimus> Red Cassette (Grand Slam) ambles up into the cockpit.

Red Cassette (Grand Slam) joins you in the cockpit making for tight conditions, perhaps one of you should move into the cargo hold at the back.

Rodimus Prime remains silent for the bulk of the trip. Only now, as they near Charr does he speak up. "Ok, we're here. Everyone get ready to move out as soon as we make planetfall. Our data is somewhat out of date, so we don't no exactly what we're going to face down here."

Red Cassette (Grand Slam) pops out of Roddo's cargo hatch, and clatters to the floor.

> Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] falls out of warp velocity, his stretched appearance eventually returns to its normal size. Banking sharply towards the left, Jetfire propels himself rapidly towards the designated planet of Charr. Entering the above the planet's orbit, Jetfire eventually releases his controls over to Jazz.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> Blades idly glances at Andi before looking at First Aid, "Shut up First Aid!" He grumbles and shakes his head, actually complying. Blades' gonna give him such a pinch later.

Steeljaw gets out his straps, and gives Sheng a slight nudge, before he awaits his 'ride'.

> Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> pipes up "Rodimus, might I suggest that we do a high speed pass of the planet's surface. Between The three of us, we should be able to cover the entire planet quickly.

> <from Inside Stratosphere> First Aid sighs and puts his hands on his hips, saying only two words, "Starting now." Third time's a charm. He smirks at Blades.

> Rodimus Prime transmits a message via radio to Stratosphere.

Rodimus Prime transmits a message via radio to Stratosphere.

> Stratosphere receives a radio transmission.

Sheng unbuckles herself and gets to her feet. She looks to Jazz for his orders on what she should do.

FX nods to Rodimus and then heads over near Sheng, "Stick with me, kid. I'll take you to places you've never seen before." He smirks slightly and he announces looking down at Charr, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, diein' time's here."

Jazz nods to SJ "Indeed get ready people. Once we hit the planet we will move in 2 teams. 1 advanced composed of Steeljaw, FX and myself. The rest will follow. I will guide your steps and we will deal with the problems as they come."

> Orbit of Charr > The surface of Charr is as inhospitable as its name might suggest, offering few places to land. The sharp line between the dayside and nightside slices across the planetoid's surface, the glowing light of Icarus hanging like a spotlight on the far side of the world.

FX translates what Jazz said to Sheng, "Thunderdome's simple. Get to the weapons, use them any way you can. I know you won't break the rules . . . there aren't any."

> Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> enters orbit around the planet Charr... > Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> has arrived.

> Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> enters orbit around the planet Charr... > Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> has arrived.

Sheng lifts an optic ridge at FX and offers a ghost of a smile, then returns her attention to Jazz and nods. "Roger that, sir." A quick mental command and the sheilds that surround her claws vanishing with a faint Vrrrrrrrr-worn.

> Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> moves closer to Jetfire and says "where is the base at Rodimus?" he asks as he scans the planet below.

Chikome-Ollin gives wordless commands to his troops, giving quick gestures to issue his troops commands. Almost as one, all go about summoning their armor and insuring that their helmet's solar tints are activated. Once that is done, they secure any nearby windows.

> Autobot Shuttle <Sky Lynx> lowers his drop bay. "Sky Dive drop but do not leave my wing."

<Autobot> Rodimus Prime says, "We need to drop in fast, no fancy flying by. Just put us down outside the range of their perimeter sensors."

<Autobot> Jazz says, "Do not land ON the base we will approach from the Northern and Southern Nightside and make a low altitude approach on the base itself."

The little red tape expands and contorts into a red tank with chrome weaponry. It's Grand Slam!

FX salutes Jazz, "Bust a deal, face the wheel." He crosses his arms preparing for whatever happens out there on Charr. Last time he was attacked by leaches. What will it be this time? Wheel of fate turn turn turn!

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Understood Jazz."

FX is sure lucky he can hear the Autobot Channel.

<Autobot> Jazz says, "Sky Lynx and Stratosphere you two will land via the Southern side, we will land on the northern side and coordinate our approach once we are on the ground." > > <Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Directive acknowledged, on approach."

> You fly downward to the Stratosphere above Northern Nightside...

FX point sat Jazz and Sheng and himself, "My brains, his steal, and your strength, against 60 men. And, you think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy?"

Transmission from Skydive: Jazz, SKydive here. I should probably fly on Jetfires wing, if he is all alone on his approach.

Rodimus Prime holds onto tightly as Jetfire bucks slightly as they drop into actual atmosphere.

Sheng offers another ghost of a smile and nods. "Uh-huh... We have a wheelbarrow and cloak too."

FX hugs Sheng as she understood!

You transmit a message to Skydive: Negative stay on Sky Lynx's wing he lack the maneuverability of Jetfire should things get hot he could use the extra guns.

Transmission from Skydive: Copy that, SKydive out.

> You fly downward to the Skies above Western Nightside... > You fly downward to the Border Lands - West...

<Autobot> Jazz says, "We are in sight of the spacebridge. Sky Lynx head for the base stratosphere head for the waste plains in the western nightside quadrant."

Sheng blinks at FX, then shakes her head. "Forget Vegas, you could have fun at home with that..."

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Affirmative."

> The sensor console within Jetfire's cockpit flashes constantly as the Autobot scientist continues to probe the terrain of artifical structures now that he is completely free from the burden of having to guide himself with Jazz handling the controls. Analyzing the location of the spacebridge, Jetfire relays a set of coordinates which displays itself on the navigation console in front of Jazz.

Rodimus Prime sighs and gathers himself for what is to come. Drawing his rifle from subspace, he places himself just to the side of the door.

Jazz lands Jetfire just outside of sensor range, the hatch opens "Allright...this is it. No turning back now." The autobot keys the radio and contacts the other two teams.

A faint purple glow illuminates Ollin, and his armor appears around him.

Steeljaw moves to stand next to Jazz, so he can synchronize his transformation to load himself in Jazz's tape player. He glances about, the tension so thick he can almost smell it in the air.

> Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> soars down into view from the skies above. > Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> has arrived.

Grand Slam's turret fidgets. A lot.

FX scratches his crotch like a Baseball Player would do.

> Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> drops in and is using lateral thrusters only as he flies close to the ground, about a quarter of a mile above it. His lights inside the cockpit are red instead of normal to help hide better. "I got a bad feeling about this."

Jazz pulls out his photon rifle and heads for the hatch "Ok everybody let's get this party started."

Having had enough you climb out of the cockpit and down the small ladder.

Waste Plains

This vast level plain of black basalt was once a lava lake -- overflow from the Firepits to the northeast. Even today it is littered with smooth, teardrop-shaped blobs of cooled lava that continue to be flung out by especially violent eruptions. A layer of volcanic ash coats the plain in patches of gray over the underlying black stone.

Contents: Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire]

Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> slows and opens up "Ok, out everyone."

From Jetfire, Sheng remains calm, scanning the surroundings and the people around her. "We need to work on your definition of a PARTY..." the femme heads out after Jazz.

Steeljaw climbs down out of the cockpit. Steeljaw has arrived.

Sheng climbs down out of the cockpit. Sheng has arrived.

From Jetfire, Grand Slam springs down the ramp at nearly top speed, "GAH! I HATE Spaceflight!"

Grand Slam climbs down out of the cockpit. Grand Slam has arrived.

Rodimus Prime climbs down out of the cockpit. Rodimus Prime has arrived.

General Ollin <Armored> climbs down out of the cockpit. General Ollin <Armored> has arrived. Hot Spot has arrived. Blades has arrived. From Jetfire, FX hops out from the shuttle. FX climbs down out of the cockpit. FX has arrived. FX runs into the room sounding like The Six Million Dollar Man. Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> has arrived. First Aid has arrived.

FX quotes, "Never give up! Never surrender!"

Streetwise and Groove make a few cameo appearances. Just 'cause. Nevermind the fact that they're doing jack-all right now.

Rodimus Prime leaves to the Spacebridge Outpost to the east. Rodimus Prime has left.

Hot Spot jumps out, landing in a roll with his rifle hugged close to his chest. He gets up running looking around as he does. "Common, move move move!" Looking around for cons he slows to a slight jog.

You say, "Ok FX, Steeljaw and me will go do some recon of the spacebridge terminal. We might actually get to use it before re-inforcements pour out of the base."

Jazz leaps into the air and folds down on himself and into a stylish white Porsche 935.

Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> waits for everyone to leave then hovers some. "So what now?" he asks as he waits and transforms. He looks to FX and nod s"May the Matrix protect us." and he draws his weapon. Before you, is a large blue Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere>. It shakes and shrinks into the Autobot known as Stratosphere.

Steeljaw nods, and quickly transforms, manuevering his new form into Jazz's tape deck before he is completly inert... Steeljaw has left.

Rodimus Prime enters from the Spacebridge Outpost to the east. Rodimus Prime has arrived.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter walks the exo-suit to over by First Aid, and waits.

White Porsche 935 revs up his engine "Ready FX ?"

Grand Slam rolls around Roddo's feet.

Stratosphere waits for everyone to leave then hovers some. "So what now?" he asks as he waits and transforms. He looks to FX and nod s"May the Matrix protect us." and he draws his weapon. <repose>

5tBlades jumps out of Strat and lands as gracefully as the Protectobot usually does, on his knees and rolling forward a bit. He stands up when he gets his berrings, he slashes his Rotar blade around a bit before jogging forward, "Alright. Expected some folks to smack. First Aid don't count." FX nods to Jazz and he crosses his arms, "Alright, Jazz. Lead the way and I shall follow. Under the cloak of invisibility.."

FX touches his nose and blinks his eye....FX dissappears.

FX dissolves into nothingness.

Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] retracts its extended boarding ramp until it is safely within its superstructure before transforming into his robotic form.

Slowing rapidly the lower jet thrusters swing down and forward firing a quick burst to halt all forward motion. Hovering for but a moment the rest of the fighter transforms until Jetfire stands before you ready for action.

First Aid jumps out of Stratosphere and jogs, following Hot Spot. The Protectobot medic has his photon pistol in his hand in an awkward manner, "Geez, I hate this." he mutters quietly enough so that Blades can't hear. He stares at Blades, "Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well prepare to see some really good non-crappy combat-ability!" he shouts out, wincing right afterwards. Must practise on retaliation insults. FX begins following you.

Sheng says, "...Till all are one."

General Ollin <Armored>'s troops disembark from jetfire behind their General. With practiced ease, the Militants set up a quick perimeter around their portion of the dropsite. While Militants in groups of three and four man the points specificed in general tactics, the ranking officers converge to provide Ollin with guards should they come under fire and discuss their initial findings.

White Porsche 935 drives off towards the spacebridge at huge speeds counting on a quick precise strike to do the trick.

You transmit a message to Sky Lynx: What is your status ?

Spacebridge Outpost

A circular ring of metal, almost as tall as the building beside it, marks the perimeter of the spacebridge. The entrance gate, which once slid open and shut, has been permanently jammed open with a metal beam. The delicate spacebridge controls have been moved inside Decepticon Headquarters, and are now part of the computer center.

Contents: Spacebridge Terminus <Charr>

Someone sneaks along with Jazz moving about quickly looking around seeing if he can spot anything out of the ordinary.

Transmission from Sky Lynx: Investigating the odd lack of prescence. We will enter when it is safe.

White Porsche 935 slowly approaches the spacebridge outpost "What the ? There are no controls ? We did not take this into account. Logical place would be the command center and this means this place is probably monitored through a hidden camera...We may have to...adjust our strategy."

  • Rustle* *Rustle*

You say, "FX Work on taking that steel beam down, I'll radio the others our change of plans."

Steeljaw emits aloud, " Well, if you attach me to the the spacebridge, I /might/ be able to activate it, or at least figure out what is controlling it. Its a gamble, but it could work...."

Someone looks about and he moves in near Jazz and uncloaks. FX fades into view! FX says, "Roger Wilco." FX heads over to inspect the beam and he pulls out his laser cutter and starts to work on removing the beam.

You transmit a message to Rodimus Prime: Change of plan dude. The spacebridge controls are NOT at the spacebridge which means they are inside which means they have a way of 'watching' the spacebridge through a hidden camera to see who they send off which means we are spotted we have to accelerate the operation. The bridge itself is unguarded, I suggest your team rushes it and gets ready for transport. Have the protectobot stand guard, I will link up with the other team and access the controls from inside.

  • Rustle* *Rustle* *Fomp!*

Transmission from Rodimus Prime: Understood, we're moving out.

Steeljaw sighs, " That sounds good Jazz. Shall we? "

You say, "Finish this up FX and link up with us at the base. We need to find the controls inside the base. Rodimus and company will be arriving shortly." The car revs up and drives away fast towards the base."

Without warning several forms dot the horizon. They all look down at the unsuspecting victims near the Space Bridge. Then with a quick move dust begins to form as the forms start to rush the group snarling and brandishing their claws and sharp teeth! SHARKTICONS!

Transmission from Rodimus Prime: We're going to take control of the terminus, go ahead and rendevous with Sky Lynx and take control of the base.

You transmit a message to Rodimus Prime: On the case ace.

FX looks up from where he's trying to remove the lodged piece of metal and he shouts, "We've got company!" FX looks at the group moving towards them and he yells at them, "Good evening. As a duly designated representative of the City, County, and State of New York, I order you to cease any, and all, supernatural activity and return forthwith to your place of origin, or to the nearest convenient parallel dimension."

You transmit a message to Sky Lynx: Prepare to breach into the base on my mark.

The Sharkticons don't care, or understand FX. Instead they pounce on him knocking him over as he stands there. Trying to fend them, off with his cutter making a gash in one of their faces. "Maybe now you'll never slime a guy with a positron collider!" FX shouts back at him.

You paged Steeljaw with 'Slight code problem :) The room the base is in isn't coded for infiltration...We have to wait for an @tel.'.

Transmission from Sky Lynx: Roger that, instructions awaited.

FX herms and he gasps and he kicks one of them off and he yells, "Back off man. I'm a scientist." as he punches one. Transforming into his larger mode he snickers, "Let's show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown!"

Standing there looking grim he weighs the situation around him. In a moment he calls out, "GUYVER-VER-VER!" From FX's back the pieces of armor fly about FX soon attaching to his body one by one. After the pieces are all snapped into place FX smiles while standing there making a "V" with his fingers for the sign of Victory.

Flaming RV enters from the Waste Plains to the west. Flaming RV has arrived.

Grand Slam enters from the Waste Plains to the west. Grand Slam has arrived.

Flaming blue fire truck enters from the Waste Plains to the west. Flaming blue fire truck has arrived.

Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> enters from the Waste Plains to the west. Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> has arrived.

General Ollin <Armored> enters from the Waste Plains to the west. General Ollin <Armored> has arrived.

Red White and Blue Super Huey (Blades) enters from the Waste Plains to the west. Red White and Blue Super Huey (Blades) has arrived.

Grand Slam starts to lag behind the rushing leader, falling into line more with the militants then anything.

Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] enters from the Waste Plains to the west. Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] has arrived. Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] rockets in, everything under detailed surveillance.

Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> enters from the Waste Plains to the west. Valkyrie VF-19 <Stratosphere> has arrived.

Ambulance <First Aid> enters from the Waste Plains to the west. Ambulance <First Aid> has arrived.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter looks at the vehicles below the exo-suit, slower in the air than the cars on the groud.

Central Courtyard - DHQ

You are in a large, oval courtyard, which serves as a 'front porch' of sorts to Decepticon Headquarters. Although it appears to be deserted here, you feel as if someone is watching you. You feel compelled to move to a safer place!

Contents: Automated Base Defenses DHQ Charr

Steeljaw has arrived.

You transmit a message to Sky Lynx: MARK!

Steeljaw hms. " Shall I, Jazz? "

Steeljaw's body suddenly begins to shrink, fold and compact, becoming a small cassette tape.

The cassette begins to suddenly expand and unfold to form the imposing Autobot Tape, Steeljaw!

Jazz approaches the base slowly "Get ready we are going to bust in there lightning quick." Then dashes towards the main door/control pannel. One of the spy's finger becomes a screwdriver and he gets to work on the door's lock

Steeljaw transforms, and begins to glance around, hiding behind assorted objects. " Roger..." he says, sticking close to Jazz, while sniffing about...

Sky Lynx has arrived.

Skydive enters from the Landing Field to the east. Skydive has arrived. Skydive walks into the room, paying attention to every detail.

Jazz dashes for towards the door/control pannel and gets to work on it. One of the finger becomes a screwdriver and gets to work on the lock. "Cover me in case the automated defense go online."

Debris enters from the Landing Field to the east. Debris has arrived.

As the Autobots purge the gates of the Decepticon outpost, a sound of clacking begins to ring on the other side. Suddenly, and without any warning a swarm of Sharkticons erupts from the ground and begins to spread out, snarling viciously. Moving in a berserked pack, they rush the figures at the area....

Sky Lynx nods firmly. "Affirmatvie!" The large beings mouth opens and emits a ball of energy and flames melting and scolding some of the group. "Sky Dive attack at once."

Skydive leaps back and puts his back against the nearest wall, "I thought that their might still be something here to keep us busy. ALthough I doubt they are what took this place out." he begins firing immediately. "Jazz, we have company sir!"

Jazz spots the Sharkticons "Cover me I'm almost done! Steeljaw link up with me."

You transmit a message to Rodimus Prime: What is your status ?

Transmission from Rodimus Prime: We've encountered Sharkticons, be wary.

Jazz keeps working on the clamps...bypass the purple...Cut the grey...Splice the white with the blue...

Steeljaw quickly scurries back to Jazz. He jumps over a Sharkticon as it surfaces, " Better hurry Jazz....there's a lot of them! " he calls out. " And since when did the Decepticons keep Sharkticons as guard dogs?! "

You transmit a message to Rodimus Prime: No kidding man so have we but I think we will pull it off.

Steeljaw has left. Taken.

You manage to infiltrate through the defenses.

DHQ Charr

You enter the Decepticon base... Central Hallway

The bright lights in here, though somewhat harsh in their cold white purity, are still a welcome change from the perpetual twilight outside. The central hall leads from the entranceway and widens into a circular chamber here, where various doors and passageways branch off. The building shows the signs of hasty construction and improvised materials, made mostly of the natural black rock of this planet reinforced sparingly with steel. A pair of sliding doors set in the wall leads to a lift to the other levels.

Steeljaw has arrived. Dropped.

Steeljaw slips in after Jazz, and starts sniffing. " Hrm...." he says, checking for assorted scents...

You say, "Allright search the base for any leftovers sharkticons or traps. I'm going for the control room."

You transmit a message to Sky Lynx: We have gained entrance, hold the sharkticons off while I activate the spacebridge. We will come back to help you clean up right after Rodimus's team is off.

Steeljaw nods, his nose to the ground...

Transmission from Sky Lynx: Unecessary I shall destroy them

Jazz looks around, pulls out his photo rifle and starts checking out the rooms which could house the spacebridge controls.

Communications Center

This room serves as the eyes and ears of DHQ. The massive computer system not only monitors security within DHQ, but within the Icarus system as well through direct feeds from Charr's four sentry satellites. It also monitors communications channels, both military and civilian. All this information is constantly being updated and analyzed for evidence of intruders, especially Autobots. If any untoward activity is spotted, the computer will sound the alarm and activate DHQ's defense systems.

Contents: Extended Radio Equipment 62 Sensor Station DHQ Central Computer

Steeljaw enters from the Central Hallway to the west. Steeljaw has arrived.

Steeljaw returns. " Maybe the access panel is hidden.." he says, and starts going over the DHQ Central computer with his nose...

Jazz starts hacking the computer and accessing the spacebridge controls. "Ok now we are in business."

Steeljaw ohhhs. He's never been big on technical stuff.

Steeljaw says, "Can you activate the defenses and have them target the Sharkticons ?"

Steeljaw heads for the door, and keeps lookout. " Any progress, Jazz? " he asks, peeking his head out the door. " Even with Sky Lynx, that was a lot of Sharkticons for them to fight..."

Jazz finishes hacking the spacebridge and sets a 10 mins delay on it. "Allright, hop in we will be joining the others for the trip."

Steeljaw oohs. " I love car rides..." he says, smiling. " You always keep your radio tuned to good stations..." Steeljaw has left.

<Autobot> Jazz says, "I have set a delay on the spacebridge sufficient for my team to link up with yours Rodimus."

Jazz leaps into the air and folds down on himself and into a stylish white Porsche 935.

The tires screech as the cars revs up it's engines and guns for the exit and leaves a big 'donut' in the middle of the central hallway.

You move west to the Central Hallway...

<Autobot> Rodimus Prime says, "Understood. I'd hurry though." You step outside to the central courtyard, blinking as your optics adjust to the darkness.

Central Courtyard - DHQ

You are in a large, oval courtyard, which serves as a 'front porch' of sorts to Decepticon Headquarters. Although it appears to be deserted here, you feel as if someone is watching you. You feel compelled to move to a safer place!

Contents: Debris Sky Lynx Automated Base Defenses DHQ Charr

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Sharkticons dealt with me and Skydive are searching the base seperatelty."

Sky Lynx leaves to the Training Grounds to the north. Sky Lynx has left.

White Porsche 935 bursts out from the gate "Follow me Sky Lynx, we will be joining the others for the trip!"

You move west to the Spacebridge Outpost...

Spacebridge Outpost

A circular ring of metal, almost as tall as the building beside it, marks the perimeter of the spacebridge. The entrance gate, which once slid open and shut, has been permanently jammed open with a metal beam. The delicate spacebridge controls have been moved inside Decepticon Headquarters, and are now part of the computer center.

Contents: Ambulance <First Aid> Stratosphere Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] Red White and Blue Super Huey (Blades) General Ollin <Armored> Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> Hot Spot Rodimus Prime Special FX Spacebridge Terminus <Charr>

<Autobot> Jazz says, "Skydive, Sky Lynx join us at the spacebridge, time is precious."

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Affirmative."

Sky Lynx enters from the Central Courtyard - DHQ to the east. Sky Lynx has arrived.

Skydive enters from the Central Courtyard - DHQ to the east. Skydive has arrived. Skydive walks into the room, paying attention to every detail. Skydive enters shortly after Sky Lynx and shows no signs of battle,,good to be behnd Sky Lynx the whole time.

Rodimus Prime watches as the Protectobots fail to merge and deal with their present complication. "Everyone to the spacebridge, now! We don't have any time to waste." Waving through the controlled chaos, he points everyone in the proper direction. "Go go go! I'll hold the line here!"

A cloud of smoke forms in the horizon...The the roar of a 720hp V12 indicates the arrival of Jazz...successful from his team's mission. "Allright I set a timer on the spacebridge, we have to hurry."

Sky Lynx runs into the enormous room.

Steeljaw emits aloud, " Burn Rubber! "

The Protectobot Air Support unit sends off some more shots, this time with his Point Defense Lasers. Then the order to merge come sin and Blades groans, "No. not that. I ain't in the friggen mood to be merged with First Aid and Groove!" Blades grumbles and knows he has no choice. He begins to hover towards where Hot Spot is and then the merger fails, "Blah... Bumaft can't even merge right!"

Special FX hits the Sharkticon with his fist and then he thinks, "I've got a PLAN!"

The volkswagen starts to spin and twirl rapidly leaving behind a blurr. The area fills with the sounds of whiring and clicking and the famous transfomer noise. Soon FX stands befor you and mumbles, "Smmoookinn!!"

General Ollin <Armored> moves to the forefront of his troops, giving the signal to push forward. "Now, towards the Spacebridge!" Squad after squad begin to advance, letting no Sharkticons stray too close to their beloved leader lest the Machines be cut down in sprays of gunfire. Obviously not used to dealing with coordinated tactics, the Sharkticons prove less than effective against Ollin's troops as they near the terminus.

Stratosphere moves forward and transforms. He fires as he finishes his transformation to get there attention and moves his body to block the Sharkticons to let everyone on.

Ambulance <First Aid> frowns at Rodimus's order, and glares up at Blades, "Well I'd sure hate to make Defensor /suck/, but since you /need/ me right now..." He trails off as he jogs over towards Hot Spot. The Protectobot medic isn't not going to enjoy this, but he'll grudgingly do it.

The white ambulance folds up into the Protectobot known as First Aid.

First Aid transforms as well.

FX starts to twirl his hands around to cast a hologram to try and scare the Sharkticons. He doesn't know that the Protectobots are going to merge, so he goes to try to take them out on his own. After all they are stupid creatures and he doesn't know why he didn't think of this before!

Sky Lynx stops short as he joins the group. "I have arrived, need not fear."

Rodimus Prime fires another round of shots at the seemingly limitless horde of sharkticons. "We're out of time! All of you, go! That thing is about to go off and we need to be in it!"

Skydive runs into the room shooting at the Sharks flank and runnig towards the spacebridge.

Stratosphere flies in and transforms.

Super Valkyrie VF-1S [Jetfire] completes unleashing a salvo of quad mauser laser fire from his nosecone and into a pair of Sharkticon before promptly shifting back into his robotic mode. "As ordered, Rodimus. Have we confirmed that everyone necessary for the second phase of the operation has arrived?" The Autobot scientist inquires as he steps into the entrance way of the spacebridge, turning around only to fire his another salvo of quad mauser laser fire from his head and into a pouncing Sharkticon.

Slowing rapidly the lower jet thrusters swing down and forward firing a quick burst to halt all forward motion. Hovering for but a moment the rest of the fighter transforms until Jetfire stands before you ready for action.

Hot Spot retransforms back into Spoot and makes a run for it. He pumps his arms and legs not worrying that there is a hord of sharks right behind him and his brothers. "Common move you two, this isn't no dress rehersal!" He slips into the bridge as well thankful that he made it. FX with a clear head he starts the workings of a hologram, but is soon tackled before he can so anything and goes flying into the Space Bridge *CLANG* Getting up he frowns and shoots a laser out at the one that hit him it scurries off, "...painful. I know."

General Ollin <Armored> has left. General Ollin <Armored> enters the spacebridge. First Aid sighs and runs into the bridge. First Aid has left. First Aid enters the spacebridge. Hot Spot has left. Hot Spot enters the spacebridge.

Spacebridge Terminus <Charr>

You stand within the technological marvel that is the Decepticon main spacebridge terminus. Scientists labored upon this device for fully six million years before perfecting it... and that labor is carefully protected. Thick metal slabs of tritainium cover the delicate instrumentation and secret engineering, muffling all noise outside. The ceiling of the spacebridge is an opaque circle of obsidian, reflecting you with mirrorlike precision. The heavy metal doors of the spacebridge seal shut while the rift is open.

< Current Destination: Main Spacebridge Terminus--------------

Contents: Hot Spot First Aid General Ollin <Armored> FX has arrived. FX runs into the room sounding like The Six Million Dollar Man. Stratosphere has arrived. The White Porsche unfolds, arms and legs are becoming visible. The body seems to cartwheel in mid-air, the robot form of Jazz stylishly lands and is ready for action.

Sky Lynx has arrived. Steeljaw enters the spacebridge. Steeljaw has arrived. Dropped. Red White and Blue Super Huey (Blades) has arrived.

The Protectobot Flier transforms into the Robot known as Blades. Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> has arrived. Jetfire has arrived. Jetfire strides in, his optic band studying everything intently. Jazz drives into the spacebridge and drops steeljaw "So far so good...Now for the big step..." Skydive has arrived. Skydive walks into the room, paying attention to every detail.

Steeljaw can't help but comment after transforming, " Just like you remember it, huh Ollin? " he asks, motioning to the active spacebridge. The same technology that brought the Alt-U humans here in the first place. Steeljaw's body suddenly begins to shrink, fold and compact, becoming a small cassette tape. The cassette begins to suddenly expand and unfold to form the imposing Autobot Tape, Steeljaw!

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter ducks into the space bridge then lands with a lound and ungraceful clang on the ground again. Sky Lynx clanks back in and blinks. "I beleive we are all aboard. Jazz if you will. "

Jazz pulls out his photon rifle and makes sure it is fully charged. "A few seconds more..." checks his chrono

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter says, "Wait...we're all going? I thought some of us were staying on Charr."

Jetfire steps in after Lassiter, where the Autobot scientist instinctively crouches down with his hands extended out to Lassiter's as he offers to help the terran up to her feet.

Sky Lynx has left.

WIth a whirl a slight breeze picks up here in the terminal. Soon lights begin to flash and rotate around you as you feel a sense of weightlessness begin. The wind starts to pick up faster and faster. Your body starts to tingle with sensation as your very being starts to feel like it's being pulled apart. The Space Bridge has activated and you feel yourself being pulled from one side of the galaxy to the next in a matter of seconds. It's the best rush you have ever had. Soon you will be at your next destination.

General Ollin <Armored> turns to smile oh so politely to Steeljaw, but no matter since it is hidden beneath his helmet. "Afraid I came through a dimensional anomoly, it was only generated by a bridge such as this. And I was in my transport at the time. But thanks for trying to reminisce."

Spacebridge Terminus <Earth>

You stand within the technological marvel that is the Decepticon main spacebridge terminus. Scientists labored upon this device for fully six million years before perfecting it... and that labor is carefully protected. Thick metal slabs of tritainium cover the delicate instrumentation and secret engineering, muffling all noise outside. The ceiling of the spacebridge is an opaque circle of obsidian, reflecting you with mirrorlike precision. The heavy metal doors of the spacebridge seal shut while the rift is open.

< Current Destination: Main Spacebridge Terminus--------------

Contents: Sky Lynx Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> First Aid Hot Spot Blades Stratosphere FX Jetfire

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter blinks as the spacebridge activates...that's even weirder than the Star Trek shows hinted at.

First Aid almost doubles over from the rush. Shaking the cobwebs out of his head he sighs, "Oy... that was not very pleasant at all. Ugh, wish I didn't have to do that again." He glances towards Blades and quickly adds, "Not that a hardened mech like me minds a little ride... heh..." He stands back up and twiddles nervously with his pistol, "We're /inside/ Trypticon... wow."

Jazz shakes off the effects of the spacebridge and gets ready for action as the door opens he slowly steps out watching for anything suspicious.

Trypticon Command Center

Once you enter this gigantic room, the first thing you see is the computer on the north wall. The main computer is Trypticon himself, regularly checking the perimeter defenses of the city. The viewer currently shows an exterior shot of the outside of the city. Several other monitors show various other views, still more display computer graphics to do with Trypticon's status, giving the viewer the current situation around the Earth at a split second's notice. Along the other walls are computer terminals that can be used to pull data from the main computer core. On the south wall is a large purple Decepticon symbol.

Contents: Steeljaw General Ollin <Armored> Skydive NEW SIGN Decepticon Object <DO> Sensor Station Trypticon Base Computer Spacebridge Terminus <Earth>

FX emerges from the spacebridge terminus. FX has arrived. FX runs into the room sounding like The Six Million Dollar Man.

NEW SIGN A massive sign hanging across the command center that reads 'I WON HIDE AND SEEK' in huge letters formed with crayons.

FX looks at everyone, "The monkey's the only cookie animal that gets to wear clothes, you know that? You have the sweetest smile I've ever seen. So I'm wondering, do the other cookie animals feel sorta ripped? Like, is the hippo going, 'Hey, where are my pants? I have my hippo dignity.' And, you know, the monkey's just (French accent) 'I mock you with my monkey pants.' And then there's a big coup at the zoo."

Sky Lynx emerges from the spacebridge terminus. Sky Lynx has arrived.

Jetfire emerges from the spacebridge terminus. Jetfire has arrived. Jetfire strides in, his optic band studying everything intently.

Steeljaw stares at FX.

Sky Lynx can't help but look shocked as he exits into the Command Center. "Ok Jazz. You know what to do."

Jazz steps out of the spacebridge wih this photon rifle in hand scanning the room for anything suspicious.

Stratosphere emerges from the spacebridge terminus.

Stratosphere has arrived.

Stratosphere walks out a little disoriented. "Whoa..." he says as he stands there and rubs his head "How the Cons adjust to that I may never know."

Hot Spot emerges from the spacebridge terminus. Hot Spot has arrived.

First Aid emerges from the spacebridge terminus. First Aid has arrived.

Jazz looks around "Well let yourself loose. Trash as much stuff as you can but stay on your guards."

Blades emerges from the spacebridge terminus. Blades has arrived.

Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> emerges from the spacebridge terminus. Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> has arrived. First Aid looks at Rodimus, "So shall we start tearing stuff up, I guess?" he asks timidly, hoping that destroying Trypticon will be all that they're forced to do. Course, the Cons don't even know that they're even here.

Steeljaw stays near the main entrance, and plops down, keeping 'guard'. " Hmmm. Could someone start downloadin-" he stops. His nose twitches. " Oh SLAG! " the cat jumps up. " EVERYBODY, TAKE COVER /NOW/! "

First Aid looked at Lynx, then :-)

Stratosphere nods and looks "to bad we don't have any explosives." he says to everyone as he takes his Disruptor Gunpod and points it at a console and blinks as he hears Steeljaw and looks "What is it???"

Jazz looks at SJ "What is it ?" moves for cover and scans for any danger.

Stratosphere heads for cover also. First Aid's optics go wide and he stares at SJ. Not one to stand around and ask stupid questions like 'what is it', First Aid does the /smart/ thing and takes cover!

Hot Spot nods to Jazz and needs no coaxing from anyone else. "Ok Protectobots. Merge to form....Defensor!" Jumping into the air his arms and legs retract as his body begins growing and expanding.

FX smiles and he looks about, "Well, clearly the Hellmouth's answer to 'what do you get the Slayer who has everything?" FX pops out his wrist lasers and he looks at Steeljaw, "Wha?" QUickly he turns invisible for protection!

First Aid gets /out/ of cover. Def is even /better/ cover than anything else in here.

FX casts out his hands and disappears in a "BAMF!" followed by a smoke cloud. FX dissolves into nothingness.

Skydive is at the neasrest terminal grabbing info about the seekers and sweeps and just a sstartled as the other he grabs some cover near the terminal.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter follows Stratosphere immediately, she feels like she's in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sky Lynx blinks, "Destroy what you can!" The giant kitty bird take one large swish of his tail onto the main computer.

The Entrence poses are getting tedius now. Let's just say Blades get in here still holding his sword and Photon Pistol. Gah now the merge order. Blades grumbles and looks towards Must I merge with him?" Blades points his sword to First Aid, "Blah whatever." Blades begins the sequence.

Trypticon booms down the corridor, "Respond Decepticons! Intruders inside the COOOOOMMMAND CENTER!!!"

Someone dives behind a terminal and he reappears, because that was just foolish of him to turn invisible. FX fades into view!

Stratosphere looks and points at a speaker "Well, looks like we are now found out." he says as he points his weapon towards the door. "This reminds me of a movie." he says as he points at the door and listens.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter puts one of the computer terminals between herself at the doorway, taking this brief chance to tear through the side of the terminal with one of the exo's armored hands, then reaching in to rip and crush whatever might be inside.

Steeljaw begins trying to get distance between himself and the stairs down to the main hallway....

Jetfire gently advancing out of the spacebridge terminus behind the three advancing Transformers. An optical ridge is raised on Jetfire's face as he redirected his attention at Steeljaw in intrigue, his own sensors unable to detect whatever danger Steeljaw is aware. However, the booming voice of Trypticon jumps the Autobot scientist into full alert of which he reacts by finally drawing out his GU-11 gun pod. Directing the barrel of his gun pod to his right, Jetfire opens fire onto a nearby communications terminal while turning his head to the left and unleashing his head turreted quad mauser laser cannons into the main computer as he assists Sky Lynx in their thorough attempts to disable the machinary.

FX rams his hand into a monitor or two and shoots off a laser blast as he does from his wrist lasers. "You lump of desiccated panda sh**!" FX takes pride in what he's doing as he breaks a few objects and laughs like a little school girl.

Jazz looks at FX and points at the door...The autobot's Jazz Bond obviously has something in mind.

Skydive sighs as the machinery is blasted, so much information.

Galvatron enters from the Main Hallway below. Galvatron has arrived. Galvatron stalks into the room. Shockwave enters from the Main Hallway below. Shockwave has arrived. Rumble enters from the Main Hallway below. Rumble has arrived. Lots of Autobots. All destroying Machinery. Starfighter{Sixshot} has arrived. Dirge enters from the Main Hallway below. Dirge has arrived.

Lots of Autobots. All destroying Machinery.

Slash, a huge tail crushes another terminal. It is of course the big kitty birds own.

Stratosphere fires point plank at some scanners and other stuff near him and makes them look liek Swiss cheese. "Remodeling crew." he says to everyone as he points towards the door and waits. He holds his position and will fire when the cons arrive.

General Ollin <Armored> sighs wistfully within his armor as already his command center has begun to suffer at the hands of the Cybertronians. So much will need to be rebuilt once his prize is back in Mexico. None the less, elimination of the threat is more important. Barking a quick order to his troops, the Militants go about their work among the Autobots plastering shaped charges to key points.

Ever have those days you wanted to rip someone's throat out? Sixshot reserves this form for those days. You see him change into before you what equates to be the angel of death in the form of a wolf. Don't run. He'll just hunt you down and make your death all the more embarrassing.

Steeljaw is getting back and readying to hold the line. He growls, and begins to charge his pellet guns....

FX turns around and he drops a bunch of circutry onto the ground. He squeels and puts his hands up to his face and yells, "Decepticons!!!!"

And what is the scene that befalls upon the evil Decepticons of doom? Why none other than a massive Autobot task force tearing into Trypticon from the inside out. Walls start crashing down, gunshots are fired, missiles are launched, and debris is flying everywhere causing a massive chaotic mess. A fire has broken out in the Command Centre, ripping its way into the computerized system. The Autobots are having their way with the vulnerable Trypticon. Can't let that happen, now can we?

Death Wolf{Sixshot} ponders what mode is best for this situation...

Sixshot transmits a message via radio.

Shockwave receives a radio transmission.

OK, forget all this merge busness. They never merged as it would be silly to merge, then demerge after Blades left. Hot Spot however, is holding the line. His axe is out, humming with a golden energy as he casualy spins it ready to lop some con heads off. Through gritted teeth he says, "Come get some...."

Dirge strides into the room and stops, absolutely stunned by the sight of so many unwanted guests. Eventually recovering, he raises both arms at the Autobots, then looks to the other Cons for their reaction.

The sliding doors whish open and the shadowy GALVATRON enters the command center, thinking but a single individual is milling about the command center causing him a headache and an alert from Trypticon only moments earlier. "WHAT?! What's this?!" he exclaims, his red eyes tightening and flashing at the realization of all the Autobot activity here. "Autobots!!!? Here?" he exclaims again, then immediately raises his cannon, as if on instinct. Grinding his teeth, Galvatron takes in this most foul turn of events, "You...will...all...die..." he says, his eyes darting from each Autobot to another as they rip into Trypticon's systems. "Decepticons..." he barely utters through his anger, "ATTACK NOW!" is all he can muster, rather loudly.

FX crosses his arms and with a confident grin he bellows, "We're right at the sharp edge of the fight against crime. And, if you want law and order, I've only got one thing to say: if you want us to sap 'em, give us more tanks!" FX transforms into his more powerful form to prepare for battle.

Standing there looking grim he weighs the situation around him. In a moment he calls out, "GUYVER-VER-VER!" From FX's back the pieces of armor fly about FX soon attaching to his body one by one. After the pieces are all snapped into place FX smiles while standing there making a "V" with his fingers for the sign of Victory.

Shockwave regards the mess with his usual dispassionate air... noting the presence of Terrans as well as Autobots. "Excellent. More material for the experiments." Brr. He brings up his gun arm, marching into the fray right next to Galvatron.

Stratosphere points and fires on someone randomly....anyone open for the first shot???

Rumble roars in behind Galvatron, "Oh you don't even need to give us the word, Galvatron m'man! LETS TAKE 'EM OUT!!" He starts firing randomly into the fray, but as soon as he becoms aware of Steeljaw's presence, he grins wildly, "Oh boy this is going to be fun. HEY, AUTOSCUM!" he waggles his gun mockingly.

Death Wolf{Sixshot} decides it is best to take the mode that can take a lot of damage, because there will be a lot inflicted on this battle field. So he changes into something that can "Eat it up". He blurs into the intimidating figure of his robot self.

The figure of Sixshot blurs briefly before your eyes. Not one to waste time between his forms, he rapidly assumes the shape of a robot. His second, nearly as swift action, is to put his hand on his Plasma Cannon warily. He is not one to be caught with his guard down.

Stratosphere points and fires on someone randomly..... The Battle for Trypticon has begun in the most unlikely of places. :) Stratosphere strikes Dirge with Cyclone Gunpod (Large).

Steeljaw spots Rumble, and charges. The mighty roar of the lion escapes his open mouth as he does so, almost inspiring his allies.....and instilling dread within the enemy. The claws come out, the gloves come off. A few loping strides are all it takes for him to reach Rumble and attempt to sink his teeth into the tasty little Decepticon....

Steeljaw strikes Rumble with I'm Gonna Make You My Chew-Toy!.

Hot Spot charges forward not caring for tactics or shooting right now. He comes full tilt towards Sixshot, the one who was playing 'human bombs' last time they met. "I'm gonna pay you back for each human you killed, you beast!" He screams as he raises his energy axe and comes down in a chopping motion towards the wolf.

Jazz hides behind a terminal staying out of sight as the cons enter the command center and the shootout begins then while everybody is trying to make sense of the situation the spy makes a run for the door. Jazz begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from Hot Spot, Sixshot, Shockwave, Galvatron, Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger>, Jetfire, Sky Lynx, Special FX, General Ollin <Armored>.

Hot Spot strikes Sixshot with Big Axe O' Doom.

Sky Lynx takes a few steps back as his armor glistens and his mouth sparkles. His lone optic ban catches the faintly doen lavender prissy paintjob of Shockwave. "I hope that cannon on your arm is good for more then one thing becuase it certainly is not a useful weapon!" With that the enormous beast throws his tail at one Shockwave.

Sky Lynx misses Shockwave with its Slash of Death attack.

General Ollin <Armored> doesn't bother to interfere in the Autobot/Decepticon dance of destruction. No, his troops are on a mission and they will see it out while the Machines occupy themselves. Communications are kept sparse between the various Militants, all have been well versed on their duty before leaving Mexico.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter looks up at the arriving Decepticons, and uh ohs faintly. She tries to keep the exosuit hidden from view, glancing at the Militant troops and trying to figure out what they're doing.

Skydive moves from behind his cover and notices that the odds are definitely in his sides favor....he takes time to beat up on more equipment. (no attack)

The dreaded boom of Galvatron's voice fails to go unnoticed by Jetfire as he assists Sky Lynx with thorougly demolishing the main computers with the aid of his head turreted quad mauser laser cannons. Taking the opportunity that his other comrades had provided with their pre-emptive strike, the Autobot scientist offers the mauser laser cannons the opportunity to recharge while he sets his weapon down reloads a new ammunitions clip into his gun pod. "Hit them fast and hit them hard, comrades, but never forget our ultimate goal of assuring Trypticon is no longer a threat!"

Dirge is taken by surprise by Stratosphere's attack, and staggers backwards slightly as the shot rockets into his chest. He snarls in anger, then raises an arm at the Autobot. "Autobot, meet your doom," he snarled darkly. A burst of intense energy bursts forth from the barrel of his gun.

Special FX makes a charge for the door with his new and larger form, "We get a crime of some kind every thirty-six seconds within the precincts of the city we patrol. My main job as Tank Police commander is to make sure it won't rise to one every thirty-five seconds." Special FX tries to make a get away from the big battle. FX begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Shockwave, Galvatron, Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger>, Jetfire, Sky Lynx, Jazz, General Ollin <Armored>.

Laserbeak enters from the Main Hallway below. Laserbeak has arrived.

Rumble grits his metal teeth as Steeljaw gets in a good chomp into his leg, "Down, boy! Geez, Blaster too stoopid to teach you any manners, you dolt?!" He rips his leg out of Steeljaw's mouth, but a fair bit of the leg stays. Circuitry now exposed, Rumble frowns in annoyance and winces from the pain, "Stoopid Blaster spawn." he takes aim and fires off three shots in a row. "Slaggin' piece of slag!" Yeah, well said.

Laserbeak rises from the depths of Trypticon, having actually been with the Decepticons the whole time. As he arrives, he imediately TF's and hides, as he's not insane enough to get involved in combat. (OOC: Translation, I wanna finish logging this RP, but I just cracked my knee wide open, so I'm afk)

Rumble is able to somehow strike the golden lion. Oh, they're gonna be sorry they did that.

Sixshot growls at the vicious hack from the protectobot. He looks at hot spot and clenches his fist and states angrily, "You will regret that, autobastard. I'll see you to your scrapyard!!!" With that, the large bot casually walks up and attempts to break the autobot in half with a vicious downwards chop of the said clenched fists.

Laserbeak collapses inward on himself diminishing in size to become a cassette tape.

Sixshot strikes Hot Spot with Double axehandle.

Shockwave does an amazing backflip away from the flashing tail... the heavy blade whistling past as he lands on his feet smoothly. Rapidly, he transforms to cannon mode, knowing full well not much else will damage the monstrous dinobird. He doesn't speak, though -- pointless, as he revs up and unleashes an burst of electromagnetic energy at the hulking form. Shockwave leaps up and transforms into his imposing space-cannon mode.

Flying Cannon <Shockwave> strikes Sky Lynx with his Electromagnetic Pulse attack.

Galvatron dodges to the left, barely avoiding the oncoming FX bus and then moves forward, quickly, toward Jetfire and the computer. "YOU! Get away from that! Get away!" he says, making motions with his hand, as if expecting my his mere suggestion, the Autobot would do as he says. "You're going to pay for that!" he says, aiming his cannon at Jetfire.

Galvatron misses Jetfire with his Quick Blast attack.

Special FX looks at Jazz and he smirks as he heads for the door with him, "Tank Police, charge! We got a reputation for delivering piss cheaply, safely, and on time."

Dirge manages to strike Stratosphere with a devestating its Halberd attack.

Hot Spot takes the shot with pride for it only bent in his shoulder armor slightly causing him to wince and droop that shoulder a bit. However he quickly recovers and says, "I don't think so and this is for the second human you killed!" He brings his fists back to one side clutching them in a fist and swings them around and up towards the cons Jaw. The air is cracked by the force of the blow as 'You've got the touch' begins to play as a good background music.

Steeljaw pulls back, " Tastes like turbo-chicken..." he says, licking his mouth. Thats when the trio of blasts sear into his 'mane' area, leaving smoking holes in his armor. " Yes. Blaster also taught me that Soundwave's spawn should be dealt with one way and one way only-Being reduced to scrap. " The kitty charges agian, and leaps upon his hind legs. A paw swats out at the Decepticon Cassette's head, one might notice just how wide it truly is.... Steeljaw strikes Rumble with Foot of the Beast King!.

Hot Spot misses Sixshot with its Axehandle of virtue attack.

Imagine a creature so large avoiding any attack especially one from such a precise Con as Shockwave. With no hidden aspects of asperaction... Obviously. Sky Lynx takes the hit and collapses onto another main computer terminal. That shot may be more damage then it was worth to Shockwave. Sky Lynx just reamins there fizzeling slightly.

You move downward to the Main Hallway... Trypticon Main Hallway

This large, high-ceilinged, circular room with plain metal floors has the Decepticon symbol painted on the floor in the center. Ornate metallic pillars with the Decepticon banners hanging from them are basically the only decoration in the room. Several rooms branch out from this hallway. The MedBay is off to the east. To the west is the Meeting Hall. Directly to the north is the Spaceport Landing.

Contents: Ravage

Special FX enters from the Command Center above. Special FX has arrived. Special FX strides into the room with a smile upon his face.

FX stops following you.

Special FX runs in with Jazz, "Alright Jazz, what the plan.." Special FX skids to a halt and points out Ravage, "Bad kitty shoo!"

Jazz leaps into the air and folds down on himself and into a stylish white Porsche 935.

Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> enters from the Command Center above. Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> has arrived.

Tires screech as the car charges the kitty, the headlights blind it momentarily and the poor kitty cat is knocked into the wall and rammed by the car into uncounsiousness. (repose for Andi)

The White Porsche unfolds, arms and legs are becoming visible. The body seems to cartwheel in mid-air, the robot form of Jazz stylishly lands and is ready for action.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter's exo-suit roars down from the chaos above, and again lands with an ungraceful, teeth-jarring clang as its feet hit the floor.

Special FX runs after Jazz and he takes a few pot shots at Trypticon's interior, "A blast here, a slash there.. ahh perfect. Martha Steward.. if you could see me now!"

Jazz looks at FX and their new follower "Glad you could join us Doc. What you will see you need to keep to yourself." Then heads for the access shaft.

Transmission from Countdown: Jazz, this is Autobot Countdown, preparing to launch solo attack unit, aka myself, soon. I'll go in to cover you guys, so we won't SNAFU? Roger?

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter runs after Jazz. "When haven't I kept things to myself?"

You transmit a message to Countdown: Wilco Trypticon is alerted to our presense approach with extreme precaution.

You move downward to the Access Tunnel... Trypticon Access Corridor

A plain hallway. Not much to see here. A arrow pointing to the west tells you that that the Security Level is that way. Another arrow also points to the east which tells you the Troop Quarters and Training Room is in that direction. The stairway up leads to the Main Hallway of the base. On occasion you might hear things coming from either room. It's pretty quiet down here.

Special FX enters from the Main Hallway above. Special FX has arrived. Special FX strides into the room with a smile upon his face.

Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> enters from the Main Hallway above. Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> has arrived.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter's exosuit stumbles down stairs not sized for it. She looks around, and feels a chill run down her spine. She's been here before.

Jazz walks into a small room after punching in the right code...How did he know the code ? Then heads towards a particular access hatch "You guys cover me and make sure we are not followed. I'll be damned if Ollin makes Trypticon his new siege tank." One of the autobot's finger retracts then reveals a screwdriver and starts to open a pannel which reads 'DO NOT OPEN'

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter says, "You're not? Thank the gods. His troops are up there ignoring the fighting, doing things that seemed really odd to me."

Special FX helps Andi with a grin, "Careful there." He looks around and has been here before as well. He had to rescue Moonracer several years ago, "Alright, Jazz!" Special FX looks about for anybody and everybody.

Transmission from Countdown: Don't count me out, don't count me in, but start the countdown!

Jazz reaches into subspace and drops...

You very gently put Pentaglycerine tubes down. A small black box filled with tubes of pentaglycerine linked to a timing device.

Special FX crosses his arms and he looks about with a sigh, "So shines a good deed in a weary world."

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter says, " that what I think it is?"

You complete arming the dangerous explosive. Time to detonation is now 20 minutes.

Special FX says, "That is correct, Andi. Let's move it."

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter says, "...I'm ready."

Jazz works on the bomb and placing it inside the pannel then closes the pannel over the bomb.

Special FX heads for the stairs allowing Ansi to go first.

You conceal the bomb. Pentaglycerine tubes grows ears and can now hear.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter though irrationally wishes she had a smiley face sticker to put on that bomb.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter turns and uses the jump jets to get back up the stairs. No scrambling.

Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> heads upward to the Main Hallway above. Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> has left.

Special FX quotes, "The suspense is terrible . . . I hope it'll last."

Special FX heads upward to the Main Hallway above. Special FX has left.

You move upward to the Main Hallway...

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter arrives from the stairs using jumpjets instead of the stairs themselves. "Which way now?"

Special FX heads on up from below and he looks about. "Now what? To the ocean, or back to the Space Bridge? What she said!"

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter says, "I can hit the ocean, I think this thing's seaworthy."

<Autobot> Countdown says, "This is Countdown... Roger on the orders. Units are ready to engage. Whatever we are going to engage."

Special FX quotes, "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to sail her by."

Transmission from Countdown: Sir, one quick question, where is Tryppy hiding you guys? DepthCharge and I are... lost.

You transmit a message to Countdown: I don't have a clue we came through the spacebridge. We just know we are on earth. (Tryppy is floating above the ocean you can see him on satellite imagery from AC.)

Jazz looks at the way which leads to the command center "Our buddies might need help evacuating the wounded. Let's get in there and show those deceptibums whose da best!"

Special FX quotes, "o/~ Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing? Not a speck of light is showing, So the danger must be growing. Are the fires of Hell a-glowing? Is the grisly reaper mowing? Yes, the danger must be growing, For the rowers keep on rowing, And they're certainly not showing, Any signs that they are slowing!"

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter nods, the says aloud, "Okay,Jazz..which way is the water exit, just in case?

Jazz points south "That way doc"

You move upward to the Command Center...

Trypticon Command Center

Once you enter this gigantic room, the first thing you see is the computer on the north wall. The main computer is Trypticon himself, regularly checking the perimeter defenses of the city. The viewer currently shows an exterior shot of the outside of the city. Several other monitors show various other views, still more display computer graphics to do with Trypticon's status, giving the viewer the current situation around the Earth at a split second's notice. Along the other walls are computer terminals that can be used to pull data from the main computer core. On the south wall is a large purple Decepticon symbol.

Contents: OOC_Laserbeak_logging Hot Spot Dirge Death Wolf{Sixshot} Rumble Flying Cannon <Shockwave> Galvatron Stratosphere Jetfire Sky Lynx Steeljaw General Ollin <Armored> Skydive NEW SIGN Decepticon Object <DO> Sensor Station Trypticon Base Computer Spacebridge Terminus <Earth>

Flying Cannon <Shockwave> is smacked right across a holotable, smashing the emitter even as he transforms to robot mode. Shaking off the impact, he intones, "Additional assistance would be appreciated," to nobody in particular. He pops up, letting fly with a burst of gamma rays as he waits for his reactor to recharge.

Shockwave rapidly transforms from space-cannon to robot mode. Shockwave strikes Sky Lynx with Gamma-Ray Beam.

Jazz silently appears in the doorway and observes what is going on and who's in need of evac or rescuing.

Hot Spot holds the snapping jaw at bay, drool lubracint splattering across his face from Sixshot, "Ugh...get out of my face!" Grasping tightly on Sixshot's head, he rolls back hard, kicking out with his foot into Sixshot's gut thus bringing the wolf along for the ride.

Steeljaw is barely effected, though a slight dent is made. The feline smiles wickedly, " Rumble, if there is one thing Blaster teaches all his tapes..." he says, lunging, swiping out wide with his razor sharp claws. " Is to /NEVER/ say Die! "

He then quietly adds, " But he may of just watched too many James Bond movies with us...."

Skydive glances as Strats slams into the wall next to him, turning to see Dirge approaching his position he takes a position over Stratosphere and gives a warning, "I would advise you to advnace no further Dirge."

General Ollin <Armored>'s troops finish up with their tasks, meeting back up with the General near the spacebridge. Several charges already plastered over the base of the teleportation device, Ollin signals for the doorway even as he arms the explosives. Before joining his troops in their sprint towards the doorway, he takes time out to tell the Autobots, not in the loudest voice he can muster, "You have one minute to get your asses out of here." Hmm, probably should have yelled that louder. Ah well. Too late now.

Chikome-Ollin begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Death Wolf{Sixshot}, Shockwave, Galvatron, Sky Lynx.

Steeljaw strikes Rumble with Scratching Post Maneuver.

Hot Spot strikes Death Wolf{Sixshot} with Hyper Toe Touch.

Sky Lynx can't help but cough as the leveling beam of energy crashes into his thick armor. "Now this is personal blinky." The large beast roars as his mouth opens wide emitting a beam of pure energy speeds out of the cavernous hole which is Sky Lynx's mouth.

Sky Lynx strikes Shockwave with Energy Cannon.

Jazz checks his chrono

Dirge smirks in satisfaction as Stratosphere goes down cold onto the floor. He briefly glances at his shoulder - his internal repair mechanisms have repaired most of the leaks, and his shoulder has stopped leaking fluid. He hears a voice address him and tilts his head upwards towards the aural direction. He narrows his optics. "Really, Autobot. Then don't hesitate to convince me."

Jazz observes the scene rifle in one hand a surprise in the other.

The satisfaction of rendering both the main and secondary computers inoperable is soon short lived for Jetfire as he has discovered to his alarm that Galvatron has decided to take his frustrations up close and personal. The Autobot scientist spins around to face Galvatron, hopelessly squeezing the trigger on his expended GU-11 gun pod that is pointed at the advancing Decepticon leader. His attempts to use the quad mauser laser cannons on his head fails as well as it automatically disables itself in order to prevent itself from backfiring as Galvatron brings his hand into Jetfire's face. "Oh dear..." is muttered by Jetfire as his face is grabbed by the Decepticon leader, robbing him of his sight, and violently thrown into the ground, causing the Air Guardian to cough out in pain several times. Spinning back onto his face, albit rather dazed at this point, Jetfire quickly picks up his dropped weapon and scrambles back in retreat.

Jetfire begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from Jazz, Death Wolf{Sixshot}, Shockwave, Galvatron, Sky Lynx, General Ollin <Armored>.

Skydive levels his gun at Dirge, "Again I warn you, you have won this battle find your quarrel else where" (no attack)

Rumble's chest is ripped open by Steeljaw's claws, and the Cassetticon staggers back. No, he doesn't hear Ollin's suggestion, not that he'd believe or follow them anyway. The punkass falls to his kneels, bleeding considerably as he's close to defeat. As one final attempt at victory, he reaches for his back and draws both laser pistols, firing with them both wildly. "Then it's about time someone TAUGHT you how to die!" he screams. Rumble is able to somehow strike the golden lion. Oh, they're gonna be sorry they did that.

Death Wolf{Sixshot} growls and transforms back to his robot form, "Alright. I'm officially upset." Sixshot raises his plasma pistol at the face of Hot Spot and attempts to blow his head off the resting spot of his neck. His visage as feral as it was in wolf form. His eyes gleaming in the sheer rage that he's actually being injured by a fire truck.

he figure of Sixshot blurs briefly before your eyes. Not one to waste time between his forms, he rapidly assumes the shape of a robot. His second, nearly as swift action, is to put his hand on his Plasma Cannon warily. He is not one to be caught with his guard down. Sixshot strikes Hot Spot with Hypersonic Concussion Rifles.

Shockwave gets nailed, but doesn't fall... though his frame is smoking and scarred from the energy discharge, he still stands. "Autobot, your antics fail to enthrall me." With that, he transforms, and unloads on Sky Lynx in return, quantum chamber thrumming madly as he revs it recklessly, spitting hellfire back at his foe. Shockwave leaps up and transforms into his imposing space-cannon mode. Flying Cannon <Shockwave> strikes Sky Lynx with Quantum Beam <Normal Output>.

Galvatron grinds his teeth further, even as Jetfire scrambles away, having been only now stopped at putting massive damage to most of the decepticon terminals. "Come...back here!" he shouts to Jetfire, as he throws aside a fallen, metal chair in order to pursue him, "Face me!" he shouts again. He brings up his cannon and fires wildly after Jetfire.

Transmission from FX: I know that you are the mission leader..but.. the bomb just went....*BBOOOOMMM* Fuzzz.....

Galvatron misses Jetfire with his Quick Blast attack.

Dirge makes a derisive sound from the back of his vocalizers at the Autobot. "My quarrel won't end until all of you have left," he informs Skydive darkly. However, Dirge steps away from the Autobot. Internally he was glad that he may not have to do *too* much fighting today. He steps towards the side of the room, his back against the wall, carefully watching the proceedings.

An explosion rocks Trypticon...The explosion seems to have come from the lower level near the engineering (TF cog section)

Steeljaw is struck. The sonics ravage his armor once more, though he is ready for the onslaught, and is able to brace himself for the damage, lessening it in comparison to that of the Pile-Driver attack. His mind registers suddenly what Ollin had yelled, his sharp ears pulling out of the other noises of battle. His nose leads his eyes about the command center. .oO(Uh-oh...) he thinks. .oO(I have to drop Rumble fast...but how....unless? Could it work? Maybe...)Oo. The Lion charges, " Sorry Rumble, thats one trick this cat can't be taught! " He throws himself upon the Decepticon, battering his paws, clas, teeth, head, anything he can, remembering what Sky Lynx taught him. The cat puts his all into his 'Improvised Evisceration'....

Hot Spot gets nailed hard by the blasts of plasma, dispite his flame reisitant materials coating his armor, which gets cooked off in seconds. Hot Spot growls in frustration, his body slightly scored and twisted in places from the head. "Alright...I didn't want to do this..." He transforms and kicks it into third gear, roaring towards Sixshot. Black wheels turn under the damaged and debre strewn commandcenter foor as the image of Sixshot can be seen in the grill seconds before....

The massive string of shaped charges does not detonate in unison. No, that wouldn't be very much fun. Instead, it is more reminiscent of the game Lemmings. Just a half second apart, the chain starts at the spacebridge and works its way around the command center, charges set in a odd/even pattern. With one set the explosion is channeled inward, but the following is designed to spray outward. Around and around they go, sowing destruction and fiery goodness throughout Trypticon's command center. As if on cue, the Autobot saboteurs' handiwork is felt as well. Deep within the bowels of the city-beast shudders can be felt, passing along its hull to even shake the footings of the command center. Once the explosions have subsided, the behemoth can be felt listing to one side.

Hot Spot falls back and reforms into a firetruck.

<Autobot> Steeljaw says, "The place is rigged to blow, Ollin betrayed us! RUN FOR IT!"

Flaming blue fire truck misses Sixshot with its Protecto High Impact Ram O' Justice! attack.

Steeljaw strikes Rumble with ram.

General Ollin <Armored> heads downward to the Main Hallway below. General Ollin <Armored> has left.

Autobot Submarine <Typhoon> has arrived in sensor range of Trypticon <T>.

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "You watch your mouth Steeljaw. We don't know that quite yet..."

Jazz goes back down the hatch "Our ticket out of here has arrived! EVAC! EVAC!"

<Autobot> Steeljaw says, "Uhm. There are charges set all over the command center. I can smell them. Take a look for yourself."

<Autobot> Steeljaw says, "And they reek of Militant."

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Fool, if your intelligence was even close to mine you may see the truth."

Sky Lynx may want to turn Shockwave into his personal scratching post but as Ultra Magnus would say he can't deal with that now. Instead he turns around twoards where Jazz and the rest of them left and follows switftly.

Sky Lynx begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from Flying Cannon <Shockwave>.

Skydive drops down to begin minimal first aid on Strats but keeping an optic on Dirge.

Jazz begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from Flaming blue fire truck, Sixshot, Flying Cannon <Shockwave>, Galvatron, Jetfire, Sky Lynx.

Transmission from Countdown: This is Countdown and DepthCharge. We have the Typhoon under you. Want me to go in and cover a retreat or aid in any manner? We need orders, and we need them now! Good luck, sir!

You transmit a message to Countdown: The place is rigged to explode we are evacuating! Standby to recover everyone!

Countdown has arrived in sensor range of Trypticon <T>.

Rumble is still on his kneels from the previous butt-kicking that Steeljaw gave him. The robot grunts in pain, even before the Cassibot rushes him. "Oh slag." he mutters just before getting run over. Mashed and trashed, Rumble is crushed all over the ground. As the explosion rocks the area, Rumble climbs unsteadily to his feet and hisses, "Looks like this place is about to blow sky high. Looks like you're going to be stuck here when Trypticon dies!" Arms transforming into piledrivers, at close range he tries and shakes things up, just hoping to knock Steeljaw off balance and stun him for a short bit. Not hurt him per se. The explosion should do that well enough.

Sixshot sees that Spoot has been gracious enough to clear him a path, and as Spoot is probably stopped by some wall, Sixers transforms into his tank mode and decides to attempt to ram the poor bot the REST of the way into that same wall. He has one desire. This bot will stay here.. and it will die. They must pay for their treachery. Ramming spikes come foreward out of hidden holes in the exterior armor of the tank as he attempts to pierce the fire truck in the back.. hopefully getting tires in the process and maybe, if lucky, pinning it within the collateral damage.

Rumble strikes Steeljaw with his Pile Drivers - Shake 'em up! attack.

Evil has yet another form. Sixshot shows his versatility by assuming a ramming tank mode. The front of the cybertroian designed tank is hardened to take impacts from high speeds. It's so heavy it can crush just about anything in its path. And to top it all off, the laser cannon on the top of it looks menacing. Advanced Assault Tank{Sixshot} strikes Flaming blue fire truck with I don't brake for Autobots.

Flying Cannon <Shockwave> transforms back as the explosions begin to sound through the base. Snapping off a quick shot at Sky Lynx in passing, he looks to Galvatron. "Our situation appears increasingly untenable, milord." And Shockwave receives the Understatement of the Year award... Shockwave rapidly transforms from space-cannon to robot mode.

Shockwave strikes Sky Lynx with Microwave Beam.

Advanced Assault Tank{Sixshot} says, ""One good ram deserves another.""

DepthCharge has arrived in sensor range of Trypticon <T>.

With some alarm Dirge swivels his head around as he feels the explosion through the walls and into his back. He automatically begins scanning the area for potential exits.

Galvatron looks up just in time to see a piece of the ceiling crash down onto his shoulder as the explosions go off. As he knocks it away from him, he stumbles along the unstable ground and frowns, "Gnnnnnaaaah! Shockwave! We're going to crash into the ocean!" he shouts, in typical Megatron-paniced form, "Shockwave! Do something!" he shouts again, "We need to activate the emergency systems...we need to bypass--no we need to stabilize the main power! Where are the repair drones?!" he yells, unsure if there are even emergency systems or if there is anything left to stabilize.

Sky Lynx ignores the weak blast by Shockwave and bolts out of the room. Sky Lynx heads downward to the Main Hallway below. Sky Lynx has left.

Steeljaw is shook up, so much that he can do nothing but cling to the floor as it shakes about him. He glares at Rumble, angry that even in defeat, the rival cassette got the last word....

The injured Jetfire stumbles in a dazed manner towards Jazz, his progress temporarily halted as one of Galvatron's blasts explodes the ground beneath his feet, knocking him across the room. Scrambling up to his feet once more, the injured Autobot scientist quickly follows Jazz into the hatch, "Autobots, drop everything now and evacuate immediately! Our objective has been complete, now let us all evacuate before we go up along with this place!"

Flaming blue fire truck gets nailed, skidding a bit before he can recover and slip out of the way of the berraling tank. Hearing the general call of retreat he transforms and makes a beeline for the door. Pulling out his fireball cannon he begins spraying the areas to his side with blue fireballs showering everything with blue plasma. Very nasty stuff. "We'll finish this another time when I don't have orders to deal with Sixshot!"

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Don't forget the foul mouth kitty will you Jetfire."

The firetruck rises up into the air, the arms split from the cab as the legs split from the rear. The head rises as the optics flair a bright blue for a second.

Hot Spot begins retreating, leaving itself vulnerable to parting shots from Jazz, Dirge, Advanced Assault Tank{Sixshot}, Shockwave, Galvatron, Jetfire.

Transmission from Countdown: Sir, we can not get in to Trypticon.. it has a security web that I can not manage to bypass. I am going to give up.

<Autobot> S:CO Jetfire says, "Ah yes, of course not, Sky Lynx."

You transmit a message to Countdown: Hold position we are coming out

Skydive tosses Strats over shi shoulder and follows suit..backing away slowly otu of the room

Chikome-Ollin has arrived in sensor range of Trypticon <T>.

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Autobot evacuate immediately, area clear!"

Skydive begins retreating, leaving himself vulnerable to parting shots from Jazz, Hot Spot, Dirge, Advanced Assault Tank{Sixshot}, Shockwave, Galvatron, Jetfire.

Chikome-Ollin has arrived in sensor range of Trypticon <T>.

Hot Spot heads downward to the Main Hallway below. Hot Spot has left.

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Typhoon has reached the exit, hurry up units."

Jazz backs out the way he came helping the bots evacuating the place.

Rumble staggers but doesn't fall. He grins wildly at Steeljaw, "Awww, can't even leave the battlefield under your own power, eh dink?" He cackles, "What a loser." he shakes his head and turns to his fellow Cons, "Say, I've been thinkin', mebbe we should think about gettin' outta here." Brilliant!

<Autobot> Jazz says, "We are going as fast as we can"

Skydive seems to not be notices, maybe he should become SpecOps..he it outta here

Skydive heads downward to the Main Hallway below. Skydive has left.

Steeljaw is still pinned down from the vibrations, growling at Rumble...

Shockwave calculates the odds and does not like them at all. "Recommend immediate withdrawal, milord. Trypticon has sustained considerable damage."

<Autobot> Countdown says, "This is Countdown, all units get on the Typhoon, I'll cover as long as I can.. anyone injured and needs aid?"

Rumble ponders mooning SJ, but has no pants so it'd be a useless gesture. Rumble is also tired.

<Autobot> LtCmdr Sky Lynx says, "Everyone."

<Autobot> Jazz says, "We are pulling them out as we speak."

And very, very, very damage. By Steeljaw.

Jetfire struggles out of the hatch, dropping his weapon onto the floor as he eventually advances up into range where he swings out his left hand and establishes a firm grip onto the fallen Autobot cassette's neck. Pulling Steeljaw into his arms, Jetfire evacuates with a visible amount of difficulty as he approaches Jazz.

Steeljaw has left. Steeljaw ambles up into the cockpit. Jetfire takes Steeljaw.

Jazz covers the retreat with a nice light n sound show

From Jetfire, Steeljaw transmits a message via radio. Jetfire receives a radio transmission.

Galvatron grabs one of the still stable columns holding up the ceiling, "No! No, you fool! I cannot allow Trypticon to fall into the ocean!" he shouts, "He'll be un-recoverable!" he exclaims then frowns as the Autobots retreat, "Blast you Autobots!"

<Autobot> Countdown says, "I can not enter past the exit... Anyone that needs to be aided in entering the Typhoon, get as close as you can, I'll help with the rest."

Jetfire stumbles across, gesturing an appreciative nod to Jazz as he continues out. Jetfire heads downward to the Main Hallway below. Jetfire has left.

Some annoyingly LOUD music echoes Who let the dogs out ? Woof Woof Woof while colorful lights are flashing covering the door.

Rumble covers his ears at the God awful music, "Galvatron!" he screams over the music, "Lets get /out/ of here!"

You move downward to the Main Hallway...

Jazz leaps into the air and folds down on himself and into a stylish white Porsche 935.

You move south through the main doors.

Below the Northwest Pacific Ocean

Encompassing the Northwest Pacific Basin and rimmed by the Izu, Japan, and Kuril Trenches to the west and the Aleutian Trench to the north, this area averages deeper than the rest of the Pacific, and so less light reaches the depths. The seafloor consists of a deep layer of the usual red-brown ooze, with occasional patches of manganese nodules, shark teeth, and ear bones from whales. A cold current brings icy water from the Arctic down the coast of Asia, lowering the temperature to a chilly 35 degrees. Like the region to the east, sturgeon, dolphins, herring, sharks, tuna, and barracuda swarm the waters. Far to the west are the pearl oyster beds of Japan, still harvested the traditional way by women divers, and finally the coast of northern Asia.

Contents: Jetfire Countdown DepthCharge Autobot Submarine <Typhoon> FX Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger>

With the Typhoon in a stationary position outside Trypticon's entrance, DepthCharge exits out of the airlock and transforms into /his/ sub-mode too, taking up a floating position a little distance away to ensure everyone is able to enter the craft successfuly.

FX has left. FX boards the Autobot Submarine <Typhoon>.

Typhoon> FX runs into the room sounding like The Six Million Dollar Man.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter's exosuit reaches for Jetfire and Jazz as they emerge from Trypy, trying to catch each of them by an arm or bumper or whatever.

Typhoon> Lynx puts FX into and open space and actually steps on his chest to hopefully get some of the water out of him. "Take off once every one else boards."

Cybertronian Sub <DepthCharge> floats towards Andi and positions himself along side her to help her in her task in ushering people into the Typhoon, his search lights flaring into activity to illuminate the cold depths further.

Jazz comes out of Trypticon and sends hips grappling hook a the sub.

Typhoon> FX is pulled into the sub and soon as he is in...water pours out from him in every hole that he has in his body. He's not squeaky clean inside and out. His deactivated form just lays there however as he's unconscious. (like his player will be now that he goes to bed)

Jetfire emerges from Trypticon's hatchway, the Autobot scientist's movements abnormally sluggish and uncontrolled but with Steeljaw very much secured in his grip. It seems that Jetfire is still experiencing much hardship from Galvatron's mighty smash, however albit with great difficulty, the Autobot scientist eventually struggles into Autobot submarine. Jetfire has left. Jetfire boards the Autobot Submarine <Typhoon>.

Typhoon> Jetfire strides in, his optic band studying everything intently.

Autobot Submarine <Typhoon>

< Current Location: Below the Northwest Pacific Ocean >

Countless monitors and displays line the walls and ceiling of the cockpit area of the submarine. There are two large Transformer-sized seats are near the for the weapons and radar station, the other for communications. A larger command chair is located behind them. The lighting is dim, coming mostly from softly-hued running lights which run along the tops of the walls. A resilient polymer alloy cover the front window, allowing a wide field of view of the exterior surroundings.

The spacious cargo hold can easily hold several normal-sized Transformers. Several small cushioned seats small enough for humans line the sides of each compartment. Painted on the floor is a large Autobot insignia.

> <Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter lets DC catch Jazz and reaches to clamp an armored hand on Jetfire's free arm to help him get to Countdown, who will help him into the Typhoon.

Steeljaw climbs down out of the cockpit.

From Jetfire, Steeljaw boards the Autobot Submarine <Typhoon>.

Steeljaw has arrived. Jetfire drops Steeljaw.

> Countdown looks at Jazz and mutters through his face plate that is taking in water, "We are going to need to start taking water lessons..." His optics dim as his power is starting to go out. "Oh, this will not end well." The Racecar based mech tries to usher Jetfire in and seems to. "That...."

Steeljaw is a mess. Quiet literally. Beyond his damage, which is in large amounts, but not critical, he is wet. Those who know Steeljaw realize that is the exact reason he is currently curled into a ball, incoherent, and unmoving save the steady tremble of his body.

> <Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter turns to look at Countdown. "You're not seaworthy? Get inside the Typhoon. Now! I don't need MORE people to repair when we get back!

> <Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter helps get the last of the attack party into the Typhoon, not looking for Ollin or any of his people, they're on their own. "Let's get out of here. Countdown, I said get INSIDE."

> Galvatron emerges from the city that is Trypticon. > Galvatron has arrived. > Galvatron stalks into the room.

> Cybertronian Sub <DepthCharge> changes course to follow the last of the Autobot wounded (gumbies and whoever is not online) and Andi into the Typhoon and does a final scan to ensure everyone is inside.

> Shockwave emerges from the city that is Trypticon. > Shockwave has arrived. > Rumble emerges from the city that is Trypticon. > Rumble has arrived. > Sixshot emerges from the city that is Trypticon. > Sixshot has arrived. > Dirge emerges from the city that is Trypticon. > Dirge has arrived. > Trypticon, who is in Battlestation mode, lists in an unstable way before hitting the water rather hard. He does not begin to sink immediately, in fact, he just remains on top of the water as the flooding overwhelms him.

> <Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter pauses next to the Typhoon to check the area with the exo's sensors one last time...and uh ohs as she sees more Cybertronians emerging. All of the autobots are accounted for, so that leaves.... "DepthCharge, hurry! We need to get out of here! Now!"

> Ravage emerges from the city that is Trypticon. > Ravage has arrived. > Ravage arrives silently into the room, his optics focuses cautiously as he examines the environment he has entered.

> Sixshot thinks rapidly, "There must be a way to stop this. If only we had some foam."

> Countdown is below half powered. And beyond half of that. "Need... to go save... I have the need for speed... His engines rumble, even though he is in robot mode. Sounds like he is getting ready for something. As the unseaworthy robot tries to make his way into the vessel.

> DepthCharge transforms back into his robot mode and enters the Typhoon's airlock.

> Rumble zips out of Trypticon and into the water, carrying his damaged brother in his arms. What a nice punk he is. Thankfully Rumble can use his anti-gravs to swim, and starts for the surface.

> Dirge moves out of the doors, and slow-mos into the water.

> Galvatron points toward the water, "There they are! The Autobots! Fire!"

> <Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter clamps onto CD's arm and shoves him into the airlock of the Typhoon after DC, then yells over her radio, "Go! Now!" > Ever have those days you wanted to rip someone's throat out? Sixshot reserves this form for those days. You see him change into before you what equates to be the angel of death in the form of a wolf. Don't run. He'll just hunt you down and make your death all the more embarrassing.

> Countdown drags Andi into the vessel. "Dragstrip courage coming up." He boards the vessel with her. "Get us out now!" He passes out inside the vessel for draining his battery. Countdown has arrived.

> <Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter gets dragged into the Typhoon. Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> has arrived.

> Ravage has disconnected. > Galvatron begins the ascent to the Northwest Pacific. > Galvatron has left.

The entrance hatches slam shut as the submarine seals up, making the hull seamless.

> Rumble takes Ravage.

> Galvatron plunges beneath the surface of the Northwest Pacific. > Galvatron has arrived. > Galvatron stalks into the room.

> Death Wolf{Sixshot} is vaguely stuck

Steeljaw lies on a heap. On the floor. Trembling and dripping.

<Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter looks around hurriedly. "Where's DepthCharge? Can anyone pilot this thing?"

The entrance hatches atop the submarine open up as the vessel unseals. > Shockwave has left. > Death Wolf{Sixshot} has left. > Dirge has left.

> DepthCharge has arrived. > Below the Northwest Pacific Ocean > Encompassing the Northwest Pacific Basin and rimmed by the Izu, Japan, and Kuril Trenches to the west and the Aleutian Trench to the north, this area averages deeper than the rest of the Pacific, and so less light reaches the depths. The seafloor consists of a deep layer of the usual red-brown ooze, with occasional patches of manganese nodules, shark teeth, and ear bones from whales. A cold current brings icy water from the Arctic down the coast of Asia, lowering the temperature to a chilly 35 degrees. Like the region to the east, sturgeon, dolphins, herring, sharks, tuna, and barracuda swarm the waters. Far to the west are the pearl oyster beds of Japan, still harvested the traditional way by women divers, and finally the coast of northern Asia.

> Contents: > DepthCharge > Galvatron > Rumble

> Rumble has left. > Galvatron takes Rumble. > Galvatron begins the ascent to the Northwest Pacific. > Galvatron has left.

DepthCharge has arrived. <Exo-Suit 4223> Andi Lassiter waits a moment, then huffs in frustration and scrambles out of the exo-suit as it opens. Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> quietly shuts down. Andi Lassiter unseals Exo-Suit 4223 <Windcharger> and climbs out of the suit. Andi Lassiter has arrived. Jazz leans back in his seat with a smug grin. "Oh yeah! Mission accomplished."

***** *** *   *      *   *   *      *   ***  ***   **** *  * ***    
  *    *  *   *     ***  *   *     ***  ***  **    *  * ** * **   
  *   *** *** ***  *   * *** ***  *   * *  * ***   **** *  * ***  * * * * *