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Name Rupture
Faction Decepticon
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Jet
Type OC


"There's no such thing as a good hero - just a dead one."

Rupture enjoys the company of others, and can often be found making jokes or messing around. This manner hides an inner pain however, which he is unwilling to share with anyone else. Not an expert in a particular area, he nonetheless has certain skills in a wide variety of fields, making him a dangerous foe. Rupture carries gauss rifle and low-powered missiles on him at all times for those occasions when one-to-one combat is required, but is happiest soaring above the battlefield in his jet mode, or fighting side by side with his comrades, although it cam be said that he doesn't always make the most rational choices in time of extreme stress. While not the most ruthless of Decepticons, Rupture is nonetheless loyal to his superiors and committed to the Autobots' destruction.


There is sadly nothing special about this one Decepticon Seeker except he was foolish too many times for the likes of Lord Galvatron. After spending may times hanging about the Junkion known as Dee-Kal, Galvatron personally executed the sad excuse of a Decepticon.


  • Rupture's quote was eerily apt.



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