Transformers2005 MUSH Wiki
Name Scavenger
Faction Decepticon
Function Mining / Salvage
Alt Mode Steam Shovel
Type FC


"Everything is worth something, even me."

Desperately tries to prove his worth to his comrades by trying to find things of value -- whether by digging up a hillside or a backyard. While much of what he brings back is worthless, his shovel's magnetic, ionic, electrical, and gas sensors are invaluable in detecting fuels, materials, etc. As right arm module, combines with fellow Constructicons to form Devastator.




  • Scavenger killed Prowl with one good shot to the chest. Prowl's guts caught on fire and he died with smoke coming out of his mouth. It was totally awesome (unless you liked Prowl, or were Prowl).
  • Other than killing Prowl, Scavenger has never accomplished anything he could really be proud of.
  • Scavenger bought a Fire Extinguisher set in reverse from an arms dealer for the price of fast food fries. It looked like a regular fire extinguisher, but when set to reverse it acted as a FLAMETHROWER! Unfortunately, he left it on top of himself and drove off. If you find the FLAMETHROWER, then please mail it to Scavenger.


Does it LOOK like I'm joking?


  • Bidding on DOOM - Leet is outbid on an anti-gravity disk on ebay. The only solution - find and steal it! But what does the buyer, the nice Mr ScavengerG1 have to do with it?

2107 (alternate future concurrent with 2028)

  • Lair Of The Beast - Praxis summons his minions to him to prepare for the final conflict
  • Final Crisis - The forces of Praxis fight the forces of Grimlock in an epic battle to determine the fate of the planet, past and future


  • Arm Deals - Blueshift has his arms stolen by an alien arms dealer! He and his Deceptibuddies must travel to a McDonalds car park in France to get them back!





  • November 11, 2009 - February 8, 2010 - Ryan