Transformers2005 MUSH Wiki
Name Silas
Faction Human
Function MECH Leader
Alt Mode None
Type NPC


"First rule of combat: Never leave the enemy with the spoils."

The leader of MECH, Leland Bishop, also known as Silas, is a ruthless mastermind whose ultimate goal is to destroy the entire Cybertronian race and ensure human dominance throughout the galaxy. While adept at playing on the fears and hatreds others may have of the Transformers, he harbors no significant feelings for them aside from viewing them as obstacles in his path. Morally bankrupt and capable of virtually anything. Greatest weakness is his obsession for acquiring new technologies.


Silas was the one who engineered the rise of Franklin Cross to the leadership of the EDC, and has, thus far, made three attempts at destroying Cybertron.


  • Yes, he looks just like this Transformers Prime counterpart, except it may help to imagine him being drawn by AKOM.
    • Okay, that probably wouldn't help at all.