Replicant Charles Bronson
Name Replicant Charles Bronson
Faction Dirty Magnificent Nineteen
Function Intergalactic Rogue
Alt Mode None
Type NPC


"We are not going to tolerate this... If they decide they're going to violate the law, we are going to come after them."

A member of the Dirty Magnificent Nineteen, a coalition of roughneck roustabouts who traverse the universe righting the occasional wrong and playing the occasional sold-out stadium rock concert, Replicant Charles Bronson is one of the most feared individuals in many galaxies and microcosms. His dead-eyed squint and quarry-like face are enough to intimidate most sentient beings into submission, and of the Nineteen, he's the most likely to veer off onto solo side quests, hell-bent on vengeance like he has some kind of death wish. In their music, Replicant Charles Bronson plays the bass, utilizing a distinctive thumb-popping style.


When the Cowboy Quintesson attacked Earth, Replicant Charles Bronson posed as Pitchfork in order to expose the Cowboy Quint as the Magistrate of 1000 Faces. After a confrontation in which he bested the Magistrate once and for all, he left to rejoin the Dirty Magnificent Nineteen.


  • Replicant Charles Bronson is modeled after real-life actor Charles Bronson, in a shocking twist.



Being an NPC, no one has ever actually played Replicant Charles Bronson, but he tends to be emitted by either Nightbeat or Sensational.

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