Mini-Corrupt is an Effect
Effect Mini-Corrupt
Name Mini-Corrupt
Status Available
Cost (CP) 2
Rare No

Slightly damages a random sub-system of your target


Corrupt is a supremely powerful or virtually useless effect due to its extremely random nature. Mini-Corrupt is its little brother.

When a Mini-Corrupting attack hits its target, the target receives an additional amount of stat damage, based on a flat base amount plus some random. An attack dealing no damage will produce Corruption.

The stat Corrupted is randomly chosen from the following: STR, ACC, FRP, AGL, or VEL. STR, ACC, FRP, and AGL are more likely to be picked than VEL. The amount of Corruption may vary very slightly from mode to mode.

Mini-Corrupt can be seen on a variety of attacks, from particle beams to electromagnetics to surgical strikes on delicate components. Anything that might cause additional trauma to someone's internal components, in addition to dealing normal damage.


Much more cost-effective than Corrupt, although less effective. Great for adding that I'm-cooking-your-insides-with-radiation flavour at an affordable CP cost.

Because of its unique calculations, even a Corrupt that hits might still be mostly wasted as it strikes Sludge's FRP or Blast Off's STR or most people's VEL.

However, the rare occasion that you knock Blurr's AGL down from 100 to 90 makes up for it (good luck hitting him with the Corrupt in the first place). Against most opponents, if Corrupt hits ACC the victim may as well go find a white flag.

While Mini-Corrupt has a smaller effect than Corrupt, it is more affordable, so it can be used more often, letting you be more likely to hit something your opponent needs.

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