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Name Munition
Faction Decepticon
Function Weapons Engineer
Alt Mode Plasma Pulse Rifle
Type OC


"An army ill-equipped is an army ill-prepared."

A Scientist turned Soldier, Munition believes that a warrior isn't a warrior unless he's well-armed. Considers it his sacred duty to keep his comrades outfit with the best weapons available. Always eager to test out new design concepts with (and on) fellow Decepticons. Often frustrated when field tests do not match laboratory results. Converts into high-powered plasma rifle. Not too tough, and rather slow.


Munition has long worked within the Decepticon Empire as a weapon designer, serving first under Megatron, then Shockwave. His skills were well-received, as he made firearms more powerful, then more efficient, as energon became more and more scarce. While he became rather obsolete in the centuries before the re-discovery of the Lost Cybertronians, the resurgence of the war brought his skills once more to the forefront. Having always been frustrated with a lack of opportunity to test his own technologies in the field, he underwent a massive rebuild, converting himself into a fully functional Plasma Pulse Rifle, and has petitioned to join the ranks of Decepticons out of the labs, and in the field.


  • Munition transforms into a Plasma Pulse Rifle, an otherwise inanimate object that can be carried and used by other Cybertronians (or other beings large enough to hold a weapon his size). This makes him far less mobile than most of his species.
  • Munition is a specialist in weapon design, and is always approachable for attack-related advancement RP.
  • Munition is also a skilled medic, and can be called upon for repair RP, if appropriate.



Munition is played (and was created) by Emeraldbeacon.

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