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Name Nova
Faction Decepticon
Function Intelligence Analysis
Alt Mode Hovercar
Type OFC


"Information is power, but without strength, both are useless."

Nova is fearless and cool in battle, unless she has no information upon which to plan a strategy. She then lashes out destructively at all foes in sight, never stopping until they are reduced to scrap. With her double barrelled pulse lasers mounted on each arm, this rarely takes long. In her alternate mode, that of a sleek hovercraft, she has advanced sensor capabilities, an impressive battery of missiles and can reach speeds of up to 200mph. Maximum range of 2000 miles. While running at full speed, she cannot lock her weapons on any target, nor use her advanced sensors, in effect, running blind until she slows down again. She also suffers from stress fractures in robot mode.


One version of Nova famously attempted to initiate TS with Gridlock, only to be hilariously shot down by him.


  • Active around 1996. As an OFC, may have been created before then.
  • Technically an EFC and the highest ranking of the Chycks, thus making her their rough equivalent to Elita One.
  • Seems to have been head of the Decepticon DCIB at one point - or at least had a ranking 6 in that division.



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