Name Sideswipe
Faction Autobot
Function Warrior
Alt Mode Lamborghini Countach
Type FC

The Better One

"I don't break rules, I bend them -- a lot."

Sideswipe is nearly the equal of his twin brother, Sunstreaker, in the combat arts, but less cold-blooded. Still, he relishes a fight to the finish with an opponent, and is willing to use underhanded tactics when necessary. Back on Cybertron this conduct extended itself to the rest of his lifestyle: getting what he can out of life, enjoying it to the fullest, and cheating to get the rest. His transfer to Earth hasn't changed his behavior, just the cause. Now instead of doing everything for himself he does it for the sake of freedom for all.

Tactic: Jet Judo, Tactic: Combat Driving, Tactic: Fortification Busting, Skill: Excavation, Talent: Brawling

Stylin' & Profilin'

  • Sideswipe takes pleasure in bending (cheating) the rules.
  • Sideswipe knows no boundaries (even after he's crossed them).
  • Sideswipe enjoys taking bets, especially against Mirage.
  • Sideswipe can fly with his jet pack in robot mode.
  • Sideswipe believes he's PRIMUS' Gift to Femmes (he is).
  • Sideswipe has (inadequacy and inferiority) issues with his twin, Sunstreaker.
  • Sideswipe is younger than Sunstreaker by .2 Nano Seconds.
  • Sideswipe is So Prime.
  • Sideswipe is the Original Pranksta.
  • Sideswipe sounds like Dave Franco.
  • Sideswipe does awesome (horrible) impressions of Autobot Command.
  • Sideswipe is not jealous of Sunstreaker.
  • Sideswipe is not a Master of Disguise.
SpotlightGalvatron Sideswipe rocketfist

Swipe Fu

Sideswipe loves fighting. Sideswipe loves weapons. And considering that when he's fighting, anything can be used as a weapon, the possibilities are quite endless. Whether they were meant to be or not. Not to mention the fact that when he's fighting, there's just a certain style to him kickin' aft. Here is a compilation of it all. Enjoy.

Weapons Locker

  • His Fists
  • His Hood
  • Sunstreaker
  • TransMech Arms Blaster Pistol (Series 7)
  • TransMech Arms Photon Rifle (Series 9)
  • Heliohound
  • Tunnel Debris (Crystal City Underground)
  • Primus' Witness Religious Brochure
  • Oil Can

Signature Moves

  • Jet Judo
  • Fist Of The North Car

The Trunk


Trouble Tracks
Title Artist Sideswipe Says...
We Own It 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa "Ride Or Die."
Trouble Skindred "Here comes trouble."
Comin' In Hot Hollywood Undead "I got this."
Classic MKTO "Wanna' go somewhere an' get weird with each other?"
Crawlin' Linkin Park "Frag off."
Nobody's Listening Linkin Park "Pay attention."
It Wasn't Me Shaggy "Wasn't me."
You're Not Me Marty Bags "Ya' ain't me."
Move Thousand Foot Krutch "Ya' can't beat me."
You're Going Down Sick Puppies "Let's do this."
Kick In The Teeth Papa Roach "That all ya' got?"
One Up Childish Gambino (f/ Steve G. Lover) "Shut th' frag up."
Instigator D12 "But that's none of my business..."
I'll Hurt You Busta Rhymes (featuring Eminem) "Ya' done."
Can't Be Touched Roy Jones Jr. "Ya' can't touch this."
'Till I Collapse Eminem (featuring Nate Dogg) "I don't quit. I win."
Fast Lane Bad Meets Evil "Toast."
Tokyo Drift Teriyaki Boyz "Sayonara, sucka'."
How We Roll Don Omar (featuring Busta Rhymes, Reek da Villain & J-Doe) "Ya' know how I do."
Galvanize The Chemical Brothers "Dust."
EON Celldweller "Can't stop what 'cha can't catch."

Photo Op

All You Need Is One Swipe

Two For The Pwn Of One

Ride Along

LogGrabber - 79 page(s) found in 0.234 sec. (2019/03/16 15:08:12)
  • Epic Bar Brawl: Autobot Aftermath - Following the Epic Bar Brawl at the Steel Balloon, Arcee visits Springer at the hospital, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of counterintelligence with Punch, then speaks with Jazz briefly as other patients come and go for their routine checkups and repairs.
  • There Is No "Sides" In Team - Sideswipe and Shiftlock are forced to wear the Get Along Shirt when Blitzwing comes calling to the Marble Valley settlement. AGAIN.
  • Not Like I Do - Sunny isn't keen on Siders' snark over the frequencies, and they get into a scuffle.
  • Kowentide Assist - The Autobots attempt to free a neutral transport from the tangles of the cable jungle before the Insecticons become a problem.
  • Blitzwing Bounty Hunter Part 2-Raid on the Council - Blitzwing and Blast Off act out the rest of their plan, seeking to make the Council of Planets regret targeting a Decepticon.
  • Counteroffer - Sideswipe and Sunstreaker stop screaming at each other long enough to make amends. Sort of.
  • 2035 Olympics Land Race - Turbo from the movie of the same name hosts this year's land race... ON A VOLCANO!
  • 2035 Olympics - Light Glad - Sideswipe vs. Sunstreaker - The twins face off in a shipyard! And the dreaded Blitzwing is the judge...

Under The Hood

Present: Jay

May 12 - ??: FloraDelirus

July 11 - ??: Durango

July 09 - October 09: Jude

Some of 2006 and 2007 - Arachnae