Name Kaon
Faction Decepticon
Function Internal Affairs
Alt Mode Electric Chair



The Decepticon currently designated as "Kaon" is the Decepticon Justice Division's communications expert. Capable of determining the location of the DJD's targets by tracking their radio transmissions, or even trace radiation which the targets may be unwittingly emitting. He is also capable of jamming communications to prevent calls for help, or using falsified communications to lure victims into traps. Studiously maintains the DJD's List of targets and possesses extensive knowledge of Decepticon law. Analytical and cold-hearted, but hardly above senseless cruelty. Uses powerful tesla coils as his primary weapon in robot mode. Transforms into an electric chair on treads.




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  • Combaticons VS DJD - The Combaticons try to settle an ancient score with the DJD!
  • Overlord Revealed! - The true master of the DJD reveals himself!
  • The Immortal Monument - The Decepticons return to Planet Larraman Jrames to harvest a sample of stable Ununtrium, the rare element infused into Overlord's armor, but the DJD isn't letting them take it so easily!
  • Showdown With Overlord - The Decepticons confront the DJD and Overlord on Nebulos, but what has the mad usurper really been trying to do the entire time?


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