Name Monitor
Faction Decepticon
Function Internal Security
Alt Mode Mecha Spider
Type OC


"Don't trust anybody"

Monitor is very deticated to the Decepticon empire. He also takes his duty seriously and he takes great care to make sure that no Autobots can infiltrate the Decepticon installations or that no Decepticons can betray the empire. He can transform into a tiny mechanical spider, which allow him to sneak up unnoticed but he can also transform into a giant mechnical spider to engage combat with the autobots. In robot mode, Monitor carries a large rifle firing armor piercing shells. His function makes him highly unpopular among the Decepticons.


Monitor has been a member of the insecticons until recently. He never got along well with the other insecticons, especially with Venom and after a while he got tired with the lack of discipline of the other insecticons and asked to be transferred to the DCI Logistics division.


  • Monitor does not trust anyone. He frequently investigates about everyone's activities.
  • Monitor is rather physically weak but possess higher than average intelligence and technical skills.
  • Though Monitor is loyal to the empire, he is not necessary loyal to the individuals in charge.
  • Monitor got Sorvad's head in his lab and since then, he tries to build a machine to extract knowledges from the alien's brain.
  • Monitor likes playing mind games.
  • Monitor was promoted by Soundwave after impressing Soundwave with a blackmail attempt.
  • Monitor now has scientist interests, that's why he's not in the logistic division.
  • Monitor has repair. You can ask him for repairs or upgrades. Perhaps he will just eat your arm though.
  • Monitor's secret files - A collection of files compiled by Monitor.


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