Name Magma
Faction Decepticon
Function Data Analyst
Alt Mode Panavia Tornado
Type OC


"History does not repeat itself, though it does give clues to those intelligent enough to look for them."

MAGMA was originally a warrior, many eon's ago, though he's largely obsolete today. Capable of massive amounts of data analysis, with a specialization in Historical and Predictive analysis, meaning the ability to look at past events and calculate reasonable likelihood's of future events. Though he has outlived his combat usefulness, his abilities of the mind have kept him from the smelting pits, and a few key upgrades to his body and skills have returned his value to a significant level. His primary weapon - a Plasma Caster - along with the study of Psychological Warfare and Philosophy have given him back the edge he needed to stay ahead of the end. His knowledge of psychology has made it easier for him to befriend those around him, while his continued obsolescence haunts him on the battlefield, leaving him a liability in some combat situations.

Skills: Knowledge: predictive analysis, Knowledge: psychological warfare, Knowledge: philosophy, Knowledge: historical analysis, Star gazing


  • Magma's plasma core makes a GREAT hot water bottle.
  • Magma was the right leg of the aerial Vindicator gestalt.
  • His accent is slightly British.


Magma was created in the mists of time, an old Decepticon from the Seeker design model. Each seeker has small differences, including mild differences in body type and mental capacities. Magma was in fact among the most intelligent of the old models, designed for more than simple warfare, but rather for INTELLIGENT warfare. It is thus that he has served the many millenia, staying one step ahead of death, his role becoming more of the intellect as his systems aged, and the cost of upgrading him made most changes unlikely. Now, though he still fights for the Empire, he spends most of his time trying to help guide the policies of the Empire to ensure it stands the test of time, always in the background offering analysis on everything in the hopes of keeping things flowing the right direction.



  • Stabilizing Catechism - Decreasing stability in Catechism and Bandit gets further exacberated, putting two of Aerospace's finest in danger. Several jets are pulled in to lend their processors in more than one way to save them.
  • Neural Net Expansion - After Catechism's damage fails to be stabilized, more Decepticons are volunteered under questionable circumstances to help.
  • Magma's Dilemma - Fusillade travels to the brig to get a better understanding of one of the gestalt members who isn't taking very well to the forced conversion.


Magma is/was played by Symphony/Jetfire/Rose Washburn/ad infinitum.

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