Name Repugnus
Faction Autobot
Function Counter-Intelligence
Alt Mode Bug Creature
Type FC


"No job is too disgusting to disgust me."

He has a personality as repellent as his looks -- been kicked out of the Autobots many times for insubordination only to be asked back since he's always willing to undertake missions too low-down and dirty for anyone else to consider. In robot mode, carries venom laser that slows cerebro impulses and paralyzes on impact. In creature mode, has infra-red and X-ray vision; can emit colors and stroboscopic effect with eyes. Claws contain chemical, electromagnetic and audio sensors; can rip through almost any substance.



It's the Repugnus Show, starring--OH GOD WHAT IS THAT THING

Repugnus has been "on vacation" from the Autobots for a long time, but now he's back and worse than ever!


Bug creature

Miss Universe 2031

  • If Repugnus offers to hug you, turn him down!
  • Repugnus is a Heroic Sociopath.
  • So if he's such a jerk to the other Autobots, why doesn't he change sides? Well...
  • Tailgate is the only person Repugnus respects.




  • Drug Abuse - The Autobots investigate a drug deal but only one Transformer at the scene knows what's really going on...
  • Repugnus's Counterattack - In the midst of all-out war in Crystal City, Repugnus shows his true colors as he brutally eliminates Decepticon sleeper agents in the city! Can the Autobots stop his rampage? Should they? Or, will the matter be taken out of their hands by the Decepticons?
  • Spotlight: Repugnus - AKA Pugception. The Decepticons capture Repugnus and invade his mind... and it turns out that that's as bad of an idea as it sounds!


  • Planet LJ - Was Repugnus responsible for a deadly intergalactic incident on Larraman Jrames, or was a sinister force involved? I mean, more sinister than Repugnus?



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