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Name Outburst
Faction Decepticon
Function Shock Trooper
Alt Mode Tank
Type OFC



Touchy doesn't begin to describe Outburst. Her mood swings are frequent, unpredictable, and always violent. Brawl once said 'Dang, she scares even -me-! I kinda like it.' about her. She took offense and he's never uttered another word near her. In combat she's even more lethal, usually to the Autobots. In robot mode she wields a shoulder-mounted missile launcher, although she's more than happy to get up close and bash craniums, too. In tank mode she adds a high-velocity cannon to the firepower already afforded her by the missile launcher. She often runs into situations that are more than a match for her, and calling her back on the retreat is always a problem. She's not the brightest bucket of bolts in the 'con legions, either.



  • Was available for application in May of 1996. As an OFC, was created sometime before then.



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