Name Macabre
Faction Decepticon
Function Assassin
Alt Mode Bat-Winged Cybertronian Plane
Type NPC


Everything on this page is subject to change as necessary, and should be taken as guidelines for the character rather than hard rules. Of note, the IDW background for the character is unthemely; see Theme.


"I'm not compensating for anything!"

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Before the war, Macabre was an enforcer in the employ of the Senate, assassinating key political targets and particularly persistent troublemakers. When Kroma eventually returned to Rodion HQ to kidnap a disloyal Senator to deliver him to the Institute, he enlisted Macabre's aid. The mission was a success, and some say that the Senator went on to be reprogrammed into the Decepticon leader Shockwave, though evidence is sketchy at best. Macabre of course joined the Decepticons when the war started, but discovered that, when spending time in his company, other mechs tended to treat him with contempt due to his unpleasant nature. By the time he was invited to join Squadron X, he had developed a strong inferiority complex, which only served to make him even less socially attractive.


  • In his initial appearance in the UK Marvel G1 comics, Macabre actually killed Impactor. Of course, being an idiot, he immediately alerted the rest of the Wreckers to his position and was blown to pieces.
  • Macabre is very easily impressed.
  • Macabre is totally compensating for something.
  • Macabre is the Batplane.

Personality & Abilities

Macabre, as his name suggests, is quite the morbid Decepticon, reveling in death and collecting the badges from fallen enemies to mark his kills. He has an inferiority complex that, if given physical form, would make Omega Supreme look like a Micromaster. Because of this, he tends to wear gaudy decorations on his armor and speak in an overly dramatic fashion, though what most immediately notice is the oversized gun that he never seems to part with. He is constantly seeking to prove himself worthy of his comrades' respect, though he has a habit of putting himself or others in danger in his attempts. Primus forbid he ever become a leader. Macabre is the closest thing that Squadron X has to a sniper, thanks to his millennia of service as a professional assassin. He has razor keen optics and advanced combat training, and his gun, while being every bit as powerful as its immense size would suggest, is accurate enough to function as an effective long range weapon. His altmode is a bat-winged Cybertronian plane, focusing more on appearance than function.


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