Medals are In-Character awards. For Out-of-Character awards, see Achievements.

All faction heads have the capability to give out medals when characters perform exceptionally heroic/evil deeds. Faction heads can use the following commands:

+medal/award <name>=<award #> - Awards <name> that medal
+medal/strip <name>=<award #> - Removes that medal from <name>.

Players can view medals with the following commands:
+medals <name> - lists the medals that <name> has been awarded
+medal list - Lists the existing medals for your faction


  • Honorary Autobot - For being a trusted ally and good friend.
  • Star of Recognition - For bravery in the face of great danger.
  • Silver Insignia - For demonstrating compassion and kindness.
  • Gold Insignia - For demonstrating honour and valour.
  • Medal of Valor - For risking the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.
  • Letter of Commendation - For exemplary service and dedication to function.


  • War Academy Award of Excellence - Sterling Show of Tactics
  • Warrior of the Favorment - Exceeding Bravery on the Field
  • Heart of Cybertron - Impressive Actions
  • Heart of Darkness - Acheiving the Goal By Any Means Necessary
  • Brand of Galvatron - Upholding Loyalty No Matter The Cost
  • Brand of Conquest - Spearheading a Major Claim
  • Mark of Legend - Going Vastly Beyond Your Duty
  • Aerospace Ace Pilot - Most Kills in a Mission
  • Star of Insight - Applying Treachery to the Empire's Glory


  • EDC Ally's Cross - Great act of courage or compassion by an ally
  • EDC Meritorious Achievement Medal - Outstanding achievement
  • EDC Purple Heart - Wounded in action (or awarded posthumously to next of kin)
  • EDC Bronze Star - Heroic or meritorious achievement against the enemy
  • EDC Legion of Merit - Outstanding service by EDC and nationals of other countries
  • EDC Silver Star - Citation for gallantry in action
  • EDC Distinguished Service Medal - Exception service in a duty of great responsibility
  • EDC Medal of Honor - Gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of their lives above and beyond the call of duty in action involving actual combat with an armed enemy of Earth
  • Civilian Award for Valor


  • Junky-See Junky-Do - Honorary Junkion
  • Yakko Award - Most Talkative
  • Wakko Award - Most Crazy
  • Dot Award - Most Cute
  • Lil' Washu Award of Achievement - Scientific & Medical Award
  • Ball Bearings of Chrome Plated Metal - Cool Stunts and Bravery
  • Lucky Charms - The Junkion Purple Heart
  • Com-Badge - Brilliant Programming on KNUJ
  • The Smile Face Medal - Good Spirits
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