Rodimus Prime
Name Rodimus Prime
Faction Autobot
Function Autobot Leader
Alt Mode Cybertronian Racing Winnebago
Type FC


"Experience is the benchmark of maturity."

A vanguard for the Autobot ranks, RODIMUS PRIME possesses acute military prowess and speaks with the savvy of a seasoned veteran. An expert tactician with exceptional maneuverability in battle, he leads from the front. Always the first on the battlefield and the last off, thrusts himself into deepest danger rather than asking anyone under his command to sacrifice themselves. Can be hot-headed at times. 

In robot mode, has great strength and agility, armed with photon eliminator cannon, wrist-mounted buzzsaw. In alternate mode, tows trailer which converts to turreted defense bay. Range: 500 miles. Speed: 200mph.

Sole purpose is to protect all life. Only weakness is his compassion for other living creatures.


Rodimus Macromasters

He's sunny, even when he's black and white.


  • Has an Executive Assistant named Datapop, who has no sense of humor
  • Enjoys the entire Stan Bush catalogue, not just 'The Touch' and 'Dare'
  • Third most dangerous Racing Winnebago in the galaxy!
  • Tends to use special effects in his entrances, such as time stopping, and splash pages.
  • Also tends, OOCly, to use the term PRIME! to acknowledge reckless behavior.  The same way someone might comment MURRICA! after hearing something tongue-in-cheek


Skills: Dramatic Pointing



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  • The Trial of Doubleback - Doubleback, the traitor who helped orchestrate the fall of Iacon, is finally brought to justice for his crimes against the Autobots. The trial features a surprise ending.
  • Autobot Ambush! - 
  • Anti-Neocron Planning - 
  • Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em - A pre-doom drinking party takes on a whole new dimension -- several of them, apparently.
  • Let's Blow Up the Oceans! - (April 2026) Decepticons and Autobots case out Metroplex and Trypticon for microwave array installation.
  • Rodimus visits the Matrix - Rodimus orders Jetfire to perform a risky procedure that will allow him to plunge into the Matrix to seek guidance on the matter of Legacius and the new threat of Neocron. Starring: Nurse Jetfire, Galvatron (as “The Matrix”), and Rodimus Prime.
  • Tokyo raid - 
  • Sparring Match - Airwolf squares off against Rodimus Prime. No, she doesn’t win.
  • Christmas in April? - Pranks and presents abound in an April 'Fools' moment. And Red Alert threatens Sideswipe - again.
  • Crimson Dawn: Scapegoats - The Bots get flack for shooting down an unmanned but neutral transport.
  • Pyramid Scheme - Onslaught wants to steal the pyramids. Or does he?
  • In Mother Markon... - The Autobots pay their underground allies a visit. It doesn't go entirely as planned.
  • Venomous Energon - A small team of Autobots are sent to the Rust Seas to investigate an outbreak amongst neutral settlers.
  • Darkreach Wilderness - The Autobots and Decepticons battle it out in the treacherous wilderness of Cybertron's underground.
  • Scorponok Gets Trashed - Scorponok bites off more than he can chew on Cambria!
  • Standing In Twilight - Talk is cheap, and Shiftlock wants to know what the Autobots are all about before she fully accepts her place among them. The best person to ask? The man in charge.
  • Raid on Tyrest - Shockwave orders an attack on Tyrest but what are his objectives?
  • Autobot Battle Royale - Rodimus decides to gather a few Autobots together to show Crusade just how the Autobots throw down.
  • Defense of Retoris, Part 1 - The Decepticons begin to lay siege to Retoris.
  • The Dark Side of Tarn - The Autobots bust up Swindle's black market and figure out how he even managed to sneak into Tarn's police-state in the first place!
  • Filling Big Shoes - Arcee's been cross-promoted to Military CO from Intel, following Elita One's fall to Shockwave at the battle of Retoris. Still full of anger, worry, and doubt of her ability to undertake the new position, Arcee seeks the trusted advice of an old friend (who, incidentally, also received a promotion when he least expected it).
  • Loose Ends - Did...did Overlord say something about Unicron being rebuilt? Huh, better check that out.
  • 2035 Olympics Opening Ceremony - The United Nations unveils Guardian City as the host of the 2035 Olympics!
  • Shiftlock is having doubts - Shiftlock is having a small crisis of faith
  • Tarn planning - the next step - Arcee and Prowl update Rodimus on the Tarn situation and discuss the next steps. Plus Trailbreaker makes a guest appearance by stopping by Prowl's office right after the meeting.
  • A-TARN-shun!! - The dynamic duo, Trailbreaker and Chromia, are asked to tag along as backup to a Tarn PD force's search and seizure team. Then in comes a SWAT officer, a chef, and a Prime!!
  • General Hospital: Iacon "To Arcee or Not To Arcee" - After Arcee's run in with Buzzsaw a night before, the Military CO is left beaten.. broken.. voiceless (kinda).. the Autobots center around their fallen comrade, trying to solve the mystery that originated from Tyrest.
  • Meeting the Sci-Chancellor - The restoration at Tyrest proceeds slowly, Constructobots and Hoist overseeing the project. Rodimus Prime finally gets a minute with Tyrest's leader, Adjudicus the Sci-Chancellor. Torque, Fireflight, Chromia, and Trailbreaker get into drinking shenanigans while Blast Off spies from afar.
  • Return of Planet XXX - The Autobots are called in to investigate the re-appearance of Planet XXX. They find more than they bargained for. Rod's rep is legendary.
  • Autobot convoy for Vigilance - The Autobots are delivering supplies to the Vigilance base near Thunderhead Pass
  • Predaking attacks base Vigilance - Razorclaw takes the presence of Autobot personally and decides to do something about it.
  • All Glory To The Rodpod! - Is it a blessing or a curse that the Decepticons choose to destroy a gaudy homage to Rodimus Prime?


Formerly: Fleet, David, Susan, Hazard, Strife, Excise, Decibel, Dinobut, Jstarr187

Currently  Zerombr