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Punch - Counterpunch.jpg
Name Punch - Counterpunch
Faction Autobot
Function Secret Agent
Alt Mode Counterpunch / Car
Type FC


"In my business, there are no friends, only suspects."

Punch is an Autobot secret agent. He is an infiltration expert, and has been known to pose as a Decepticon behind enemy lines for days at a time. Always calm and cool-headed, Punch is a robot of few words, prefering to let his actions speak for him. He reveals little of his true self to anyone, and secretly worries that he is becoming too comfortable with his Decepticon disguises. As a car, maximum speed is 160mph. In robot mode, is armed with twin mortar launchers and a photon cannon. A veteran in the Autobot ranks, Punch is generally unwilling to work with rookies, afraid they will blow his cover.


You can trust me!


  • Punch uses +convert/p and +convert/cp to switch back forth between sides. Instead of a normal DESC_1, he sets DESC_P and DESC_CP.

    You can also trust me!

Trust me!

Donnie Brasco.

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Logs of Counterpunch

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