Name Outrider
Faction Decepticon
Function Battlefield Support
Alt Mode Armored Transport
Type OC


"It doesn't matter what you do, as long as it helps your team!"

OUTRIDER is a Decepticon support unit whose job is making sure troops on the battlefield receive fuel, supplies and repairs to keep them fighting. Believes the Decepticons are the good guys fighting to stop the evil Autobots, and is eager to do whatever she can to help win the war. Thoroughly skilled as a medic but incompetent as a combatant - a danger to herself and others when holding a weapon. Transforms into a six-wheeled armored transport vehicle capable of hauling fuel and supplies across enemy lines, even over rough terrain. In robot mode, uses a gauss rifle to defend herself from enemy combatants while working.


A Genericon medic assigned to a legion of no-named background NPCs, Outrider was promoted to NAMED CHARACTER for distinguishing herself as 'Only member of her battalion to survive an Autobot massacre'. She has fantastic medical skills, but she still has the aim of a Storm Trooper.

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Outrider's Altmode.

  • Outrider is terrified that being an Autobot is a communicable, highly contagious disease. As such, she takes extreme measures to protect herself from 'Evil Terrorists Autobot Cooties'.
  • Outrider is in love with ... tech specs. The more complex a Decepticon's system is, the more she is in love with them. She presently has a shrine to Sixshot's t-cog in her quarters.
  • Outrider has a collection of Decepticon Chain of Command Beanie Babies. She holds tea parties with them.


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  • Sojourn with a Samurai - Airlift is looking for a sparring partner, and after giving some basic instructions to Outrider, Bludgeon arrives to meet the challenge.
  • Defense of Retoris, Part 1 - The Decepticons begin to lay siege to Retoris.
  • The Immortal Monument - The Decepticons return to Planet Larraman Jrames to harvest a sample of stable Ununtrium, the rare element infused into Overlord's armor, but the DJD isn't letting them take it so easily!
  • Upon a Darkened River - Airlift enlists Bludgeon's aid in attempting to develop his skills, learning the basics of circuit-su but at the same time awakening a darkness within his core.
  • 2035 Olympics Science Contest - A contest of science, where things go BOOM! For SCIENCE!


Robohobo, that dirty bum.

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