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Updated with a backlog of reviews. Sorry for the delays, guys.

Reviews June 2011

001 Response times are ridiculously quick, and I've seen you around more often than not. All good signs.

Now, about this deadbeat called Axis...

Axis is still a trusted advisor, but isn't going to be clogging up the review machine or the +admin list anymore.

002 Redshift seems to have gotten more active lately, more on his game altogether. This is good for the game and players. Go Red!!

I'm trying to be more active, although life does tend to get in the way. C'est la vie!

003 Red is first off a great artist. That has absolutely nothing to do with his position as a charstaffer, but it's a neat skill indeed! As a charstaffer, Red has done a good job of being polite, helpful, and quick to respond. Still waiting for the Red/Blueshift TP to spring up, but maybe that's around the bend. Haven't seen that pair together in a while. Keep up the good work managing character things Red.

Thanks, I try my best! Sadly a Redshift/Blueshift combiner would be just too awesome for the MUSH to contain.

004 I'm really digging a lot of the new changes announced in upgrades and the changes to the fclist. I don't always agree with your decisions on upgrades and apps, because I feel it gets a little inconsistent, but I do appreciate that you're doing all of this CSH work. One little suggestion I had was regarding the new Omnibot profiles. It seems like they're a mix of function from DW's MTMTE comics and profile from the 'unreleased techspecs' for those guys, but they don't quite go together. For example Downshift's note doesn't really make sense for a Security Agent but his 'unrelease' function of air defense makes a lot more sense for him. Same with the other two, they don't seem to fit with the MTMTE functions since their entire bios were different. Anyway just a small thought.

I just liked the Functions for the Omnibots better as they currently are- If an applicant would prefer one of their other functions, I would be amendable to making the change.

005 Although it seems like most of the staff have been absent lately, Redshift remains on the ball. I haven't seen many scenes from him, but then that is not his job, either. He does seem to keep the guests and upgrades taken care of.

I don't have a lot of time due to looking after Rowan, job searching, plus my odd timezone. Plots are difficult for me when I need to go to bed before many people are ready to scene. I do, however, pride myself on keeping apps, upgrades, and policy under control.

Reviews April 2011

001 Redshift has been consistent at being a good admin and he should be credited for that. Besides builders, charstaff has some busy work to accomplish and he's leading the charge doing that. Would like to see more promotion for characters, but that could always be done by others too.

002 Redshift has had a positive impact on the game, when he's around and able to focus on his work. Sometimes I worry about how much coding knowledge he possesses, as opposed to CSH of past.

You'll have to keep worrying, sorry. I can handle a few code things provided they are well documented (building, setting up BBoards), but I have zero coding know-how and I honestly don't think I ever will. I do my best to keep up with minor bugs with characters' stats (if someone has the wrong species or a typo in thier attacks), but ACTUAL code is beyond my skills.

003 Well I can say I agree with most Charstaff decisions regarding rules about upgrades, and from what I've seen there are ongoing tweaks made to FCs to make them more balanced for their level (FC/DFC/EFC). There is also a fast turnaround on character and upgrade applications which is probably the best way to judge how staff is doing. Redshift for you personally I only worry that you're always set as off duty...seriously, every single time lately that I've checked, going back for months it seems. I can understand that you're busy but to never ever be available for questions is a little rough. Maybe something like 'office hours' or a certain time of the day (or even week) that you are available would go some ways. Anyway just a minor suggestion, otherwise keep up the good work!

'Characters are constantly being revised. It's too much to revise everyone all the time, but when I SEE something that needs a tune-up, I try to get it done to make a character more balanced, or more interesting, or add things appropriate to the character(based on their marvel profile, comic appearance, toy, etc)

If I'm set OFF DUTY for any length of time, I have probably forgotten to set myself back on. Don't be afraid to send a page, @mail, or email if you need me!

Reviews January 2011

001 Redshift continues to be a great help to those who happen to have questions. He's taken the time to be of assistance when called up and that's what you're looking for in an admin. From what I understand, those applying for characters or upgrades have been responded to in a timely manner and that's good to see too.

I try my best!

002 You make yourself available, even when you don't have a lot of free time. You are kind, courteous, and generous. You are an excellent admin, and a fantastic head of the character staff. I could go on more, but I don't have to. You're not just good, you're great. Keep it up!

Thanks for the kind words.

003 Solid job as always. Charstaff and character-related stuff is moving along nicely. I'm kind of wondering if there is a way to shift around pts and attacks/abilities for an OC. Maybe if you go through a rebuild (with a serious well-written application and some cost in APs to make sure people don't do it frivolously). I'm just thinking that sometimes people have an OC for a while, they just start to get bored and would like to make some major changes. However older OCs tend to be built up so much that adding more to them might be rejected just for making the character too powerful. So if there was a way to shift the existing pts, so that you can decrease certain abilities to make room for new directions? For example take a character with really high strength and endurance and decrease them, but put those points into agility and dex. Or something similar with abilities and attacks, take pts away from attacks and put them into new abilities. Anyway, just a thought!

I don't think cases where someone wants to decrease a statistic will come up very often, but I will add a note allowing a case-by-case basis for those rare situations.

004 Redshift is a good guy to have on the character staff. He keeps all the ducks in a row, responds quickly to apps, offers helpful alternatives when asked for things that he won't allow, and seems to genuinely care about getting people into characters they'll be happy with. He has good taste in what he approves, too.

Nobody likes being denied, but it has to happen sometimes. We try our best to offer reasonable alternatives that will still be both fun and interesting!

005 Redshift is doing fine so far but I think it would be nice to for him to be around IC more often.

I agree! Although when this review was written, I WAS a full-time student in addition to being a new parent. I will try to be more IC.

Old Reviews 4

001 Redshift has constantly been a source of helpful information. If I could make one suggestion though, it's that we get the application process for upgrades more clearly outlined on the wiki or even on the MUSH news files, with equally organized examples. Some of us noobs need a little more help than others about how much of it is touch-and-go. Thanks for everything, Red! This is on my to-do list, and hopefully will see some improvements before I return to school.

002 Redshift is amazing, letting people be whatever themely G1 characters they want to be, even if they are not on the fc list is one of the best moves this mush has ever done, and really should have been done right at the very start of this mush's existence!

Well when the MUSH started was a whole different era! There were dozens of Transformers MUSHes each with a different take on the source material. As the numbers have dwindled, 2k5 has become less of a 'TF:TM" MUSH and more of a general G1 MUSH. Like in the comics where you'd have a G1 guy, a Pretender, and Headmasters all in the same page!

003 Redshift continues to help the place move forward and for that I say thanks. He's always willing to lend a hand when you have a question and if time permits, he'll help with a scene as well. I'd like to see Red promote more characters on the boards for those that might have forgot certain characters are around. Not necessarily a list of available characters, but more like a brief profile on a few characters. Keep up the good work Red.

Personally i'm not a big fan of 'promoting' certain FCs, we all have our own favorites and the ones that I like and I want to see more of are not necessarily going to line up with what anyone else wants to see. I don't feel random bbposts with flashy ansi advertising characters is helping anyone.

004 redshift Redshift's pretty cool, always helpful in chans and always willing to help out, and fix problems that need fixing - like the issue of my Bofors cannon being innacurate when my accuracy was already catastrophically low, changing it to Wild instead. All round, Redshift's a nice guy who seems helpful.

Thanks, I try my best! Issues are always going to come up, nobody's perfect, so sometimes bending the rules is the right approach to resolve an issue.

005 I like your endless enthusiasm and professionalism, I think that's key for a staffer and wizard and especially the charstaff wiz who has to deal with so many players, and so many new players. I also like how some of the FCs have been tweaked over time to make their stats more reasonable (whether they were overpowered or underpowered before), and I hope that continues. I definately like the new effects and abilities, and the rules changes that have come out of charstaff lately. About the only thing I can say I don't like is that there still seems to be a bit of subjectivity involved in charstaff decisions, especially upgrades. I don't know how many upgrades get accepted vs. denied, but if a lot of them are being denied I'd suggest there really needs to be some more clarity in the rules. And making a request based on something you see from an existing OC or FC and then getting it denied is very frustrating. :P

Tweaking FCs is an ongoing process, and I don't think it will ever be 'done', especially as we add new features to allow for previously unsupported abilities.

Honestly, there is not a lot of upgrades being denied, and we try to work with applicants to find common ground.

However, just because an existing FC or OC has something is not grounds for you or anyone else to be approved to have it. Balancing characters is an 'art' not a science, solid rules are difficult to pin down. Some characters already HAVE a speciality, so adding new special powers is more difficult, or 'that other OC' you see who has an ability you were denied for is in fact a much weaker character, making it easier for them to have recieved the upgrade. Other times it may be that the upgrade is ok but the requested method is not up to par. That being said, I always try my best to offer suggestions for alternatives that will make the applicant happy.

007 Redshift is an alright charstaffer, but I don't think he devotes enough time or energy to the game to be a good head charstaffer. I know it's hard, with a new baby and school. But sometimes you've got to face the music, and make good decisions. I'd like to see him get one or two more charstaffers on board and trained, so that if real life does become a problem again; we won't be left with a hastily trained newbie to fill in the reins.

A lot of feature characters feel out of sync with the staple of the mush. I'm not sure if this is because of who set them up before, or because of playing favorites; but going back over the different types and adjusting stats and attacks to reasonable levels would be good. For instance, Stunticons are cars. They should have the same armor levels the Autobot cars suffer from, 10 to 20s. Instead, they not only have an increase in mode two armor; but also impact protections and high level rams. It just seems like someone who favored the Stunticons over any other team, set them up that way; deliberately. More balance is needed.

FCs have been statted by different people, so there have been some noticeable differences in the various staffers' styles. I've done my best to equalize FCs(not that all FCs will ever be 'equal'! There is a wide range).

The Stunticons are cars, but they are cars built for crashing and bashing and escaping unharmed using their so-called "Crash Shields". While they have increased armor in mode2, it's on par with the armor they have in robot mode, so really this doesn't make them any more powerful, it merely makes their car modes on an even footing with their robot modes, which is perfectly accurate for Transformers who specialize in vehicular combat. The Impact protection is neat and makes them a little special, but you can always shoot them with a laser or a missile.

In comparison, few Autobot cars have any special combat prowess in their car modes. Thier tech specs, comic profiles, and toys don't give them any canon reason to have powerful car modes, so, sadly, they seem pale in comparison. In special circumstances like 'alt mode only races' this does create a power gap between Stunticon cars and say, Bluestreak's car mode, but under normal circumstances the Stunticons' car modes do not make them into more powerful characters, it merely makes their car mode equitable to their robot modes. The Stunticons also have fairly middle-of-the-road combat stats, as compared to say, the Aerialbots who, as a group, sport a number of 9's and 10's have excellent weapons, and their mode2 velocity gives them an added AGL boost versus the Stunticon's vel attacks.

008 Redshift has had a lot of things happen in his life that demands a lot of time from him. School. Daughter. These are two very time consuming long term events and it really shows these days with his absence from the going ons of the MUSH. That isn't a bad thing either because it shows that he knows to commit his time in places that actually matters but this puts things at odds with his duties on the MUSH. No one can expect him to possibly do both things well though. Hang in there. These can be stressful but also rewarding times.

I'd like to see more sound judgement being made when it comes to character balance especially with the recent influx of new characters on the MUSH. An example would be Fangry's booster. Most characters who have rechargeable boosters are used to compensate their lowest relevant combat stats, these boosters have always been the 5 CP type booster effects. Fangry has a tech spec speed of 6 but he has a SHIELD effect booster even though he already has a tech spec END of 8. There are also Pretenders who are loaded to the brim with effects that would make a DFC blush. I think it is important to show integrity in order to maintain confidence in your judgement. Can you please work with the other charstaffs to examine our current batch of characters?

Actually, Fangry's booster is an AGL/Dodge booster. It's called a 'Wing Shield' because that is an actual accessory of his toy, but it is not a SHIELD-type booster. Even though he was my FC, he was still subject to the same rules and process of any other new FC.

Reviewing characters is an ongoing process, especially as the staff changes and new people have new ideas. I'm still trying to mediate the FCs after the TACS conversion(different converting admin had different styles, and this made some batches of characters significantly different than some other batches of characters) I've done a lot to tone down some and improve others, but it's much easier said than done. As for some newer characters having many effects, this is not merely on a whim; The tech specs/comic bios for these later characters featured progressively more and more toys, gizmos, and doodads than the tech specs from the earlier years, giving these characters a canon reason to have more effects. If someone's tech spec states they have an acidic armor-eating sword, it would be be appropriate to use the flexibility of TACS to give them an acidic armor-eating sword.

But, while they may have more effects than older FCs like say, their attacks are still balanced(they don't have any 8/melee/shatter corrupt or 6/area/accurate repeat or anything crazy like that!) and really, while one character may have more effects than another, most effects do not contribute to overall effectiveness because effects cost lots of energon, and reduce the available CP cost of the attack that could otherwise go towards damage levels. Also, most post 1987 characters that get added have had significant stat reductions to combat Hasbro's tech spec inflation.

All of the newly added FCs have been collaborative efforts, when I or another charstaff build a new character it is looked over by the rest of the team. Also, nothing is set in stone; Balancing will always continue and new FCs are not immune to scrutiny.

009 I know you're busy, but could you maybe delegate a minion to make the rules on the wiki clearer? Thanks.

The wiki is a big place, and has been put together by a plethora of admin over the years. Admittedly, as it has grown and as the original authors have moved on, it has become more and more patchwork. However, just saying 'fix the wiki plz' is in fact a gargantuan task, and what I think needs to be touched up might not be what you feel is inadequate at all. If you like, feel free to make specific suggestions of which pages and specific rulings you feel are unclear, and we'll do our best.

Old Review 3

001 You are quick to review, approve, and give feedback. I very much doubt that there has been a better Charstaff Head here before.

Thanks! I do try my best, and I hope to continue to serve the game as I have done so since joining the staff!

002 Redshift does a fine job at being our charstaff head, although I'm going to start off with the negatives I've noticed all too often. When dealing with upgrades, often times he interjects too much of his personal opinion when giving the thumbs up or down. Does HE see this as good or inline for the character, rather than if it's overpowering or inline for how the player wants his character. I've seen or heard him shoot down ideas before he's even heard them out, on his predetermined notions alone. I don't like this, a judgemental knee-jerk reaction. This is what kept the master guys down for so long, because everyone's first reaction was no. There are some questionable picks for AFCs and FCs too, that I'd like to see taken care of. AFCs are free characters, and there are more than a couple I know are loaded out the yin yang that should only be trusted to an applicant who actually fills out the form. But enough with the negatives. Redshift is active, is willing to hear objections, and is easy to get ahold of. Keep up the great work Red.

It's more than just my personal opinion, but also what is and is't going to be too powerful; Power creep is a real issue for the game, and we don't want OCs becoming more and more powerful forever and ever. That being said, I do try my best to help bring an idea together, and I'm sure to offer alternatives if I have to deny something for a character, FC and OC alike.

There are few AFCs who are 'tricked out', but just because someone doesn't fill out an app(which is about the character's personality, not their abilities) doesn't mean they can't be trusted with a useful ability or effect. The guys who are AFCs are mainly ones with little personality or screen time, making them difficult to write apps for, or ones who have proven unpopular; If someone has a good ability, but isn't popular, then keeping them as an AFC is probably for the best. That being said, we can and do occasionally shuffle who is and who isn't an AFC.

003 Warlock is right since Redshift is magical. Thank you for the seacons, it makes me :3 If I ask for money this time, can I get some?

I don't have any monies :(

004 Redshift is doing a commendable job being around and active as staff despite the added responsibility of being a father now. I want to echo something that a previous reviewer had made a few months ago though. "One thing Redshift could try to do, is be a bit more pleasant dealing with issues he'd rather not or when in a bad mood in RL. More than once I've seen him maybe, react in not the most positive light he could have to an idea, upgrade, suggestion post, or application." Just try to be more open minded, avoid getting fixated on your point if only to make other feel comfortable with coming to you with ideas. Other than this though, I think Redshift is doing a fine job and his ability to be around despite the newly added responsibilities shows that he's still just as dedicated as ever to his department. Keep on rocking, Redshift!

I do try my best to be open-minded, but I agree that my tone is not alway best at times. Unfortunately, I'm only human, and have my good days and my bad ones. Also, sometimes ideas or suggestions sound good on paper but they really do have a serious flaw in them, and then I look like the bad guy when those flaws come up. Oops. That being said, I do try to give thought to ideas I need to turn down, and am usually quick to offer alternatives.

005 Always accessible, friendly, and helpful as an admin, and goes out of his way to help out with any application. A no is never just a no, and I appreciate the input.

I do try! Thanks for the appreciation.

006 I really like the new charstaff policies. I won't list them because every single one seems cool and useful in it's own way. I can tell you really have your finger on the pulse of what players here are interested in, what they've been waiting or looking for and at the same time how to balance it to keep the entire game fun and fair. I would like to see the topic of recycling old, unused OCs revisited. One other thing I wonder about is if there could be some coded way to check out the 'balance' in a scene. Something like +pot/balance which would show just a number for each side, which would represent the overall combat power. This would make sure that you don't have like 2 DFCs or EFCS who then get crushed in combat by 2 OCs or something like that. It's not BAD that something like that can happen, it's just kind of discouraging sometimes if it comes out of the blue (discouraging to the players of the DFCs, at least since they go through a more rigorous app and have higher expectations). At least if they knew ahead of time they were actually 'weaker' they could respect that those are powerful OCs and be mentally prepared for the upcoming spanking. Anyway just a thought!

Unfortunately, a power ranking system would be really hard to implement, there are far too many variables involved, plus a BIG chunk of just luck of the dice goes into it as well. Fighting the same characters again will often produce drastically different results! I haven't forgotten about the recycling idea, though, but there were some other big issues that needed to be dealt with.

007 Redshift has made a lot of flipping sweet changes. I like unlisted FCs! I also think that having a bunch of unfilled FCs is fine. No one is harmed by having Skids around, and hey, maybe Skids's one number one fan will find this game someday and play him, and it will be awesome.

Well you might not have noticed, but Skids was picked up a little while ago but someone who just really really likes Skids! There's always someone who loves a character, no matter how obscure. The Unlisted FC policy has been a long time coming, and I hope it works out well. The cross-character spending policy has already shown itself to be popular and useful!

008 Big kudos for the new unlisted FC policy! I have often wished for just such a thing. Good job on not allowing fear of nameless disaster to prevent you from trying (or letting other people try) new things. Personally, all the FCs I like are either already on the roster or are not allowed (Pretenders, Micromasters) but just because I might not use it doesn't mean I can't strongly approve of making it possible!

The Unlisted FC policy is kind of a big deal, and it had to be dealt with carefully. It's a big change from the old way of doing things, but as TACS and some of the other new policies have shown, change can be good! You'll also be glad to hear that Pretenders are now on the menu!

Old Review 2

Thanks for the kinds words and encouragement, guys, and for the many suggestions that came up during the review. Comments included!

001 I cannot say enough about Red, he's always around, always helpful any time I've had a question about anything, charstaff-related or not, and never gets frustrated with me no matter how many inane and obvious questions I ask about the character. His replies are always timely and the two times I've been denied an app, he's been constructively helpful in getting me to understand where things could be improved. He's a boon to any staff, and we're lucky to have him here at 2K5.

Thanks! I do my best, and I'm proud of the game I've helped towards a bigger and brighter future, and of course I do my best to help applicants to make their ideas WORK, instead of just denying them.

002 Redshift is a driving force behind this place being relevant, fun, and worthy of anyone's time. Especially during Hazard's most recent hiatus, he's on top of things that need to be done and entertains notions that are more a want than absolute must fix. Him bringing on Sandstorm to help shoulder the weight is a smart move, can't say that anyone expected it though. But more on that in Sandstorm's review. One thing Redshift could try to do, is be a bit more pleasant dealing with issues he'd rather not or when in a bad mood in RL. More than once I've seen him maybe, react in not the most positive light he could have to an idea, upgrade, suggestion post, or application. Other than that, he's doing a fine job and deserves to be heading that department.

I do miss Hazard's presence, and have been trying to coax him back. Sandstom of course is a total natural at charstaffing, and I'm very glad to have him as part of my team! Still has a few things to learn about our particular system, but he's got lots of great admin experience under his belt.

I can be a bit short with people at times, and hey, we're all human. Bad days happen, and I will try to keep my head level (or my mouth SHUT) more, as now I've got a pointy wizard hat.

003 Hi Redshift. I have to say I'm pretty pleased overall with Charstaff related things, and with everything else you do as a staffer and a wiz. New changes to TACS and FCs, the policy changes around upgrades and new characters...all good stuff. One suggestion I did have was to switch the Decepticon jets and possibly Blitzwing back to FCs instead of DFCs. The reason is that all of the Decepticon FCs and AFCs seem to be either Gestalt team members, casettes or *Masters with major psychosis. The Seekers seem to me like some of the core characters that would be great to add that 'standard Decepticon' flavor (especially now that all the Sweeps all seem to be gone one way or another). I strongly recommend reducing some of the attacks/abilities if necessary to make those characters fit as standard FCs again. I'd like to play Decepticon FCs, but I personally can't find any FCs or AFCs that I would like to play on the available characters list. Another possibility would be to add a few more FCs such as the 'clones' Pounce and Wingspan. Anyway, just an observation, overall I think things are going swimmingly!

The DFCs are set they way they are for various reasons, and Bliztwing and Ramjet are definitely deserving of their DFC status. I'll have a look to see if any other DFCs ought to be shuffled down, but of course, DFCs do not require any more IC/A time than regular FCs, and just denote that they're often bigger, tougher dudes that we expect to be used fairly.

More FCs, of course, are always something I personally would like to add, and you should watch carefully for news of new FCs; However, the theme being what it is, most new Decepticon characters are going to be just as psychotic as the dysfunctional *Masters ;)

004 Redshift's quick at handing the characters out and I like the fact that when certain things like FCs are missing skills are brought up to him, he makes an effort to investigate if these claims are legitimate. It'll be great if there can be another look around at our current sets of FCs though to see what abilties and attacks might be missing though. Some people might not be as proactive in bringing up missing things. All in all though, great work Redshift!

Adjusting character is an on-going process, and will probably never be complete as we add new features into TACS all the time. I try to make each and every FC interesting and fun, within the bounds set by their various profiles and appearances, but the list is large enough that I can't fix/adjust/improve every character all at once. I do try to do them in batches(like a while combiner team at once) or when a character is applied for, and suggesting a character may be missing something is fair game. Just send me an @mail!

005 Redshift does an awesome job of freeing himself up for not only planned scenes, but random ones too that come up on a whim. His RP always enhances the scecne. As the Charstaff's head warlock, it would be cool to see him post "ocassional" posts on the character board, highlighting a certain character or faction sub-group. Thanks Redshift for your good work.

Sometimes a scene needs just one more body to help it along, or to help it reach a critical mass where it begins attracting more players. Advertising specific characters or groups might be neat, but there are so many I like(and maybe other people don't like them as much!) I'm not sure if ads from my point of view would help.

006 Redshift, you are cool, it is good to see you in charge. A bigger selection of characters would be nice, what about bringing back the Seacons to be appable since they have just been reissued by Hasbro!

Good ol' Seacons! Sadly they were never really popular(some members would be unplayed for years and years), so I'm not sure if they'd be worth adding. However, their weapon modes would be way cooler with the addition of Control attacks, and possibly Crackshot(letting them use their action to aim, and the controller's action to shoot, otherwise the only logical action would be to shoot twice). Maybe the REAL Seacons are in stasis deep inside a Quintesson slave ship, while the ones we fought were mere clones. And the Quints could get some new repurposed FCs to do their dirty work instead.

007 Redshift is an attentive and even-handed charwiz. Maybe the best charwiz yet! Hazard wasn't bad, of course, but he didn't really want to do it and just did it as a favor to the rest of us while coding. I am glad that Redshift is in charge now as he seems to be picking good charstaff as well as keeping things going smoothly. The characters who've appeared during his tenure so far are also good, and that's probably the best thing you can say about a charwiz.

Trying my best, thanks! I like to think I bring a lot to the table, longterm player combined with fresh enthusiasm as a new staffer, knowledgeable of all things TACS(if clueless on mushcode)

008 Redshift is the best and very helpful. Good luck with the baby!

Thanks! I do plan to try and still be an effective(if slightly less visible) Charwiz after Rowan is born. I'll keep you all well informed!

Old Review 1

As a brand-new addition to staff here on 2k5, I was looking forward to reading my reviews from the players. Following tradition, my responses are on bold.

001 Redshift - absolute bloody LEGEND. Its about time you got on staff, over the past few years you have been constantly the friendliest guy to new guests, and always coming up with ideas to help people. It is a crime you were passed over in the past

Thanks a lot! I'm glad to be able to help out the game in my own way. You know that I've wanted to join character staff here for quite some time.

002 Well, I've got to say that you've done well, as far as I'm concerned. I always happy to RP with you, and you are providing many opportunities for players to take a topic and run with it.

More positive stuff, yummy. Thanks!

003 Nice job with charstaff so far. You're very pleasant to talk to and overall you have a helpful, friendly and enthusiastic attitude. One thing I would recommend it's to try and be more clear on your policies like what you think makes a good application or upgrade request. These things seem to get subjective responses that are different based on which charstaffer is involved. Reading news and wiki files ahead of time doesn't always help so more info on what is expected would be great. It sounds like apps and requests are supposed to be rejected if the concept is going to cause problems for others or is going to make a character overly powerful, so why not tell us what falls into those categories? Yet things that are not flagged as overdone or with notes like 'this will draw greater scrutiny from charstaff' are still being rejected based on...I dunno, personal preference of the charstaffer in question? What they think is cool?

You are bound to get slightly different responses from different admin; We're different people with differing opinions. We do have the most important items listed in the news/wiki files(specifically news overdone). Some things that are declined are declined for reasons other than sheer power level; Sometimes it is the application/request that isn't approvable, not the concept/stats, and importantly, sometimes it is a matter of whether we can trust someone with a questionable concept or upgrade. It never hurts to ask ahead of time!

004 A great admin. Always friendly, always helpful. Redshift is always willing to listen to your troubles. Kudos!


005 Redshift is all right, I'm not sure he has the system familiarity to have a good eye for what is okay and what is not when it comes to upgrades and OCs, but he will develop that given time. The important thing is that he be ready to say both "yes" and "no," and if he's not sure, to ask the other staff. The fact that he actually PLAYS the GAME is a big advantage in this regard, though, because that means he will at least have some idea of what people are like apart from hearing about them secondhand. He has to make sure to keep that information up to date and judge correctly from it, is all.

I am working on becoming more familiar with what is ok and not ok, and I do ask my fellow admins when there's some doubt. And yeah, it's great to keep in touch with what is really going on in the IC world, the staff needs to keep in touch with (and BE) a player.

006 Hi

I'll be honest, when I heard you got a charstaff position I wasn't sure that Hazard had make a good choice but you prooved me wrong. I think you did an awesome job. Characters applications and upgrades seems to be handled much more quickly than I ever seen in many years.

My only concerne his not related specificly to you but I think charstaffs should pay a closer attention to FCs that are set on vacantions for a long period of time. I can think of a couple of FCs and NFCs that log once a week and do nothing or that are have been on vacantion for over a month. I realze that charstaffs may have information unavailable to the player base about their players but I think it would be a good idea to keep an eye open so these characters could get active players if they were available. Just my two cents. Keep on with your great job.

I've wanted to be a character staffer here for a long time, and have done some charstaffing elsewhere in the past. However, I can't take all the credit, because Ramjet and Soundwave are also doing a terrific job of keeping the apps/upgrades responded to quickly.

I do agree that it seems we may have gotten lax on times, the policy is clearly written but haven't been using it to remove characters that are consistently not making times. On the other hand, it's better to have a character barely active than not active at all. But closer scrutiny ought to be placed on characters that are more well-liked/sought after.

007 Well what can i say he listened to me and said he'd palm it off to someone who could look into it, i guess he's doing great, so that's good but awesome would be great.

I am new, so on occasion I DO have to palm stuff off on someone else, like if something is 'incorrect' on an FC, it has to be run past our CSH Hazard. Rest assured, if I can do it, I'll do it myself!

008 Redshift has a long history of Character Staffing to back up his claim to 'fame'. He was a good choice. Responsive, quick, and refreshingly neutral in highly polarizing situations. I just hope that he can be around more in the future. Otherwise, a fine addition to staff. Yay!

Refreshingly neutral? Sounds like a bad beverage ad ;) But thanks!

009 Redshift is great! Wish we had more like him. Keep up the good work!

I'm limited edition. But I'll do my best!

010 This is Vigil and Slag and I think Redshift is an awesome staff and a great person to rp with. He proves that not all giant robots are the most smartest things in the world. I really do look forward to more chances to rp with him and his alts.

I too look forward to more pretendy giant space robots. After all, thhat's why we're all here :D