Name O-Dat
Faction Junkion
Function Camera Flunky
Alt Mode Cassette
Type NPC


"Oh... dat."

Not too bright or quick, O-Dat relies on the protection of and direction from other Junkions. Equipped with recording equipment, O-Dat usually serves best as a mobile camera unit. He's been known to do everything from television broadcasts to spying in cramped spaces. Armed with a pair of laser rifles, a set of bolos, and a mallet, O-Dat is pretty versatile in a fight. Specialized armor allows him to operate in high heat and grit environments without suffering melting or particle jamming.

Skills: Junk Diving, Photo Journalism, Instrument: Keyboard/Sythesizer, Plumbing


A critically injured Junkion, O-Dat was rebuilt by Monstereo into a Cassette-former.


His armor was a special donation from Sheng, an Alteron Autobot friend. Alteron is a harsh desert planet that commonly experiences sand storms.



NPC Puppet made by Monstereo.

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