This page is a repository for OC ideas , including things that are 'underdone' or just ideas that were too good to be ignored. Feel free to append to the list if you have a cool idea or picture.

Disclaimer: No approvability intended. Ideas contained on this page are not guaranteed to be approved by character staff, although ideas that are deemed inappropriate will be trimmed. Be sure to review the Rare and Rejected file.

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Altmode Ideas

Vehicle Modes

  • Invisible car!
  • Half-track trucks
  • small- to mid-size construction equipment
  • Aquatic or amphibious vehicles

Bike Modes

It turns out there's a ton of crazy bikes out there!

Flying Vehicle Modes

  • Hoverbikes and hovercars.
  • Helicopters
  • Unusual or modified jet fighters.

Animal Modes

Animal altmodes are "rare" and generally require additional justification and application quality. Insecticon or animal cassette robots are more common. Felines, canines, and dinosaurs are particularly overdone.

some animal ideas that haven't been seen include:

  • Seahorse
  • Moth
  • Crab
  • Jumping spider
  • Ox
  • Iguana
  • Bighorn sheep/Ram
  • Sharks
  • Crow, Raven, Bluejay, Cardinal
  • Cobra

Name Ideas

Names that overlap G1 sources (Like G1 Marvel comic characters, the plethora of Micromasters or Nebulon partners) should be avoided. Names from non-G1 sources (Generation 2, Beast Wars, modern toylines like Powercore combiners, etc) can be ok at times, although a recycled G2 name, for example, should not be attached to a character who is a direct copy of the same G2 character ('For example, Blowout is a borrowed G2 name, but the character is not a ripoff of the G2 Blowout.)

Some free sample names can be seen below:


Airburst Ambush Axle


Backbite Backbreaker Backpedal Backblast Backburner Bane Blackball Blackout Blastplate Blockade Blockhead Bombshock Breach Breakbeat Breech Broadband Blastcap Bigbore Blowback


Cipher Clamor Cleanstreet Cleansweep Chaindrive Chokepoint Clout Crosstalk Crosswinds Crusade Crucible Caliber Carbine


Daredevil Deadbolt Deadline Death Rattle Dirt Track Downdraft Downfall Downpour Drawback Drivetrain Doubletap Doubleback Dervish Dialtone


Earshot Ebony Echelon Echo Eclipse Envy Evergreen Escapade


Fallback Fallout Fasttrack Feedback Fervor Fishtail Flyby Forge Forthright Fuse Freezeframe Flechette Failsafe Freestyle


Gate Grandstand Gridlock Guile Gutshot Glaser


Halftrack Hi-Fi Hooligan Hurricane Hustler Hollowpoint Hitzone Hoplite


Iceberg Icecap Ichor Icon Impasse Ironsights


Jackal Jackpot Jade Jailbird Jailbreak Jetstream Jetwash Jigsaw Junkyard


Keelhaul Kickoff


Leadfoot Legion Liftoff Loadmaster Lockhead Lowrider Lightshow Limelight Lingo


Malice Moonbeam Maelstrom


Nebula Neon Nomad


Oarlock Oasis Offroad Oneway Onyx Oracle Oust Outright Outlaw Oversteer Overhead Overwatch Oversight Overclock


Palisade Payday Paydirt Payload Piledriver Pistolwhip Pursuit


Quickdraw Quicksilver Quickstep


Ransom Recharge Redline Reverb Rictus Riptide Ripsaw Runway Rictis Rollcage Rockslide Realtime Rhine


Sabot Sandtrap Sanction Scythe Shakedown Showdown Siege Sideshow Skirmish Skyline Slapstick Sledgehammer Slink Snowsquall Speedbump Speed_Trap Spiral Squelch Staccato Stampede Standstill Starlight Starshine Steeltoe Stickshift Stockade Stockpile Stormfront Strife Stormdrain Synapse Smoothbore Streamline Strobe


Takedown Tendril Thunderbolt Thunderhead Tirade Tightrope Torpedo Torpor Traction Trample Tripwire Turbine Tumult Typhoon


Undermine Undercut Underscore Undertow Updraft Uproar


Vantage Vector Vermin Volley


Whirlpool Wayfarer Wheelhouse





TACS Build Ideas

Resupply is also a bit under-represented. E-Senses and Radar can be helpful in certain circumstances, but are not great choices for OCs on a budget. (FTL and Jamming are also technically under-represented among OCs, but are not particularly recommended for OCs)

  • Energon-management effects/abilities such as Charge, Refuel, Drain, Feed or Heavy also do not see a lot of use, presenting an opportunity for either characters that build up/steal Energon with Charge or Feed or characters that punish Energon use by their opponents with Drain or Heavy. Drain and Feed are often paired, but using them separately offers some different creative options!
  • There are several Damage Type that nobody is currently "specializing" in for a significant Protection or Weakness. Fire ,Sound, and Acid have been done, but that still leaves Electricity, Magnetic, Plasma, Ballistic, Explosive, Air, and Water. OCs can apply for as much as +8 (with a countering weakness).
  • Special attacks can help to differentiate a character. giant extendable claws, giant scary chainsaw, swarm of voracious robot locusts!

There are also other documents with build ideas such as Sample Attacks and Sample Builds.


  • Insecticons! Typically Insecticons have third, tiny mode; The extra mode is essentially free, since it's tiny size costs minus 4 CP. Insecticons have a special dispensation concerning total sizes; They do not need to meet 13 total sizes. See the Insecticon page for more!
  • Junkions! Junkcycles are the standard, but not the only option. Junkions have some extra chargen rules, mostly concerning a lower armor value (but they get extra stuff to make up for it!)

Unused Microman concept

  • An OC tape based on an unused Microman concept- A tape with a motorcycle mode, or a triple-changing tape with a robot mode and a motorcycle mode.


  • toy molds from more recent toylines are ok, too, just have a look at Carjack who is based on the Smolder toy from the PCC line. (Note: Discussing OCs based on these toys, not as feature characters)
  • Rangers, poachers, hunters from the mountain ranges (Cuprahex, Manganese, Cable Jungles)
  • Hotel bellhops, managers, dealers, pit bosses from Altihex’s casinos, entertainers
  • Smelting Pool laborers, harvester operators, prison guards from Kaon
  • Submariners, professional surfers and sailors from the Mercury Isles
  • Wrecked shuttle salvage, starcruiser pilots, airport security, desert escort from the Rust Seas
  • Neutral armorists from Yuss, survivalists from Stanix (acid wastes)
  • Teachers, medical professors and students, test subjects from Protihex
  • Law enforcement from Tarn
  • Lawyer types from Tyger Pax
  • Pest control and mechanimal wranglers from the cybertronian swamplands
  • Miners from Cybertron Underground or the Sonic Canyons
  • Racers from Ibex
  • Dark science merchants/practitioners and shady salesmechs from Kalis
  • Refugee philosophers/theoreticians from Nova Cronum

Sample Profiles

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