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Name Monacus
Type Asteroid
Location Monacus System


Monacus is a bleak, barren asteroid known as a haven for gamblers and characters of all types. It is the Las Vegas of the galaxy. It is home to a massive black market and premiere gambling facilities, plus is the site of the periodic Monacus Olympics, a competition of combat skills, racing, demolition derbies, and other sporting events. As long as profit is involved, Monacus is willing to work with just about everyone, regardless of their reputation. Some consider Monacus a great place for a vacation and others think of it as the most disreputable planet in the Galaxy. Both are right. Lord Gycony is the administrator of Monacus, though rumors hint that another shadowy power rules behind the scenes.

Monacus is home to many alien races, including locals and tourists. The planet's relations with others are generally good, but its reputation as a crime-infested sinkhole isn't forgotten. Monacus's political power is debatable, depending on how you view the score of pirates, scum, and villains who operate there. Their economic power, however, is unquestionable.


In late 2030, Monacus was moved to the Yrral system, by the Decepticons, and the moving method was destroyed, leaving Monacus stranded next to the also-displaced Assembly of Worlds. Somehow, this suits both the entertainment workers and the politicians just fine.

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