Name Overlord
Faction Decepticon
Alt Mode Tank / Jet / Battlestation


"I stand my ground... I accept any challenge... I am hungry for conflict."

A legend by nature of his existance, he emerges as a new and deadly Decepticon anti-hero. This mighty machine has the Autobots guessing. No location is too remote and no terrain too tough for this megalithic power-monger. With amazing capabilities he traverses the dimensions, his multiple functions activated by Energon mini figures in engine mode. A Tank to steamroll a path ahead and a Jet for C-SAC duty (carrier, spy and air-combatant). The colossal body houses an arms manufacturing plant, producing a multitude of sophisticated super-weapons. The ultimate conversion is to Battle Station Complex. A strategic support base ready for the arrival of the Decepticon fleet... ready for all out war!



  • While similar in many ways to IDW's Overlord, our Overlord is in fact a dual Powermaster.
    • As you might imagine, this grants him a HUGE advantage in regenerating energon.
  • Overlord is too pretty to punch.
  • Currently has been reduced to just a laser core. Don't screw with Galvatron.

Dem Lips


Overlord Revealed! - Overlord finally reveals himself to the MUSH!

Kord Overthrown - Kord, leader of Nebulos's Council of Peers, is revealed to be involved in the disasters afflicting Nebulos--and worse, he is one of Overlord's components!

Cyclonus's Brave Stand - Cyclonus faces off with Overlord!

A Rough Date - Overlord has his eyes on Blast Off's friend, Protea!

He's Not the One - Overlord chats with Kickback.

The Runners - Overlord forces the Autobots and Decepticons into a sick game!

Showdown With Overlord - The Decepticons confront the DJD and Overlord on Nebulos, but what has the mad usurper really been trying to do the entire time?


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