Transformers2005 MUSH Wiki
Operation: House of Cards

TP Characters: Elita One Shockwave and the rest of the crew!
IC Year: 2034
Location: Cybertron
Run By: Elita One

House of Cards

Elita One attempts to subvert the Decepticon control of the drone network on Cybertron.  To do so, Autobot forces must spike into three sections of heavily Con controlled areas!


Operation:HoC:  The plot begins with an accidental discovery.

Operation:House of Cards/Briefing  Exposition abounds!

Counterstrike:  A tactical strike at Magnaron provides the Con forces questions that must be answered

Concurrency:  While the assault on Cuprahex rages above, an Autobot tactical force seeks to lower the shield.  No Endor jokes please.

Shell Game: The upper half of the Concurrency assault, the Autobots attempt to take Cuprahex!

HOC:_Tangency: A Bot and a Con get lost in the middle of Shell Game, they must work together to find their way back...I'm just kidding, they fight to the death.

HOC:_Koriolis_-_Prelude: Blurr is always eager to learn more about the future assaults planned.

HOC:_Cyclone: Korilois Desert and its rust storms set the stage for an assault on a highly fortified bunker

HOC:Queen's_Gambit: The Battle ends at the Mainframe itself, rivalries are concluded and both sides are pushed to the limit!





The Blades Witch Project - Impactor demanded that Blades lead a skirmish. It got weird.